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Chapter 838: Translating the Tao Skill of General Principles!


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I still have three days. I can translate San Zun’s Tao Skill of General Principles now, thought Lin Feng, looking out of the window. It was dark outside already. Three days from now he’d need to go to the judge’s palace. During those three days, he had to do something meaningful.

He wanted to understand what the Tao Skill of General Principles was. What had San Zun discovered? Lin Feng also wanted to understand the mysteries of the legendary cultivation level.

Apart from the legendary cultivation level, Lin Feng also wanted to understand what the soul jewel was. Xie Mu needed to rely on his soul jewel to come back to life, so what kind of thing was that?

Thinking about that, Lin Feng looked solemn. He had so many problems to solve. If he solved all those issues, then he would have an advantage compared to other young geniuses.

“Tao Skill of General Principles.” Lin Feng turned the first page. Lin Feng already understood the Blood Skill of the Great Tao, but he hadn’t had time to study the Tao Skill of General Principles yet.

“This is the dictionary my teacher gave me.” Lin Feng took out the ancient language dictionary Supreme God Zi Dian had given to him. There were all sorts of languages in the dictionary: A Bo Script, Gu Gui Script, Pan Si Script, and Di Script. They were all ancient scripts from the Country of Eternity.

Lin Feng opened the dictionary and started comparing the script of the Tao Skill of General Principles and the scripts in the dictionary. In the end, he understood that the Tao Skill of General Principles was written in Di Script.

Lin Feng read the Tao skill and then looked for the words in the dictionary. It was extremely difficult to find the words there. If he did it alone, he would definitely not be done in three days.

“I’ll help you!” said Zu Ti suddenly, appearing in the room.

“Thank you for your help, Master Zu Ti!” Lin Feng exclaimed. He was so happy. He would be able to translate the Tao skill much faster with the old man’s help. Maybe three days would be enough!

“it’s alright. I also can’t wait to see what the old man wrote,” said Zu Ti, shaking his head. He knew that San Zun had written various things about the legendary cultivation level, so he was curious to know what it was about as well.

Lin Feng nodded and stopped talking. He started translating the Tao Skill of General Principles. One of them translated the top of the pages, the other one the bottom.


Time passed slowly. They were both meticulous. Apart from the sound of the pages when they turned them, there was no other sound.

Lin Feng had isolated the space around them so nobody could disturb them. They could work in peace. Even though it wasn’t an easy task, they were both curious to know what they would discover.


In the imperial city of the Fa Lan Empire, in the Fourth Prince’s mansion house… 

The fourth prince was with a pretty and charming, handsome but effeminate young man who had no yang Qi.

Fa Yin and the effeminate young man were having sex. From outside, some disciples could hear them pant, but they were used to the fourth prince’s strange fondness for men. Everybody knew he didn’t like women.

He had eight hundred boyfriends. Many people in the Fa Lan Empire thought of him as a disgusting and weird man, but nobody dared make fun of him, because he was a prince and had privileges.

Time passed slowly. An hour later, Fa Yin was alone in his room. The effeminate young man had left already. Many people made fun of him outside because he couldn’t perform properly anymore, and he was hobbling.

“Leader, A Zuo and A You need to report to you,” said a respectful voice outside.

The fourth prince put on a golden robe, smiled indifferently, and said, “Have them come in.”

Fa Yin raised his head. He looked noble and wore his hair in a bun inside a crown.

Someone opened the door, and two men in black clothes came in. It smelled like feces and sex in the room, nauseating them, but nobody dared say anything. They knew what the fourth prince had just done.

“How many geniuses have you found?” said Fa Yin, glancing at them indifferently.

He wasn’t attracted by the two men sexually because he only like young, slim, and effeminate men. He didn’t like tall and sturdy men.

The two men felt lucky. If they had been effeminate and handsome, the fourth prince would have raped them all the time. Many of his disciples were unlucky subjects of his attentions.

Fa Chun had thousands of women, while Fa Yin had hundreds of men!

“Leader, we’ve been working hard for two months and we’ve found seven young geniuses,” said the leader of the two, lowering his head respectfully. He didn’t count Lin Feng in those seven people because they hadn’t found him, he had come to them and he seemed ordinary.

“Seven? Only?” asked Fa Yin angrily.

The two men paled and fell on their knees in fear, shouting, “Leader, don’t be angry; we’ve looked for young geniuses everywhere in the Fa Lan Empire.

“The seven we’ve found are incredible. One of the Great Prince’s servants is even in the group!” the two men claimed. Fa Yin looked more impressed when he heard they had managed to convince one of the Great Prince’s servants. He was even excited.

He felt extremely happy because he had the impression he was putting pressure on the Great Prince which happened only rarely.

“Alright, stand up. I wouldn’t kill you, don’t be afraid,” said Fa Yin off-handedly.

The two men relaxed again, but they were covered in cold sweat. They wiped off their tears and looked at Fa Yin respectfully. ‘However, he wouldn’t kill them’? If they hadn’t told him they had convinced one of the Great Prince’s servants, he would definitely have killed them!

“What’s the name of the guy you convinced?” asked Fa Yin. The two men’s expressions suddenly changed.

What they had just said was a lie. Why would someone agreed to leave the Great Prince to work with the fourth prince? Impossible! They just lied because they were panicking.

“What shall we do?” one of them asked the other telepathically.

“What? Were you just lying?” said Fa Yin, when he noticed there seemed to be something wrong.

The two men’s expressions changed drastically, and they shook their heads hastily.

“Leader, we don’t know his name. In three days, at Elder Fa Duo’s palace, you will meet him and we will tell you his name,” said the leader of the two. They had found someone who was unknown, after all. Even though he wasn’t that strong, they could still use him.

The two men hadn’t tested Lin Feng to see how strong he was because they thought he was just a beggar.

However, wouldn’t there be a problem later? If Lin Feng didn’t manage to pass Fa Duo’s exam, then who would believe he was a young genius and one of the Great Prince’s servants? Nobody!

“Alright, in three days, I’ll come and watch the exam. You be there, too,” said Fa Yin waved them off impatiently.

The two men knew what they had to do. They hastily left the room and then another handsome, effeminate young man entered the fourth prince’s room. He looked even younger and more effeminate than the previous one.

Very soon, many people heard them panting again…


Thousands of li away, Lin Feng and Zu Ti were still working on the translation. They had already translated fifty words already; they had a few hundred left.

It was almost morning at that moment. Another day had passed…

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