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Chapter 836: Recruiting Young Geniuses!


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“You’ve been here for twenty days, dear guest. You don’t go out either. What are you doing here?”

Lin Feng had already been in the inn for twenty days. Most people stayed in an inn for two or three days, not more, but Lin Feng had been in there for twenty days already, so the owner of the inn was alarmed. What was this guest doing? Was he scheming? The owner was worried, so he decided to take measures.

He was lucky because he bumped into Lin Feng.

When Lin Feng heard him, he smiled. He didn’t know the answer, as he didn’t have a plan yet. The owner thought he was a criminal…

Lin Feng smiled impassively and said, “Don’t worry. I’m going to leave soon.”

“Alright, dear guest. Thank you,” said the owner. He had nothing more to say, he just hoped Lin Feng wasn’t a criminal.

The owner went down the stairs and disappeared from Lin Feng’s sight. Lin Feng was in the corridor on the second floor and had his hands on the balustrade. He inspected the area outside with his godly awareness and heard the leaves rustling in the wind…


Finally, he had an opportunity.

Two middle-aged men in black clothes entered the inn and walked to a table. The waitress greeted them. The two men looked grim and cold.

“Waitress, a jar of alcohol and some skewers,” ordered one of the men icily.

The waitress hastily ran to prepare their order. As she did, the two men also started chatting.

“Fucking hell, the fourth prince wants to find some young geniuses; why did he ask us? Can’t he do things himself?” swore one of the two men glumly. What could they do, though? The fourth prince had given them an order; they had no choice but to obey. They were just servants in the Fa Lan Empire, and weren’t qualified to question orders.

“Anyway, calm down. Maybe we won’t be servants forever,” said the other man. He wasn’t that angry.

“Sigh, I know. But still I don’t like that,” said the other man helplessly. Then he shouted, “Fucking hell, waitress! Where are our drinks and food!?”

“Here, here, dear guests,” said the waitress frantically. She ran to them with skewers and alcohol hastily. She put everything on their table and retreated. She didn’t dare offend the servants of the imperial family, even though those people only had the strength of the low-level Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng observed and listened to them.

“Hey, do you think the three other princes will plot against the new prince since he obtained more privileges?” asked one of them, smiling as he downed a glass of alcohol.

“Who knows? But the fourth prince isn’t happy at all. The Great Prince is even recruiting new young geniuses, and even wants to recruits young geniuses from ancient sects and clans.”

“Seriously? I haven’t heard about that, but the leader likes the Great Prince. He’s the future of the empire.”

“If the Great Prince really becomes the new leader, then the second, third and fourth princes will be imprisoned and might even die.”

The two men’s lives were miserable. They had no freedom. The leader of the empire only cared about the future leader.

“Hurry up and eat. When we’re done, we’ll go and look for the strongest young geniuses, but I doubt we’ll find anyone, to be honest,” one of the men, sighed. How unlucky they were…

The atmosphere became tense. They both ate and drank in less than five minutes. Lin Feng was still watching them. He now had an idea of how to get into the imperial city.

The fourth prince was recruiting young geniuses… wonderful! It was an opportunity. Lin Feng was curious to see if the fourth prince was wise or stupid, too…

The two men stood up, putting some gold coins on the table and got ready to leave.

“Slowly!” called out Lin Feng. Everybody looked at Lin Feng, including the two men.

“Are you talking to us?” asked one of the men angrily. They didn’t like travelers much.

“Who else could I be talking to?” Lin Feng said, smiling winningly. There were only the waitress, the owner and the two men in the room.

The two men frowned impatiently and demanded, “What do you want?”

“Are you looking for young geniuses for the fourth prince? Can I apply?” asked Lin Feng patiently. His eyes were filled with amusement.

The two men glanced at each other and then glanced at Lin Feng skeptically. They had been looking for geniuses for a few days already, but they hadn’t found anyone. Surprisingly, someone took the initiative to come to them directly.

But who was this guy? Was he strong enough? Or did he just want to get close to rich people for food and accommodations?

The two men looked reluctant.

“We are recruiting young geniuses for the fourth prince indeed, but… are you a young genius?” asked the two men skeptically. Usually, young geniuses didn’t take the initiative to apply when someone recruited.

People who bragged they were young geniuses were usually pieces of trash. Was Lin Feng that kind of person? The two men didn’t know.

Lin Feng knew that the two men didn’t know how strong he was. Besides, it was even more difficult to see how strong someone was when they had a Genesis Spiritual Body, especially two low-level Supreme Gods.

“How can I prove that I am one?” Lin Feng asked calmly. He hoped the two men would give him clear instructions.

The two men looked thoughtful, and then they smiled strangely. “Alright, if you defeat one person, we’ll invite you to join the fourth prince’s troops.”

“Defeat one person? Who?” asked Lin Feng, frowning. He could see that the two men were smiling darkly, which meant the person he’d have to defeat would probably be extremely strong.

“Fa Duo, he’s the judge of the Fa Lan Empire. If you defeat him or have a draw against him, you’ll be allowed to join the fourth prince’s troops,” answered one of the men.

Fa Duo… Lin Feng didn’t know Fa Duo. He didn’t know anyone from the Fa Lan Empire at all. Of course, he had seen Fa Heng during the Great Competition, but Chu Li had killed him. Fa Heng had suffered a tragic death, as Chu Li had made his head explode.

“Where is he?” Lin Feng inquired. The two men looked at him scornfully.

“You think you’re qualified to know where Elder Fa Duo is? In three days, go to Fa Duo’s palace, all the candidates will be there then, so be there too.”

“Remember, in three days at noon, you must beat Fa Duo’s palace. Take this talisman as well,” said one of the two men coldly. They didn’t really take Lin Feng seriously. They examined his Qi, but he looked like an ordinary person and didn’t seem to pose a threat to anyone. They thought he was just a random ordinary person.

“Let’s go,” one of the two men said. They left and disappeared from Lin Feng’s field of vision.

Lin Feng looked unmoved. He wasn’t angry, because it was pointless. Those people didn’t know him, they didn’t know he was strong, so it was normal that they were a bit arrogant.

Lin Feng guessed that after showing everybody how strong he was, those people would shut up.

“Three days.” Lin Feng nodded and looked at the talisman before putting it in his space ring.

“Dear guest, you want to go to the imperial city?” asked the owner at that moment.

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