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Chapter 827: Astonishment!


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Lin Feng took the talisman and left the main hall. He went to the courtyard where Jiang Xuan used to live. Before arriving, he sensed an incredible protective energy. If anyone tried to enter using force, they would be killed.

It was an isolated world created by Lei Jin Gang using the strength of the legendary cultivation layer. Without the talisman, which was also the key to that place, nobody could break into it.

Lin Feng didn’t know what things were like inside, because it was an isolated world. He could only see a roiling blue mist from outside.

Lin Feng held the talisman firmly. At the same time, he also had Jiang Xuan come out of his ring. Jiang Xuan appeared and looked in the direction of the courtyard.

“Teacher, are my parents alright?” asked Jiang Xuan excitedly. Lin Feng smiled and nodded. According to what Lei Jin Gang had told him, everybody was fine.

Lin Feng raised the talisman and stuck it onto the blue mist. He heard some crackling and snapping sounds, as if bones were being boiled and crushed.

After that, the blue mist dispersed. Jiang Xuan ran into the courtyard.

“Mother! Father!” shouted Jiang Yi Tian, running as fast as he could. A few people appeared in front of them. Lin Feng knew all of them, Jiang Yi Tian, Supreme God Lang Xie, Jiang Xuan’s mother, and Supreme God Zi Dian.

“Little Xuan, my baby!” When Jiang Xuan’s mother saw her child, she burst into tears and took her son in her arms.

Supreme God Lang Xie was touched. He looked much older than in the past. He hadn’t seen Jiang Xuan for a long time, and his grandson already had the strength of the third Godly Emperor layer. He had no choice but to admit that his staying with Lin Feng was beneficial.

Supreme God Lang Xie raised his eyes and looked at Lin Feng. He had guessed Lin Feng was already a level one high-level Supreme God; he was a genius and he was talented after all.

But when he looked at Lin Feng carefully, he was astonished: level three high-level Supreme God!

How… How was that possible?

Supreme God Lang Xie was dumbstruck. He had already tried to kill Lin Feng in the past, and now Lin Feng already had the strength of the level three high-level Supreme God. Even though Supreme God Lang Xie also had that level, he knew he couldn’t compete with Lin Feng!

Supreme God Lang Xie was quite nervous. Supreme God Zi Dian, on the other hand, was moved to see his disciple so strong. Lin Feng progressed so quickly! No matter what, Supreme God Zi Dian would always be proud of him!

“How did you get in?” Jiang Yi Tian asked Lin Feng. He was happy to see Jiang Xuan. He also knew that Lei Jin Gang had isolated this world himself, so how could Lin Feng break in?

“Don’t worry. I talked to Lei Jin Gang. You can leave,” Lin Feng said, smiling calmly. He didn’t feel like explaining anything, and it wasn’t necessary. He was doing this for Jiang Xuan. Otherwise, he would have only saved Supreme God Zi Dian.

They all looked astonished when they heard Lin Feng. He had talked to Lei Jin Gang?

Lei Jin Gang was the leader of the Lei Sect! He had conquered Lang Xie City! He had the strength of the legendary cultivation layer…. and Lin Feng had talked to him? They could leave?

How had Lin Feng done that? He was amazing! Had he become friends with Lei Jin Gang? How had Lin Feng convinced him?

Everybody was extremely happy, especially Supreme God Lang Xie. Since Lin Feng had good relations with Lei Jin Gang, they were safe.

But Lin Feng didn’t give Supreme God Lang Xie any opportunity to talk. He spoke to Supreme God Zi Dian telepathically, then he turned around and left. Supreme God Lang Xie called out to Lin Feng, but Lin Feng ignored him, so he just smiled wryly.

He understood that he wasn’t important enough to draw Lin Feng’s attention anymore. Lin Feng was too far ahead of him already.

Supreme God Zi Dian didn’t say anything, but before leaving, Lin Feng had talked to him telepathically, telling him to go and see him somewhere else to talk.

Supreme God Lang Xie and Jiang Yi Tian wanted to ask Jiang Xuan many questions, especially regarding Lin Feng. Jiang Xuan told them everything, including that Lin Feng had given up during the Competition and that he hadn’t finished in the top six for that reason. They all thought it was a pity.

“Lin Feng is strong enough, he could have finished in the top six. That would have been a smart thing to do. I would have done that,” said Supreme God Lang Xie, sitting down and nodding heavily.

Jiang Yi Tian nodded as well. They were all amazed by Lin Feng’s strength. The first time they had met him in Lang Xie City, Lin Feng only had the strength of the low-level Supreme God layer.

But now he was qualified to talk to Lei Jin Gang, and that incredible cultivator had even agreed to Lin Feng’s request to free them. If Jiang Xuan didn’t exist, Lin Feng would have never done that.

Everything was thanks to Jiang Xuan, Jiang Yi Tian realized. Lin Feng was an incredible asset for his son.

“Father, grandfather, you’re belittling my teacher. He’s stronger than the people of the top six,” said Jiang Xuan. He was unhappy when he heard Jiang Yi Tian and Supreme God Lang Xie’s conversation.

Supreme God Lang Xie and Jiang Yi Tian were surprised. They glanced at one another, and Supreme God Lang Xie asked, “What? Did he finish in the top three, then?”

Supreme God Lang Xie sounded extremely skeptical, because he didn’t think that even if Lin Feng had become extremely strong, he was strong enough to defeat the three best cultivators of the Competition. Those people were young geniuses from everywhere in the world after all.

“Grandfather, who cares about the top three? My teacher fought against the champion!” said Jiang Xuan, glancing at Supreme God Lang Xie. His grandfather had belittled Lin Feng, and the boy wasn’t happy at all.

Supreme God Lang Xie blushed. He was still a terrible grandfather. Jiang Xuan had better relations with Lin Feng than with his grandfather. Lin Feng was better at educating Jiang Xuan than he was!

“What do you mean?” Jiang Yi Tian asked Jiang Xuan. Lin Feng had fought against the champion and he was still alive?

“Father, there were two champions at the Great Competition this time, Prince Ghost and Chu Li. You know about Prince Ghost already, since he ranked first at the last Competition. Chu Li is a disciple from the Lun Bi Empire. In the end, they had a draw and both ranked first,” Jiang Xuan frowned solemnly.

Jiang Yi Tian and Supreme God Lang Xie were dumbstruck. It was the first time there were two champions. A draw? They were both probably monstrously strong!

“But what does that have to do with your teacher?” asked Supreme God Lang Xie, shaking his head.

Jiang Xuan grinned and said, “My teacher fought against Chu Li after that.”

Jiang Xuan recalled the fight. He would never forget it. Nobody would. Even after becoming a Supreme God, he would continue calling Lin Feng “teacher”.

“How did it end?” asked Supreme God Lang Xie. He understood something had happened. His curiosity was aroused.

“In the end, my teacher won, of course! It looked like a draw, but Chu Li admitted he had lost! Therefore, if he hadn’t given up at the Competition, he would have finished first!” proclaimed Jiang Xuan. He was proud of his teacher.

Supreme God Lang Xie was astonished. His heart started pounding.

“How… How is that possible?” whispered Supreme God Lang Xie. He couldn’t believe it…

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