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Chapter 832: Obtaining News!


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Lei Ben and Lei Li seemed to have a good relationship; at least they talked, not like Lei Dong Tian.

When they entered the main hall, Lin Feng sensed an incredible Qi; it made people feel carefree and happy. There were lots of decorations inside, as well made of gold, silks, and linen. Lei Li was definitely very rich.

Lei Li wasn’t arrogant even though he had money. Lin Feng also noticed that he was the only member of the Lei Sect he had met so far who didn’t have thunder Qi.

“Please sit down,” said Lei Li, smiling respectfully while waving to a chair.

Lin Feng sat down. Lei Li sat down right after, but he paid no attention to Lei Ben.

Lei Ben was a bit angry. He had brought Lin Feng to Lei Li, so the latter should show some gratitude, but he didn’t. He just cared about Lin Feng. However, what could Lei Ben do about that? Nothing. He had nothing to say to his second fellow disciple.

“I’ve heard that you have become famous, Brother Lin Feng. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” said Lei Li smiling in admiration. He sounded sincere, but Lin Feng didn’t think he was.

“You’re exaggerating. I just came because Master Lei Jin Gang gave me a mission,” Lin Feng said smoothly. He didn’t feel flattered at all.

“I know. My teacher wants you to teach us, the disciples of the Lei Sect, good lessons. He doesn’t want us to be obstinate and unruly, like Lei Dong Tian.

“I think that from now on, Lei Dong Tian won’t be as arrogant anymore. He probably understands that there are many other geniuses in this world,” Lei Li smiled and nodded. He knew why Lin Feng was there.

He was the best at gathering news thanks to his wide network. He had such a wide network because he was wealthy.

Lin Feng knew that already, so he wasn’t surprised that Lei Li knew all those things.

“Then you don’t need me, Brother Lei Li. You’ve never been isolated from the world, so you know what your position in society is,” Lin Feng said calmly. Lei Li had never lived in isolation; on the contrary, he had built up a huge network, so he knew what the world was like.

Lin Feng didn’t need to teach him anything.

Lei Li smiled, “Brother Lin Feng, you must be joking. I am not obstinate and unruly, and I know I have to be discreet sometimes, so of course you don’t need to attack me personally. If we fought, I’d be unable to move for ten days to two weeks. Haha!” Lei Li smiled broadly.

Lin Feng understood Lei Li was afraid of him. But he nodded, stood up and smiled, “Alright, since it’s that way, I’m leaving.”

“Brother Lin Feng, why are you in a rush? Don’t you want to ask me anything? Maybe I can help you with something,” said Lei Li. He was surprised Lin Feng didn’t try to learn something from him. He was a real genius, not like most people, so Lei Li wanted to get to know him even more. Having such people in his network would be extremely beneficial.

Having someone like Lin Feng in one’s network was extremely complicated, though. Lei Li had to be ready to tell him some very important things.

“Something I want to ask?” Lin Feng frowned, and remained silent.

Lin Feng pondered for a little while before thinking of Yan Ran Xue, who had been imprisoned in the Fa Lan Empire.

Lin Feng wondered whether he should ask about her or not. If he asked, then Lei Li would know one of his secrets, and maybe use it against him.

If he didn’t ask and went to the Fa Lan Empire after Lang Xie City, then what would happen?

He decided to ask. Resolved, he raised his head and smiled at Lei Li.

“Brother Lei Li, there is indeed something I’d like to know,” Lin Feng smiled.

Lei Li seemed happy. As expected, there were also things Lin Feng wanted to know. Lei Li was initially afraid Lin Feng wouldn’t ask anything, and would just leave.

“Go ahead and ask me. I’ll do my best to find an answer. If I don’t have it already, then it’ll take me about half a day to find an answer,” said Lei Li.

“Alright, I’d like to know how the imperial concubine of the Fa Lan Empire’s prince lives. I want to know everything about her,” Lin Feng stated.

Lei Li was surprised; the imperial concubine of the Fa Lan Empire’s prince? Why did Lin Feng care about the imperial concubine?

Lei Li suddenly had many questions, but he didn’t ask Lin Feng anything. He didn’t want to infuriate him, so he just hastily nodded and smiled, “No problem, Brother Lin Feng. I will find some information about her.”

“Alright, thank you very much, Brother Lei Li,” Lin Feng replied, bowing hand over fist and smiling indifferently.

Lei Li returned the bow and left, leaving Lin Feng and Lei Ben alone in the room.

“Brother, do you know the imperial concubine of the Fa Lan Empire’s prince?” Lei Ben smiled. He was extremely curious.

Lin Feng shook his head indifferently, but he didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to tell anyone too much about Yi Ren Lei.

But Lei Ben was too curious, so he insisted, “Brother, did you have a relationship with the imperial concubine in the past and then you broke up?

“Or is the prince of the Fa Lan Empire one of your enemies? You want to take your revenge now?

“Or do you…?”

“Are you sick of living? Do you want me to kill you?” shouted Lin Feng angrily, as Lei Ben kept asking questions.

Lei Ben immediately stopped talking. He knew that Lin Feng was angry, and when Lin Feng was angry, he often killed people.

There was nothing Lin Feng didn’t dare do. He had even killed Xie Dian, kidnapped Xie Mu, and nobody knew where he was. The Ancient Demonic Clan was now in a difficult position because of him.


The atmosphere became heavy, and a few hours passed like that.

It was already dark outside. Torches were lit up in the city, a beautiful sight.

Lang Xie City looked extremely beautiful at night. Unfortunately, it was occupied by the Lei Sect.

Lin Feng had an idea. Someday, if he became strong enough, if Jiang Xuan wanted it, Lin Feng would help him destroy the Lei Sect.

After half an hour, Lin Feng heard some steps. Lei Li came back smiling.

“Brother Lin Feng, I have some news!”

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