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Chapter 829: Lei Dong Tian!


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“The first genius of the Lei Dong Tian is my fourth fellow disciple; his name is Lei Dong Tian. He’s a level three high-level Supreme God. He’s been in the top three of the sect for a long time.

“We’re looking for Lei Dong Tian first, but he is strange, obstinate, and unruly, and he’s often rude. You will understand when you see him,” said Lei Ben. He was a bit worried. What if Lin Feng and Lei Dong Tian hated one another and had a terrifying fight? What if Lin Feng severely injured Lei Dong Tian? The Lei Sect needed their people, after all!


After half an hour, they were some distance from the palaces of the government, arriving at an unnamed mountain ten thousand meters high. At the top of the mountain was a white fog.

“That’s where Lei Dong Tian lives,” Lei Ben told Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded. He could sense an incredible Qi up there. Even if Lei Ben hadn’t told him a strong cultivator lived there, Lin Feng would have detected his presence, and the explosive Qi.

“Let’s go up,” Lin Feng smiled.

He started walking again, but Lei Ben stopped him and said cautiously, “Brother, he has a very bad temper.”

“Oh? I don’t have a good temper, either,” Lin Feng said. He almost laughed, but forced himself to look indifferent. He started flying to the top of the mountain.

Lei Ben sighed and followed after. What else could he do?

The two of them quickly arrived at the top. Lin Feng didn’t notice anything unusual. There were ancient trees everywhere, most of them hundreds of meters high and densely packed

“Let’s go,” Lin Feng said to Lei Ben, following some footprints. There were fresh and older footprints, which meant Lei Dong Tian probably walked there often.

“When Brother Lei Dong Tian was eight hundred years old, he had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer, but he defeated four people of the same level. That’s how he became famous, at least in the sect.

“But he had an accident, and lost his senses while cultivating. His cultivation level decreased from the Supreme God layer to the Godly Emperor layer and he wasn’t able to cultivate for thousands of years.

“But he didn’t give up. He found a new way to cultivate. His thunder energy is different from mine. Now, he’s thirty thousand years old, and  a level three high-level Supreme God, so he’s extremely proud.

“I hope you won’t be mad at him for being rude,” said Lei Ben. He was really worried that Lin Feng would start arguing and fighting against Lei Dong Tian, so he hoped Lin Feng would be merciful.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, but didn’t say anything. We’ll see what happens, he thought.

The two of them followed the footprints on the small path and finally saw a small hut. It wasn’t big, but it looked majestic.

“Brother, please come out!” shouted Lei Sect respectfully, watching the hut. Many people in the Lei Sect admired Lei Dong Tian. Not many people were able to find solutions to continue cultivating when they were stuck.

“Lei Ben? Does our teacher want anything in particular?” an ice-cold voice answered after a short time from inside the hut. That person sounded extremely arrogant and proud.

Lei Ben looked embarrassed. Lin Feng didn’t care. His task was to teach these people good lessons.

“Brother, our teacher doesn’t need anything, it’s just that-”

“Since he doesn’t need anything, leave, you’re disturbing me.”

Lei Ben was initially smiling, but now his smile stiffened. He was furious on the inside, as he didn’t like it when people talked to him disdainfully.

“Brother, our teacher sent someone. He wants you two to exchange views on cultivation. He wants you to see how strong young geniuses are in this world,” said Lei Ben grimly, clenching his fists.

Lei Ben wanted to teach Lei Dong Tian a good lesson.

Lin Feng was amused. He remembered the conflicts in the Lin Clan back in the days. Lin Qian and he kept arguing all the time back then.

Lei Ben’s strategy worked. Lei Dong Tian stopped talking.

Lei Ben was nervous when he saw Lin Feng start looking impatient.

“Lei Ben, let’s leave. I don’t need to fight against Lei Dong Tian. He’s too arrogant. I will tell Master Lei Jin Gang to give him up,” Lin Feng said. He turned around and pretended he was going to leave.

Lei Dong Tian could hear Lin Feng from inside the hut, and suddenly looked grim.

“Who is that? And why would you give pieces of advice to my teacher regarding my situation?”

Bam! The door of the hut opened violently and broke into pieces.

Lei Dong Tian flashed out. He looked cool, with long hair hanging over his shoulders and a white robe, but obstinate and unruly as well.

He stood in front of Lin Feng, less than a meter away. Lei Ben already felt the pressure.

“Brother, this is the person our teacher sent. His name is Lin Feng, and our teacher wants him to fight against all the geniuses of the Lei Sect,” said Lei Ben. He was trying to get Lei Dong Tian’s attention.

Lei Dong Tian just smiled arrogantly. He glanced at Lin Feng languidly, but when he saw Lin Feng had the strength of a level three high-level Supreme God, he just scoffed.

“Lin Feng? My teacher sent you to us? You think you can teach us a good lesson, is that right?” asked Lei Dong Tian insultingly.

Lei Ben’s legs started shaking. He really wanted to tell Lei Dong Tian to stop provoking Lin Feng, because Lin Feng might go crazy and try to kill him. But Lei Dong Tian wasn’t used to listening to other people’s advice. He was really arrogant and proud.

In the Lei Sect, apart from the leader, Lei Jin Gang, there were two other people who had the strength of the legendary cultivation layer, both elders.

“Yes, I came to teach you a good lesson,” Lin Feng said, nodding placidly.

“Oh?” said Lei Dong Tian. Then he smiled icily and asked, “What makes you think you can teach us a good lesson? Were you the champion of the Competition of this year?”


“Did you finish in the top three?”


“Are you the chief disciple of some other ancient sect or clan?”


Lei Dong Tian kept making fun of Lin Feng, but Lin Feng just replied casually. The atmosphere became colder and colder, more and more oppressive.

“Haha! What a joke! You’re not the champion, you didn’t even rank in the top three, you’re not a genius from another ancient sect or clan, what do you mean? Are you an independent cultivator or what? Hahaha!” said Lei Dong Tian laughing mockingly and scornfully.

“Lei Ben, I’m sorry, I know I told you I wouldn’t this time, but this is the final straw,” Lin Feng said, taking a deep breath. He couldn’t control himself anymore. He was furious.

Lei Ben’s expression fell. He wanted to tell Lin Feng not to be angry, but it was too late.

The atmosphere became explosive.

“Haha! I can crush you, moron! My teacher wanted to show me what a real genius was? I will show him what a piece of trash is! Hmph!” snorted Lei Dong Tian. He disappeared, and an explosive thunder Qi rolled in waves. It looked like a dragon made of lightning.

The atmosphere darkened as Qi whistled.

Lei Ben smiled wryly. He knew a fight was inevitable now.

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