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Chapter 833: A Decision Before Leaving!


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“My assistant found some information. I have good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?” Lei Li asked cheerfully. It had taken him seven hours to find an answer to Lin Feng’s question.

Lin Feng frowned, but then said calmly, “Good news first.”

“Alright; the good news is that Yan Ran Xue is safe and sound. Thanks to the prince’s resources, she has broken through to the medium-level Supreme God layer,” Lei Li nodded.

“What about the bad news then?” asked Lin Feng patiently. He didn’t want to show he knew Yan Ran Xue. He was worried, though.

“The bad news is that because she refuses to talk to him, he lost patience and has locked her up in a cold castle; nobody is allowed to see her. She still has access to cultivation resources though,” said Lei Li. He watched Lin Feng to see if his expression changed or not, but he didn’t see anything, so he decided to sound him out, “I think that he proposed to her, but she refused, so he put her in a cold palace.”

“Brother Lin Feng, you…?” Lei Li wanted to ask Lin Feng about it, but Lin Feng interrupted him.

“Thank you for your help, Brother Lei Li, you really have a wide information network. Impressive,” Lin Feng said calmly. Nobody knew what he was thinking. “Alright, I’ve disturbed you enough. I am also done with my mission. I should leave now,” Lin Feng nodded, and got ready to leave.

“Alright, but Brother Lin Feng; if you ever need anything, feel free to ask me,” said Lei Li. He was saddened by Lin Feng’s departure, but he couldn’t beg him to stay, either.

“Lei Ben, let’s go,” Lin Feng said, and walked away.

Lei Ben said goodbye to Lei Ben and followed Lin Feng.

Lei Ben watched them disappear from view and sighed. But very quickly, he grinned again.

“The Great Prince of the Fa Lan Empire is about to break through to the legendary cultivation layer… and his range of privileges was recently increased. Lin Feng, if you and that woman are connected in any way, I am afraid…”

Lei Li shook his head. He hadn’t told Lin Feng about that. That was the really bad news…


The next day, very early in the morning, in the palace of Lang Xie City…

“Master, I didn’t get to see your great disciple, but I saw Lei Li, Lei Kun, and Lei Dong Tian, the last of who was very obstinate and unruly. Apart from Lei Li, I fought against the two others. They are extremely talented, but they need to travel and gather experiences,” Lin Feng informed Lei Jin Gang. He was done with his mission.

Lei Dong Tian smiled and nodded in satisfaction. Lei Ben had already told him everything. Lei Dong Tian was impressed by his and Lin Feng’s fight. It was a pity; Lei Dong Tian was extremely talented, and yet he couldn’t compete with Lin Feng.

His other disciples couldn’t defeat Lin Feng, either. Lei Li didn’t fight against Lin Feng, which was a wise choice. If he had, he wouldn’t have beaten Lin Feng, either.

Now, he had to set high expectations and hope on his Great Disciple. He was meditating in seclusion, but he would soon come out and at that time, he might have the strength of a level four high-level Supreme God!

“Lin Feng, thank you for your hard work,” said Lei Jin Gang, smiling graciously.

“It’s alright. I did it so you would release my people, so it’s all fair,” Lin Feng shrugged.

“Lin Feng, are you going to leave now?” asked Lei Jin Gang. He didn’t feel like parting with Lin Feng. He liked this young man. He was talented and if he stayed in the Lei Sect, he would be able to do lots of things. Even though he wasn’t a disciple of the Lei Sect, he could help!

Lin Feng needed to travel, thought, and he wasn’t interested in staying in such a small territory.

“Yes, I want to go and visit the Fa Lan Empire,” Lin Feng replied honestly. He had wanted to go to the Fa Lan Empire for a long time now.

Lei Jin Gang nodded understanding. The Fa Lan Empire was a good place, and there were many geniuses there. Many young geniuses from various sects and clans immigrated there. If Lin Feng settled in the Fa Lan Empire for a little while, maybe he would become even stronger!

“Alright, I’m not preventing you from leaving. If you want to come back sometime, you’re welcome,” Lei Jin Gang said hospitably. He was being honest. He liked Lin Feng.

“Alright, I’ll come and visit when I have time,” Lin Feng said. He knew Lei Jin Gang was being sincere.

“Oh, Lin Feng, I need to tell you something. I talked to Supreme God Zi Dian, and he said he doesn’t want to go back to Zi Dian Mountain, he said the Lei Sect could keep it,” Lei Jin Gang remembered suddenly. He had forgotten to tell Lin Feng that. Lin Feng had asked him if they could give Zi Dian Mountain back to Supreme God Zi Dian. In the end, Supreme God Zi Dian had refused.

When Lin Feng heard that, he was confused. He had talked to Supreme God Zi Dian; why would he refuse?

“I am not sure what the issue is, you need to ask your teacher yourself,” said Lei Jin Gang. He didn’t understand why, either.

Lin Feng nodded and thanked Lei Jin Gang for his hospitality, and then he left.


He went to Jiang Xuan’s courtyard. The protective layers had already disappeared, so the area wasn’t isolated anymore. Jiang Xuan, Supreme God Lang Xie, and the others lived there for the time being. The Lei Sect didn’t keep them imprisoned, and they didn’t impose rules on them, either.

Lin Feng noticed Supreme God Zi Dian was seated on a stone bench. He looked pensive. Lin Feng didn’t disturb him, merely waiting in the distance.

“Lin Feng, you’re here?” asked Supreme God, looking up and smiling after a long time. He seemed surprised.

“Teacher, why don’t you want to go back to Zi Dian Mountain?” Lin Feng asked straightforwardly.

“Hehe, I know Lei Jin Gang told you,” said Supreme God Zi Dian. He could see Lin Feng looked unhappy. “Lin Feng, don’t be angry. I have things to do and I won’t be able to come back for a while,” explained Supreme God Zi Dian.

Lin Feng shook his head. He didn’t understand; what did Supreme God Zi Dian intend to do now? However, if his teacher didn’t want to tell him, Lin Feng couldn’t force him.

“Alright,” Lin Feng said, nodding helplessly. He didn’t want to interfere in Supreme God Zi Dian’s affairs anyway, so he had to respect his decisions.

Supreme God Zi Dian smiled indifferently. He was going to go back to the sect, and didn’t know if he would ever be able to come back to Zi Dian Mountain. He was willing to give up his peaceful lifestyle for Lin Feng, even if it was dangerous.

Their leader’s primordial spirit had been destroyed a hundred thousand years ago, and was why the people of Tian Dao Yuan had decided to live in seclusion.

Lin Feng’s appearance was a great opportunity; he was the perfect candidate to become their new leader.

Supreme God Zi Dian didn’t understand why Tian Dao Yuan had chosen Lin Feng as their new leader, but since their decision had already been made, he had no choice but to accept it.

They had failed a hundred thousand years ago; they couldn’t fail a second time.

“Lin Feng, are you going to take Jiang Xuan with you or not?” asked Supreme God Zi Dian after a few minutes of silence.

Lin Feng shook his head. He didn’t want to take Jiang Xuan with him, but before leaving, he would give Jiang Xuan his primal chaos power. Then, the boy would need to rely on his own self to continue progressing.

When Supreme God Zi Dian saw Lin Feng shake his head, he understood why Lin Feng had made that decision.

“I’m going in, teacher,” Lin Feng said to Supreme God Zi Dian, opening the door and entering.

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