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Chapter 828: The Young Genius of the Lei Sect!


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“You became extremely strong.”

Outside of Lang Xie City, at the top of a mountain…

It was dark, two people were standing together. The moon illuminated them both: Lin Feng and Supreme God Zi Dian. Their clothes looked silver in the moonlight.

“Teacher, if you want to go back to Zi Dian Mountain, I’ll go and talk to Lei Jin Gang. I’ll ask him to give Zi Dian Mountain back to you,” Lin Feng said to Supreme God Zi Dian. He could see that the old man seemed sad. Supreme God Xiao Sa’s corpse was buried on Zi Dian Mountain. Supreme God Zi Dian didn’t want to abandon his friend, so Lin Feng asked Supreme God Zi Dian if he wanted the mountain back.

Supreme God Zi Dian smiled wryly and shook his head, “No need. I don’t want you to get in trouble because of me. You managed to get us released, I’m sure you had to pay a price for that.”

“Not really. Lei Gang Jin was quite fair,” Lin Feng said without hesitation.

When Lin Feng told him the story, he understood. The Lei Sect had been living in isolation for a long time, their geniuses had become proud and arrogant. Now they needed to understand what kind of people there were in the world, and Lin Feng was a perfect choice for that.

Supreme God Zi Dian didn’t know everything about Lin Feng, but he knew more than most people. He thought of Lin Feng as someone strong and motivated.

“Teacher, don’t worry about me. If you want to go back, I’ll go and talk to Lei Jin Gang.”

“I really want to go, but I don’t want you to get in trouble because of me. Don’t agree to fulfill any request for me.”

“Alright, I’ll go and try. You can rest for a few days.”

“Alright,” Supreme God Zi Dian smiled. He watched Lin Feng walk away and disappear in the darkness of the mountains.

Supreme God Zi Dian didn’t ask Lin Feng for anything. He didn’t want Lin Feng to waste time because of him, especially since as his teacher, he would feel guilty otherwise.

“Ah? You’re worried about your little disciple?” asked a cold voice from behind Supreme God Zi Dian. Supreme God Zi Dian turned around when he heard that familiar voice. His expression fell. He saw a middle-aged man smiling at him.

If Lin Feng had been there, he would have been astonished. It was the mysterious cultivator he had met in West Lang Xie.

“Can Tian, I left the ancient sect thirty thousand years ago. What do you want from me now?” asked Supreme God Zi Dian grimly.

The middle-aged man grinned when he heard Supreme God Zi Dian call him by his name.

“Zi Dian, don’t be angry. I know you’re not a member of the sect anymore. The leader knows that, too. But the situation has changed, and we need your help.”

“I can’t help you,” said Supreme God Zi Dian. He made ready to leave.

Can Tian was faster than him, and reappeared in front of him in the blink of an eye, preventing him from leaving. He smiled and said, “Brother Zi Dian, we haven’t seen one another for a long time, and you haven’t even progressed. Even your disciple Lin Feng has already surpassed you.”

“No need to talk shit! What do you want??” shouted Supreme God Zi Dian angrily. He shouted so loud that the disciples of the Lei Sect probably heard him.

“Alright, alright, hehe! Brother Zi Dian, you need to help us, though.”


“Have you forgotten about the duty of Tian Dao Yuan? The leader has appeared.”

“You mean that…?”

“You understand, so no need to talk about it,” said Can Tian, smiling resolutely.

“You mean we need to die for the little leader?” said Supreme God Zi Dian grimly. Supreme God Zi Dian knew that he had to pay the price for Lin Feng now. “Alright, I’ll go back to the sect,” Supreme God Zi Dian nodded, taking a deep breath. Everything was happening too fast. He couldn’t think of anything else.

“Alright, the seven of us will meet again. Only Que De and Gu Ren are missing.”

“Ancestor Kong, Tian Yuan, Dao Ling, and I are ready already,” said Can Tian kindly. Supreme God Zi Dian nodded indifferently. Danger was awaiting them, but it was also an opportunity.

“Lin Feng, consider this a sign of gratitude to thank you for bringing Supreme God Xiao Sa’s skeleton back to me…”


Lin Feng didn’t know what was taking place at the top of the mountain. He had just arrived in front of the palace already. He wanted to see Lei Jin Gang again.

Lei Jin Gang wasn’t surprised to see Lin Feng again. He knew that Lin Feng probably had another request.

“Master, is it possible…”

“No problem. Supreme God Zi Dian can go back to Zi Dian Mountain if he wants to. The Lei Sect is not that big. I was worried because we are not numerous enough to manage such a huge territory. If Supreme God Zi Dian takes care of Zi Dian Mountain, then we’re fine,” said Lei Jin Gang, interrupting Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was impressed. Lei Jin Gang was really incredibly smart.

“Thank you, Master. I will do my best to complete the task you gave me,” Lin Feng said happily.

“Alright. Don’t worry about the rest. Just take care of the disciples.”

“Lei Ben will bring you to them tomorrow. Teach them a good lesson, one by one. Show them what a real genius is like!” said Lei Jin Gang, smiling excitedly. Lin Feng nodded and left.

Lei Jin Gang watched Lin Feng disappear and sighed. How wonderful would it be if Lin Feng was a member of the Lei Sect? He had even defeated Chu Li… How incredible!

Chu Li considered that Lin Feng had won the fight because they had no pure Qi left in the end. They had to wait to recover some, and Lin Feng had recovered much faster than him.

Now, Lin Feng was supposed to teach the disciples of the Lei Sect a good lesson. If they continued acting arrogantly after that, then they would definitely suffer in the world.

Lei Jin Gang was excited to see the disciples of the sect change and improve. He didn’t want them to get crushed, though…

The next morning…

The Qi in Lang Xie City was much less tense. Lei Jin Gang knew that if he didn’t remove some of the explosive Qi, it would be dangerous for the people of Lang Xie City. He had released that explosive Qi in Lang Xie City to intimidate the people of Lang Xie City… and he had succeeded.

People from Lang Xie City were not strong enough to resist the Lei Sect, and they weren’t interested in fighting recklessly, either.

A new era had started in Lang Xie City. The people of Lang Xie City understood that now.

In the morning, Lin Feng went to see Jiang Xuan. The boy was still with his parents. Lin Feng and Jiang Xuan went to talk privately. After that, Lin Feng left the palace.

Lei Ben was already waiting for Lin Feng. He was wearing a robe similar to Lin Feng’s. He just looked slightly prouder than Lin Feng.

But he didn’t dare act arrogantly in front of Lin Feng anymore. He admired him now.

Lin Feng had fought a draw against Chu Li, he was like Prince Ghost. Lin Feng should have been in the top three. Unfortunately, he had given up first.

“Can I call you brother now?” asked Lei Ben, smiling broadly while following Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was surprised, but he smiled and said, “No problem. I don’t mind.”

“Alright, so I’ll call you brother from now on,” Lei Ben said excitedly. He would learn lots of things if he stayed with Lin Feng, Lei Jin Gang had told him the night before.

“Why are we leaving the palace? Aren’t the young geniuses of the Lei Sect in here?” asked Lin Feng when he noticed they were leaving.

“Correct, brother, they’re not here. The Lei Sect has just come out, so the geniuses of the sect are dispersed a bit. We need to find them,” Lei Ben replied.

“Oh? Look for them? So you really didn’t send your strongest geniuses to the Great Competition?” asked Lin Feng. His curiosity was aroused.

The Lei Sect was a complex entity. It wouldn’t be easy to find the disciples…

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