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Chapter 834: Passing on his Primal Chaos Power!


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Lin Feng entered the room, and saw Jiang Xuan and his parents. They weren’t talking, they were looking out of the window. His student’s parents felt awkward. Jiang Xuan was still mad at his grandfather.

“Teacher,” said Jiang Xuan, standing up when he saw Lin Feng, before leaping into Lin Feng’s arms. Even though he wasn’t much shorter than Lin Feng anymore, Lin Feng was still much stronger than him.

“Young man, I’m going to leave Lang Xie City, and I can’t take you with me this time,” Lin Feng said to Jiang Xuan calmly.

Jiang Xuan’s expression fell. He looked extremely sad and moved away from Lin Feng’s arms.

“Teacher, you think I’m a burden?” asked Jiang Xuan, lowering his head.

“No. You are not a burden, but you need to rely on yourself to become stronger. If you stay with me, you won’t become stronger. You already have the strength of the third Godly Emperor layer; you need to travel alone, and that way, you’ll become extremely strong and be able to help me. I can’t wait to see how strong you can become on your own.

“Real geniuses don’t follow other people. They travel alone. No matter what danger they face, they remain brave and courageous. Sometimes, your friends or family members can help you with small things, but your own strength is what matters the most.

“Therefore, young man, remember, don’t be lazy, and show Lang Xie City how strong you are. You must work hard and then you’ll be able to conquer Lang Xie City back. You understand?” Lin Feng didn’t waste time and told the boy everything he had in his heart.

Jiang Xuan suddenly looked resolute and determined. He listened to his teacher’s advice carefully and seriously. He wouldn’t forget to cultivate and work hard. He needed to become extremely strong to help his teacher and stop being a burden.

“I understand, teacher. Don’t worry. I’ll work hard,” said Jiang Xuan, nodding seriously and clenching his fists. A swift and fierce Qi emerged from his body as he spoke.

“Good then!” Lin Feng said nodding. Jiang Xuan understood, so Lin Feng didn’t need to worry about him. The little boy definitely had the potential to become an extremely strong cultivator!

Lin Feng took a deep breath and looked at Jiang Yi Tian and the others, “Go out. I need to talk to Jiang Xuan privately.”

He sounded aggressive and unyielding. Jiang Yi Tian and the others obeyed, glancing at Jiang Xuan as they left.

Supreme God Lang Xie took a deep breath, and smiled wryly. He had even more wrinkles than in the past. His grandson couldn’t forgive him, but what could the old man do? Nothing. He had said that he was ready to sacrifice his grandson for Lang Xie City; a simple sentence had ruined his relationship with his grandson.

Supreme God Lang Xie also left the room. Only Lin Feng and Jiang Xuan were left.

Lin Feng raised his left hand and released Genesis Spiritual strength to fill the whole room. It turned into a protection layer. Even Supreme God Lang Xie couldn’t break through with his strength.

This way, nobody could know what was going on inside.

“Young man, take off your clothes,” Lin Feng said seriously, his tone indicating he wasn’t joking.

Jiang Xuan was stupefied, but when he saw how serious his teacher looked, he knew it wasn’t a joke, and he didn’t waste time.

Lin Feng glanced at Jiang Xuan’s manhood and thought, Not bad, even though he’s still young, he’s developing quickly. In three years, he will be an adult already at fifteen.

Being a Godly Emperor at fifteen years old was incredible. Jiang Xuan was really talented. He was much better than Lin Feng.

“Lie down,” Lin Feng said. Jiang Xuan nodded hastily and laid down.

“Jiang Xuan, you can’t forget a single word of what I’m going to tell you now. Apart from that, you are not allowed to tell anyone about it, not even your parents. Can you promise you won’t?” Lin Feng asked gravely.

Jiang Xuan looked at Lin Feng seriously. He was young, but he had already gone through a lot in life, and he understood Lin Feng was about to do something extraordinary.

“Yes, teacher, I promise you I won’t tell anyone, not even my parents,” Jiang Xuan nodded.

“Young man, you’re going to become the third person with a Primal Chaos Body. You don’t need to know about the first one, and the second one was me.

“But your Primal Chaos Body is rudimentary so far, it hasn’t fully grown. I’m going to leave you now so I wanted to give you a gift, my Primal Chaos power.

