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Chapter 835: Meng Qing Is Here!


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“Lin Feng is gone. He went to the Fa Lan Empire.”

At the top of a mountain, Supreme God Zi Dian was with Can Tian. One of them had white hair and looked old. The other one was a middle-aged man and looked vigorous. It was difficult to imagine that they were fellow disciples.

They were both around the same age, but Can Tian preferred looking younger. In terms of age, they were both a few hundred thousand of years old.

“Ancestor Kong has reincarnated five times, every two hundred thousand years, doing so to find a new leader. He found one at last, but he failed, so Tian Dao Yuan failed, too.

“This time, with Lin Feng, Tian Dao Yuan has hope again. Therefore, no matter what, if he succeeds, Tian Dao Yuan will succeed,” Can Tian said to Supreme God Zi Dian gravely. He didn’t want to miss other opportunities, or to waste time. Ancestor Kong had reincarnated five times, and each time he had failed to find a suitable leader.

“Ancestor Kong keeps restricting his own strength?” Supreme God Zi Dian asked Can Tian.

“Yes, he does. Otherwise, he’d be as strong as you and me, but he doesn’t want to expose himself, so he stopped becoming stronger.”

“But even that way, he must be a high-level Supreme God now.”

“But what is the purpose? Six of us are high-level Supreme Gods. Que De, Gu , and I are even level four high-level Supreme Gods. You, Dao Ling and Tian Yuan are level three high-level Supreme Gods. Ancestor Kong is the only one who is a level one high-level Supreme God, but still we have to respect and admire him for finding a new leader,” said Can Tian. His eyes were filled with admiration.

Ancestor Kong was the only person he admired in his life. Ancestor Kong did his best for the sect, and had even decided to stay weak to find a new leader so that nobody would figure out his true identity.

“That’s why I like calling him Ancestor,” said Supreme God Zi Dian, smiling patiently. His eyes were filled with respect, too.

“Haha! Indeed! He reincarnated five times, he’s our Ancestor. But who asked him to reincarnate as one of our contemporaries?” Can Tian laughed.

Ancestor Kong was older and more experienced than them, but because he kept reincarnating, he was only as strong as them. In his new life, he wasn’t really their ancestor, but someone of the same generation.

“Alright, let’s stop wasting time. Let’s rush back to the sect and then we can talk about the plan. Lin Feng is already on his way to the Fa Lan Empire. Apart from the imperial family, there are three ancient sects in the Fa Lan Empire. We need to be careful because some sects haven’t announced their comeback in this world, yet like the Beast Sect or the Ancient Human Sect,” Can Tian said gravely.


After the Great Competition of the Empires, Clans, and Sects, the Country of Eternity calmed down.

The empires, the ancient sects, and the ancient clans all remained discreet, as if the latter two didn’t exist.

But those who knew what was going on behind the scenes also knew it was just the calm before the storm, and the storm would be a bloody one.

One month had passed since the end of the Great Competition. All the empires were focusing on raising their young geniuses. They spent time and efforts on raising their Supreme Gods and Godly Emperors.

After the Great Competition of the Empires, Clans and Sects, all the empires, clans, and sects had realized that there were huge differences between young geniuses. Even though the champions were a disciple from an empire and an independent cultivator, all but two of the others, from the third to the twelfth, were young geniuses from ancient clans and sects.

It meant that there was a huge problem: the young geniuses from the ancient sects and clans were much, much stronger than the young geniuses from the different empires!


In Lang Xie City, a month had passed and people were slowly getting used to living under the Lei Sect’s occupation. Strong cultivators and ordinary people had normal lives again. Nothing had changed, apart from the government.

In the Lun Bi Empire, because Chu Li had ranked first at the Great Competition, he had become famous. The imperial family put pressure on him. The leader also announced that Chu Li would be the next leader of the Lun Bi Empire.

When people heard about, some were extremely jealous and envious, while others were amazed. Chu Li wasn’t a direct descendant of the imperial family, and yet he would have the incredible honor of becoming their leader someday.

People in the Fa Lan Empire also heard about that.

There was a man who, when he heard about that, just smiled dismissively.

“Doesn’t he disdain the imperial family?” the man asked, amused.

“Oh my heavens, you’ve heard that? Chu Li announced he might be proclaimed new leader of the Lun Bi Empire, but at the same time, he said he wouldn’t accept?”

“What? How is that possible?”

Many people were talking in the restaurant. They were all Godly Emperors. When they had nothing to do, they liked to gossip.

When Lin Feng heard them, he grinned. If he wasn’t mistaken, Chu Li’s goal wasn’t the throne of the empire, but to become even more famous in the world. But that might not be a good idea, because he didn’t give the imperial family face…

Lin Feng had arrived in the Fa Lan Empire twenty days ago. He didn’t hurry to the imperial city. It wasn’t easy to get there; he needed a talisman and the guards were all level three high-level Supreme Gods.

Lin Feng couldn’t trespass on their territory illegally, so he was waiting for an opportunity.


Ten million li away from the Fa Lan Empire, in San City, in Borderland Village…

A group of people appeared. There were both men and women.

“Mom, are we in Gods Country?” asked a young man in black clothes. He glanced around and was surprised because the place looked poor and desolate. He hadn’t thought Gods Country would be like this.

The young man looked at a woman in white clothes. She looked noble, above worldly material attractions. She was also so beautiful words weren’t enough to describe her.

Next to the young man and the woman was an old man and three incredibly beautiful women.

One of the women was wearing red clothes and had long hair. She looked bewitching and seductive, and was wearing a phoenix jade hairpin.

The second woman was wearing a fighting dress and golden armor. She had a perfect figure and curves. The last woman was wearing fiery red clothes and her skin was extremely pale. She looked pure and noble.

The old man looked miserable and poor, like a Taoist priest, but he had a clever smile.

“Brothers, sister, Zhe Tian, where should we go to find Lin Feng?” asked the Taoist priest.

Indeed, those four devastatingly beautiful women were Meng Qing, Qing Feng, Huo Wu and Huang Nü, and the Taoist priest was Yan Di.

They had finally broken through to the Supreme God layer. Meng Qing and Huang Nü had even broken through to the medium-level Supreme God layer. Lin Zhe Tian was also a medium-level Supreme God. Huo Wu, Qing Feng and Yan Di were low-level Supreme Gods.

“I don’t know. He’s been here for two years. He can’t be in San City. We can go to San City first and ask some people. He’s strong; he must be a bit famous already,” Huang Nü frowned.

Meng Qing nodded approvingly. The women agreed to go to San City first.

They didn’t know what the situation was like in San City. It wasn’t San City anymore. It was occupied by the Ancient Demonic Clan.

Lin Feng didn’t know his wives, son, and Yan Di were in Gods Country either. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone to the Fa Lan Empire; he would have gone straight to San City to pick them up.

The Ancient Demonic Clan held some of Lin Feng’s worst enemies. He had killed Xie Dian and Xie Mu. For the time being, Xie Mu wasn’t going to resurrect, but would his wives, son, and friend be safe in the Ancient Demonic Clan?

What if they found out the clan was related to Lin Feng? It would be a nightmare for them!

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