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Chapter 837: Yan Ran Xue’s Situation!


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Lin Feng looked at the owner of the inn, who seemed a bit fearful. He didn’t understand why Lin Feng wanted to join the fourth prince’s troops. Did he need to do that?

“What’s wrong, Mister? Is there a problem?” Lin Feng smiled.

“Dear guest, sorry for being frank and straightforward, but the reputation of the imperial family of the Fa Lan Empire isn’t good. They are tyrants. They use their powerful connections to intimidate people. They don’t care about ordinary people. If you join that prince’s troops, you’ll fall.

“You just arrived in the Fa Lan Empire, so you don’t understand what the situation is like. The situation in the imperial city is chaotic. There are many different factions in the different families and everybody keeps fighting all the time for more privileges. Not many people understand why the situation is so chaotic.

“Great Prince Fa Chun is extremely strong, and he loves plotting. The leader of the empire loves him and has given him even more privileges, so now Fa Chun is acting like a tyrant.

“Second Prince Fa He’s nickname is Demonic Assassin; he likes to stab people in the back. The leader doesn’t like him, so Fa He is discreet.

“Third Prince Fa Xuan is a good guy and he has a good reputation, he’s quite strong, but the old leader doesn’t pay much attention to him. It seems like he has been put aisde. Fa Xuan can’t even go into the imperial city.

“Fourth Prince Fa Yin is the most arrogant and hypocritical of all four princes. He can compete with the Great Prince, but because the leader prefers the Great Prince, Fa Yin doesn’t have much power. It doesn’t prevent him from plotting all the time.”

Lin Feng hadn’t thought the owner of the inn would tell him all those things clearly and concisely. The owner knew lots of things in detail.

Lin Feng had spent twenty days in the inn already and he had noticed that the owner didn’t seem to be that simple. If he had been an ordinary person, he wouldn’t have known all those secrets.

Lin Feng suddenly thought of someone he had met recently: Lei Li!

Could it be that the owner of the inn was one of Lei Li’s informers? Lin Feng had doubts, but he didn’t ask the owner.

Had the owner of the inn informed Lei Li about Yan Ran Xue? Since the owner of the inn knew so many things, Lin Feng decided to ask him about her.

“Mister, do you know the Great Prince’s imperial concubine?” asked Lin Feng directly. The old man didn’t know Lin Feng, so he wouldn’t have doubts.

When the old man heard Lin Feng, he seemed surprised but he nodded, “Of course. The Great Prince feels humiliated because of her.”

“Oh? Tell me more,” Lin Feng asked curiously.

The old man could see that Lin Feng was curious, but he didn’t know Lin Feng knew the imperial concubine.

“The imperial concubine is called Yan Ran Xue. She came to the Fa Lan Empire with a man. Then she joined the Fa Lan Sect, but she’s extremely beautiful, and the Great Prince fell in love with her.

“The Great Prince severely injured the man Yan Ran Xue had come with. He was a piece of trash. He was too careless, though, and the man managed to escape.

“Great Prince Fa Chun was angry for a long time because of that. It was the first time someone had escaped from him, and on top of that, he usually always succeeds when he does something. Since the man escaped, he could pose a threat to Fa Chun in the future.

“But so much time has passed now and the man hasn’t come back to save her! Haha, what a piece of trash! He even abandoned his own girlfriend and left her to the Great Prince!” laughed the owner derisively.

Lin Feng was non-committal, but inside Lin Feng’s ring, someone shook violently! Fu Su Rong hated it when people criticized him! He felt humiliated.

“What happened after?” asked Lin Feng.

“After? The imperial concubine wanted to die, but the Great Prince doesn’t want her to die, so he put her in an ice-cold palace. She has lots of food and clothes in there, so no problem.

“I’ve also heard that she is a soft and beautiful woman, so the Great Prince is not the only one who’s bewitched by her beauty. The old leader also wishes he could sleep with her, haha! You imagine? Father and son sleeping with the same woman?

“Great Prince Fa Chun might even hand her over to his father because he’s sick of her attitude…

“As one can well imagine, the imperial concubine’s fate is also fixed,” said the old man sadly. Poor woman. Would she be tarnished in the imperial city?

When Lin Feng heard that story, he was worried, as she wasn’t in a great situation. Lin Feng wasn’t interested in her anymore, but he decided that if he saved her, it would be for his mental peace.

He wanted to save her out of pure kindness and generosity. Even if he saved her, he wouldn’t want to have anything to do with her afterwards.

Besides, how horrible would it be? She might become the new empress if the old leader took her in?


In any case, even if Yan Ran Xue wanted to be his wife again, he wouldn’t accept. How could he be in a relationship with such a woman? Even if Yan Ran Xue had never slept with any other man, Lin Feng wasn’t interested.

“I’ll save her, then I’ll leave without seeing her,” Lin Feng whispered to himself.

“What are you saying, dear guest?” asked the old man when he saw Lin Feng’s lips move.

“Hmm? Eh… Nothing. I’m going back,” Lin Feng replied, coming back to his senses and smiling at the old man indifferently. He went back to his room on the second floor.

The old man shook his head. He didn’t know what kind of person Lin Feng was. “There’s something wrong… Why did he ask me so many questions about the imperial concubine? And why did Lei Li ask me about the imperial concubine as well? Is someone going to save her?” The old man didn’t understand. He just went back to the counter and waited for clients.


Lin Feng went back to his room and made an isolated world around himself. People who were not at least level four high-level Supreme Gods couldn’t even detect his isolated space.

Lin Feng had Fu Su Rong come out of his space ring.

Fu Su Rong’s face was pale as a ghost. His Qi was unstable, too. Lin Feng had sealed his strength, so he was like a piece of trash.

“Fu Su Rong, did you hear? You see what people think about you?” Lin Feng demanded furiously.

Fu Su Rong lowered his head. He couldn’t forgive himself for having abandoned Yan Ran Xue. He would regret it his entire life. He loved her and now maybe an old man was going to rape her!

“Lin Feng, save her, please. You’re the only one who can save her!” asked Fu Su Rong, kneeling down.

“Save her? Aren’t you a man? Won’t you save her?” asked Lin Feng angrily. He kicked Fu Su Rong in the ribs.

“Lin Feng, I was wrong, please save her. Please. She’s your girlfriend, after all!” shouted Fu Su Rong. He was desperate as he shouted that.

Lin Feng wanted to kill Fu Su Rong, but he controlled himself, and put the fool back in his space ring.

How shameless! He had just said Yan Ran Xue was Lin Feng’s girlfriend!

Lin Feng took a deep breath to calm down, but he still felt tense.


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