“But when you have it, you aren’t allowed to tell anybody you have a Primal Chaos Body. You need to be discreet and hide your Qi properly. Even though your family members are all Supreme Gods, they won’t be able to see it easily.

“I’ll make the Primal Chaos power fuse together with your body now. You’ll need some time to get used to it,” Lin Feng said. Then he put his left hand on Jiang Xuan’s dantian.

When Xie Mu stole it from him, it was extremely painful. Lin Feng had felt his veins and arteries were going to explode. He had taken it back from Xie Dian, and was going to do his best not to hurt Jiang Xuan like that.

Lin Feng remained vigilant because Jiang Xuan was still too weak, his cultivation level was too low. When Lin Feng had obtained the Primal Chaos Body, he had the strength of the top of the Godly Emperor layer, he was even already a half-Supreme God.

But Jiang Xuan only had the strength of the third Godly Emperor layer, so Lin Feng had to be very careful, or he could hurt the boy.

Lin Feng didn’t know why, but he cared more about Jiang Xuan than about his own children. Maybe it was because of the Primal Chaos Body…

Lin Feng’s left hand was on Jiang Xuan’s dantian. Energies slowly started penetrating into the boy’s energy circulatory system with a warm surge.

Time passed slowly. Jiang Xuan was boiling, but he tried to forget the pain and to focus on other things. He ground his teeth. He couldn’t disappoint his teacher.

He was determined, and knew his teacher wasn’t going to harm him.

More time passed, and Jiang Xuan’s forehead was soaked in sweat. He looked exhausted. His cheeks were bright red. He had the feeling his body was going to explode.

But Jiang Xuan ground his teeth and remained focused and determined. Lin Feng admired Jiang Xuan; the boy was only twelve years old, after all.

“Stop!” shouted Lin Feng, moving his left hand away and raising his right hand. He got ready to fuse his Primal Chaos power together with Jiang Xuan.

Blood spilled out of the boy’s mouth. He was boiling.

Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. He hadn’t thought such a thing would happen. He had no time to think though, he immediately took out the abstruse earth and abstruse water he had found in San Zun’s grave back in the days.

He put them on the boy’s waist and continued. Jiang Xuan felt much better all of a sudden. It didn’t burn anymore…

Time passed slowly. Two more hours went by. Lin Feng took his time to prevent an accident. The boy’s safety was the most important thing. In any case, the Primal Chaos Body was already Jiang Xuan’s, so time wasn’t an issue anymore.

Three more hours later, Jiang Xuan’s skin was silky white. His body didn’t burn anymore. He felt cool and sleepy, but he also knew that since the Primal Chaos Body transmission had worked properly, his teacher was now going to leave.

Jiang Xuan didn’t want Lin Feng to leave, so he pretended he was still in pain, but Lin Feng knew how he really felt. Lin Feng was happy; the boy was being more discreet when it came to emotions, which was also a sign he was becoming more mature.

Another hour passed. Jiang Xuan knew that if he continued pretending he was in pain, then Lin Feng would lose his patience, so he sat down.

“Teacher…” said Jiang Xuan, lowering his head.

“When I leave, you need to find a place to cultivate in seclusion. Now that you have fused together with the Primal Chaos Body, you’re definitely going to break through. You might break through two cultivation layers at once, so work hard and focus.

“Don’t worry about me. When you are a Supreme God, use the Qi of this talisman to find me,” Lin Feng said. He gave Jiang Xuan a jade pendant. It contained some of his Qi, so Jiang Xuan would easily be able to find him with it.

Jiang Xuan took the jade pendant and held it firmly. He didn’t know when they would meet again, so he cherished that moment.

“Put your clothes on. It’s time for me to leave,” Lin Feng said, smiling patiently. Jiang Xuan quickly put his clothes back on.

“I’m off,” Lin Feng said, pinching Jiang Xuan’s cheek. He sighed; he didn’t feel like leaving the boy either, but he had no choice.

He had to go to the Fa Lan Empire. Big things awaited him there.

Lin Feng removed the protection layer from the room and came out of the room. He said goodbye to Supreme God Zi Dian and left.

Jiang Yi Tian and Supreme God Lang Xie watched Lin Feng disappear in the distance and could only sigh.

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