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Chapter 830: Cruel!


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Lei Dong Tian’s thunder energy was terrifying. Even Lei Ben’s expression changed when he saw it. How explosive!

How aggressive! Lei Ben was even worried about Lin Feng now. Lei Dong Tian had become even stronger. Maybe he could even injure Lin Feng…?

Lin Feng saw Lei Dong Tian throw a punch at him. The thunder energies which came out of his fist kept booming. Lin Feng could sense that his energy was quite powerful. However, he didn’t mind. He had Genesis spiritual strength, so he didn’t need to fear Lei Dong Tian’s energy.

Lin Feng really wanted to finish the fight as quickly as possible. With Genesis spiritual strength, he could oppress Lei Dong Tian easily, maybe even finish the fight in three attacks, which would be a crushing defeat for Lei Dong Tian.

Lei Dong Tian would be devastated if he lost like that. He was a young genius of the Lei Sect, after all. If outsiders defeated him so easily, then he would be worried about his future in the sect.

Lin Feng didn’t care about Lei Dong Tian’s arrogant expression. Lei Dong Tian was similar to Xie Dian. Lin Feng had promised Lei Jin Gang he would teach the young geniuses of the Lei Sect good lessons, but he didn’t promise he’d play with their minds to make them less confident.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng didn’t use his Genesis spiritual strength, he just used the Freedom of Movement Tao Skill strength and condensed it in his fist. Then he threw a punch.

Their energies collided and there was a mighty explosion at the top of the mountain. All the trees shook violently. Lin Feng used only thirty percent of his strength; otherwise, all the trees would have been destroyed.

It was the first collision. Neither had the advantage so far. They were both pushed back half a step, but both of them still stood steadfastly. Lei Dong Tian was astonished, though. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so strong. He had thought he could crush him in one punch.

“Come again!” shouted Lei Dong Tian furiously. He ground his teeth and charged again. A tornado of energy appeared around him. Nine thunder dragons appeared around him and charged as well.

The dragons roared furiously. The whole space turned into a world of lightning.

Lei Dong Tian and the nine dragons charged. If everything happened as expected, he thought Lin Feng would definitely lose the fight. How could he let an independent cultivator teach him a good lesson?

Teach him a good lesson? Teach Lei Dong Tian a good lesson? Nobody could do that!

Lin Feng watched him impassively. It seemed like the mountain was going to collapse with all those heavy dragons on it.

“Brother! Be careful!” shouted Lei Ben. He was extremely worried. He didn’t want to see Lin Feng lose the fight either.

Lin Feng ignored Lei Ben, looking unimpressed.

He slowly raised his head. Imperial imprints rose from the palms of his hands. They became gigantic, a hundred zhang long, and moved towards the thunder dragons.

Bam! Bam!…Bam! There were nine explosions, and all nine dragons were destroyed by the imperial imprints. Then the imprints continued towards Lei Dong Tian!

Lei Dong Tian was a level three high-level Supreme God, extremely strong, but he knew that he couldn’t win anymore. However, he didn’t want to surrender, especially since the fight had just started.

Lei Dong Tian threw two more punches. Thunder energy collided against the imperial imprints, which broke into a million of golden pieces and then disappeared.

“Let’s see how much longer you can keep fighting!” said Lei Dong Tian angrily. He didn’t want to submit to Lin Feng. His teacher had sent someone to teach him a good lesson? Ridiculous! He was unhappy. He had to use his full strength and prove himself!

Lei Dong Tian grinned scornfully, flashing to the attack again. He was much faster than at the very beginning.

Lin Feng still wasn’t worried when he saw the thunder punches.

“Thunder Wrath!” shouted Lei Dong Tian furiously. The whole mountain trembled. Suddenly, lightning descended from the sky and thunder boomed.

It was the purest kind of thunder energy he could use. Using it against Lin Feng was definitely worth it.

Lin Feng was extremely strong, so Lei Dong Tian had no choice but to use his full strength. He couldn’t let him win. How could he lose against a tiny little independent cultivator?

Lei Dong Tian was getting more and more enraged. The lightning around him all looked like ferocious and wrathful dragons. His energies surged. With the thunderclaps, one couldn’t hear anything else.

When Lin Feng saw that attack, he knew he had to put an end to this fight.

“It’s time to finish this fight,” Lin Feng said, smiling patiently. He raised his left hand and released Genesis spiritual strength. The golden Genesis spiritual strength suddenly oppressed the thunder energy, which immediately disappeared.

The atmosphere returned to normal. When Lei Dong Tian saw that, his expression plummeted. He stared at Lin Feng all wide-eyed. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng could be so strong.

He was desperate now, and roared out angrily, releasing as much thunder energy as he could. He still thought he could win.

Lin Feng’s Genesis spiritual strength was explosive, and much more powerful than Lei Dong Tian’s thunder energy.

Boom! Lei Dong Tian was blown away by Lin Feng’s punch. Lin Feng was three times faster than him already.

It wasn’t over, though. Lin Feng rose up in the air and smiled at Lei Dong Tian darkly. Lei Dong Tian started to panic. Lin Feng attacked again, Lei Dong Tian tried to dodge…

But Lin Feng was too fast. He threw a kick at Lei Dong Tian’s chest. Crack! Lei Dong Tian was blown away and fell back.

Boom! Lei Dong Tian crashed on the ground, creating a ten-meter-wide crater. He had the feeling some of his bones had broken…

“Eh!…” Lei Ben was astonished. Lin Feng had won. What a crushing defeat for Lei Dong Tian!

How terrifying! Lei Dong Tian was furious. Some of his bones were broken!

“I… I lost?” whispered Lei Dong Tian. He was extremely pale. He couldn’t believe he had lost. He considered himself the ultimate genius in the Lei Sect, and now he had lost against an independent cultivator!?

Lei Dong Tian suddenly looked forlorn, as if his world had collapsed.

“Don’t be devastated. Don’t feel humiliated, either. It’s just a defeat.

“If I had lost against you, I would have felt humiliated. But you don’t know me, and you don’t understand me, either. Ask Brother Lei Ben.

“You’re a genius of the Lei Sect, but after this fight, you should understand that you’re not almighty. There are many people who are stronger than you in this world. Don’t be narrow-minded, the world is big.

“There are many people like me in this world. If you had participated in the Great Competition, you wouldn’t even have finished in the top six,” Lin Feng said, smiling thinly. He didn’t despise Lei Dong Tian, he was just doing that to shake him up a little.

Lei Ben walked over to Lei Dong Tian; they could finally talk as equals.

“Who is that guy?”


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