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Chapter 831: Lei Li!


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“Brother, you know about the Great Competition, right?”

“I do. Chu Li and Prince Ghost ranked first. Chu Li is from the Lun Bi Empire and Prince Ghost was the champion last year as well. So what?” replied Lei Dong Tian. His eyes were filled with admiration. He admired geniuses. The champions were probably extremely strong. But… what did that have to do with Lin Feng?

Lei Ben looked at Lei Dong Tian and smiled inside. He knew who the champion was, but how strong was he, really?

Of course, Lei Ben couldn’t tell Lei Dong Tian that, he just said, “Brother, even though Lin Feng didn’t rank first, he fought against Chu Li and it was almost a draw… but Chu Li admitted Lin Feng’s victory.

“So, think about it; can you imagine how strong Lin Feng is? Did you notice that Lin Feng was controlling himself and not using his full strength? He didn’t want to defeat you too quickly. He didn’t want you to feel disappointed.

“You thought our teacher would ask a random guy to teach lessons to the young geniuses of the Lei Sect? How could that be possible?

“You spent more time with our teacher than me. The people he attaches importance too are strong, you know that,” said Lei Ben. He felt extremely good speaking what he thought. He didn’t like being treated arrogantly by Lei Dong Tian. Now Lin Feng had taught him a good lesson and it changed everything.

“Alright, brother, I will bring Lin Feng to our third fellow disciple. You should go back to the palace at some point,” said Lei Ben. He didn’t care about what Lei Dong Tian thought now.

Lei Ben stepped aside. Lin Feng glanced at Lei Ben, then walked away, leaving the mountain.

Lei Dong Tian watched Lin Feng disappear from view. He was still shocked by what Lei Ben had told him.

A draw against the champion? He had given up during the Competition? Lei Dong Tian didn’t understand why Lin Feng had done that.

All he knew was that Lin Feng was extremely strong…


Lei Ben followed Lin Feng closely. They flashed away and continued flying.

Lei Ben’s third fellow disciple was called Lei Kun. He was much younger than Lei Ben, but he was extremely talented; he was already a level three high-level Supreme God. He had been stuck at that level for a while already, and couldn’t think of a way to break through to the next cultivation layer.

Lei Ben wanted to ask Lin Feng how he progressed so quickly, while some people were stuck at the same cultivation level for so many years.

Some people were stuck at the same level for hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of years!

Lin Feng didn’t know what Lei Ben was thinking, but even if Lei Ben had asked him that question, Lin Feng wouldn’t have been able to answer because he had a very particular type of body and his way of cultivating was very unconventional. That’s why he progressed so quickly.

With his incredible body type and talent, even if Lin Feng didn’t want to progress, it was impossible!


They continued flying for an hour and finally reached their destination. They arrived in a valley filled with an emerald green forest. It was very dark inside because the trees were extremely dense. There was a powerful and explosive Qi in the valley.

The place was very special for Lang Xie City, and wasn’t far away, either. Lang Xie City was surrounded by thriving nature.

Lei Ben contacted Lei Kun, then Lin Feng went to fight against him. At the beginning, Lei Kun was the same as Lei Dong Tian, arrogant and angry that his teacher had sent someone to teach him a good lesson.

Lei Kun fought as he did usually, but after one attack, he realized he had made a huge mistake. Lin Feng was extremely strong and if Lin Feng hadn’t used only forty percent of his strength, Lei Kun would have been smashed away.

Lei Kun noticed there was something unusual about Lin Feng, so he started using his full strength.

Lin Feng didn’t use his full power for a while. They exchanged about twenty combined offensive and defensive attacks. Lei Kun quickly understood that Lin Feng wasn’t using his full strength, as his attacks were becoming more and more powerful as they fought.

After the twenty-fifth attack, Lin Feng decided to finish the fight.

Lei Kun lost. Lin Feng kicked him away. He crashed into the valley, starting an earthquake.

“Let’s go. Next one,” Lin Feng said impassively, slapping his hands to remove the dust.

Lei Ben felt awkward. Lin Feng had crushed two people the Lei Sect considered incredible geniuses. If Lin Feng had used his full strength against them, they wouldn’t even have been able to withstand a single attack.

Lin Feng and Lei Ben left and continued flying.

Lei Kun watched Lin Feng disappear in the distance. After a long time, he sighed. He had been oppressed by Lin Feng badly, and had nothing to say.

Lin Feng is really an incredible god, thought Lei Kun, shaking his head and smiling wryly.


Lin Feng and Lei Ben flew for half an hour and arrived at where another young genius lived. It was neither in a valley nor in the mountains; it was in East Lang Xie, in a beautiful mansion.

There were four buildings with a pavilion in the middle. It looked imposing and magnificent. Lei Ben’s second fellow disciple lived there. He was the second strongest young genius of the Lei Sect.

“My second fellow disciple’s name is Lei Li. He also has the strength of the level three high-level Supreme God. He has spent thirty thousand years at our teacher’s side. He is easy-going and kind, unlike my fourth fellow disciple. He knows how to deal with people. He is not obstinate and unruly.

“My second fellow disciple is very independent; it is his own house and he also relies on his own resources. People never know he’s from the Lei Sect unless he tells them. He likes to live in isolation to focus on cultivation,” said Lei Ben smiling warmly. Lei Li was Lei Ben’s idol, and that had been the case since he was a child. He had also learned lots of things from Lei Li in life.

“I don’t care. My task is to teach them a good lesson, that’s all,” Lin Feng said resolutely.

“Brother, let’s go in and you’ll see,” said Lei Ben smoothly. He opened the gate of the mansion and entered.

Lin Feng glanced around. It was one of the best districts of Lang Xie City, which proved Lei Lei Li had money.

“Brother, my second fellow disciple’s biggest strength is not his power when fighting, but his intelligence gathering.

“He is always up to date when it comes to news; it rarely takes him more than half a day to obtain news from every country and empire. He has a wide network within the Country of Eternity.

“Therefore, my teacher said that soon the sect would start using my second fellow disciple’s wide network and it would be a huge advantage for us!” exclaimed Lei Ben. He admired Lei Li.

Even though Lin Feng remained silent, he listened carefully. Since Lei Li had a wide network, it also meant that he was strong.

“I am honored by your presence, dear guest. Lei Ben, how come you didn’t call me earlier?” said a voice suddenly. Lin Feng heard someone laugh in a friendly manner. They had just arrived and their presence had already been detected.

Very quickly, a man in blue clothes came out. He was middle-aged in appearance, his hair hanging to his shoulders. He looked friendly and enthusiastic. Lin Feng immediately had a good impression of him.

“Lei Ben, is this Brother Lin Feng?” asked Lei Lin Feng smiling.

Lei Ben nodded and said, “Indeed, Brother Lin Feng. This is my second fellow disciple, Lei Li,” said Lei Ben, introducing the two of them. The atmosphere was much more relaxed than when they had gone to see his other fellow disciples. Nobody made fun of anyone.

“Please come in,” said Lei Li, smiling warmly.

Lin Feng glanced at Lei Li and followed him. Lei Ben followed them, too.

“You stay in the back,” said Lei Li to Lei Ben teasingly as he continued walking.

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