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Chapter 839: Incredible Mystery!


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“We should be able to finish the translation in two days,” Lin Feng said. They had already translated a third of the Tao skill, and they had two days left.

Zu Ti nodded, but didn’t say anything, they didn’t have time to chat.

Time passed slowly. Two more days went by. One more night and the next day, it’d be the day of the exam. During that night, Lin Feng and Zu Ti finally managed to translate the whole Tao skill.

Lin Feng now understood it. At the beginning, he thought San Zun’s Tao Skill of General Principles was just a general skill, but it was in fact very special and contained the name of the top ten Tao skills of the Country of Eternity, as well as a hundred names of other Tao skills… but it only contained names, not the actual Tao skills.

Therefore, the name Tao Skill of General Principles was understandable. Apart from names of skills, there weren’t any other details. Lin Feng was very interested in the legendary cultivation level, however.

Zu Ti also knew San Zun was mysterious. Even though they were friends, San Zun had many other friends, not only one, the Primal Chaos Beast was also one of his friends. Some of his friends had disappeared, and he also had many items and beasts.

“People who have the strength of the legendary cultivation layer are called Great Supreme Gods.” It was divided into eight levels, from the first to the eighth Great Supreme God layer. Between the Supreme God layer and the Great Supreme God layer was the Half-Great Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng continued reading the Tao Skill of General Principles. It was difficult to understand. He thought that Supreme Holy Kings were gods at the beginning, but he was wrong, and then when he was a Godly Emperor, he thought it was the highest level, but he was wrong again.

Now he was a Supreme God and realized it wasn’t the highest cultivation level. After breaking through to the Great Supreme God layer, would he find out there were higher cultivation levels again?

“In the ancient times, cultivators who had the strength of the legendary cultivation layer were common. There were dozens of Great Supreme Gods in every clan and sect, be it human and beast. Heavens… that’s incredible,” Lin Feng said. In the ancient times, all sects and clans had dozens of Great Supreme Gods?!

How was that possible? If it was really the case, then ancient sects and clans were now really weak. Lin Feng had seen the Ancient Demonic Clan and the Lei Sect; they both had only one cultivator who had the strength of the legendary cultivation layer, Xie Mu and Lei Jin Gang respectively.

Lin Feng couldn’t imagine how incredible ancient sects and clans used to be in ancient times. What a flourishing era! What had caused their destruction? Why were there only a dozen ancient sects and clans left?

What had happened? How mysterious! Lin Feng could imagine something monstrous had happened. Maybe someone even stronger than a Great Supreme God had shown up and destroyed them?

Otherwise, it would be a terrible joke. Maybe the hundreds of ancient sects and clans had fought in the ancient times? If that was the case, that was truly unfortunate…

Lin Feng’s curiosity was aroused. He loved challenges and mysteries, and he didn’t like doing the same as everybody else. He didn’t like staying in his comfort zone, either, although that would happen someday though. Once he was the strongest cultivator in the universe, then it would be an eternal comfort zone.

“So people who have the strength of the legendary cultivation layer are Great Supreme Gods…” said Zu Ti nodded. He had never seen a Great Supreme God because when San Zun was alive, the ancient sects and clans had already disappeared. Back then, the Country of Eternity was in chaos.

Therefore, San Zun had managed to make San Country extremely powerful. Many people admired him back then. He was the first Great Supreme God after the great destruction of the ancient times.

However, a new flourishing era was starting again. Zu Ti looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was a new genius. Flourishing eras started thanks to people like him. Unfortunately, Zu Ti was too old now.

Nobody could escape from time, not even Supreme Gods and Great Supreme Gods…

“Soul Jewel.” Lin Feng continued reading. When he saw the explanation of what a soul jewel was, he was astonished.

Lin Feng needed to understand what a soul jewel was. Xie Mu needed to rely on his soul jewel to return to life, so what kind of thing was it?

“A soul jewel is a symbol of a Great Supreme God’s strength. It’s a jewel made from a Great Supreme God’s soul. It’s either blood-red or colorless. As long as a soul jewel isn’t broken, then a Great Supreme God won’t die.

“Great Supreme Gods all put their soul jewels in hidden places so that nobody ever finds them. As long as a Great Supreme God knows where their soul jewel is, they can do whatever they want and their chances of being killed are negligible.

“A soul jewel can be used to resurrect them. But a soul jewel can be used only once in a time lapse of a thousand years which means a cultivator can die only one every thousand years. If they die twice in less than a thousand years, then they die forever.”

Lin Feng finally understood one of the most important things to him at the moment. Someone could rely on a soul jewel only once every thousand years to resurrect themselves!

After the second death, the soul jewel broke, and then the cultivator died!

“Haha! I see!” Lin Feng laughed. Xie Mu was trying to fool him…

Xie Mu had threatened him and told him that he would come back to life within six months at most.

He also said he would change his appearance to come back and kill him. He also said he couldn’t die thanks to his soul jewel. He naturally hadn’t told Lin Feng everything. Now, Lin Feng knew that Xie Mu could use a soul jewel only once per thousand years.

Zu Ti smiled as well. He had heard everything Xie Mu had told Lin Feng before dying. Now that they understood, they realized how misleading Xie Mu was.

“Hehe, now you must happy that he’ll come back,” said Zu Ti, smiling indifferently. Now, it would be easy for Lin Feng to take his revenge.

Lin Feng nodded. Now that he knew how to use a soul jewel, Xie Mu didn’t pose a big threat to him anymore. He had to be careful, of course, and he also had to break through to the Great Supreme God layer as quickly as possible, or at least to the Half-Great Supreme God layer.

Great Supreme Gods are what we can call really strong cultivators in the Country of Eternity, thought Lin Feng. He was excited and couldn’t wait to become one. There were probably many Great Supreme Gods in the Country of Eternity though because they were pillars in that world.

Breaking through to the Supreme God layer was necessary before all this, and some people were stuck at lower levels. Without a godly emperor seed, it was difficult to break through to the Supreme God layer, and Godly Emperors also needed to invent their own Tao skills.

Therefore, breaking through to the Great Supreme God layer was extremely difficult; there were many challenges on the way to becoming such a strong cultivator. Many people died before they did so. Reaching the top of the pyramid became more and more difficult with time.

“Lin Feng, look at this,” said Zu Ti at that moment, interrupting Lin Feng’s thoughts. Lin Feng looked at the back cover of the book. There was a nearly erased text there.

“What’s this? It looks like San Zun’s handwriting?” Lin Feng asked.

“Let’s translate it,” said Zu Ti, giving Lin Feng Supreme God Zi Dian’s dictionary again.

There were only forty words. They didn’t need the whole night to translate them, but they didn’t have much time left, so they finished as quickly as they could to be done at dawn.

“What…?” Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically.

“Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames?” Zu Ti was astonished, then looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng shook his head and lowered it again.

“The Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames is the biggest danger. If all the sects and clans’ Qi Yang Tai are destroyed, the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames will spill over and a devastating tsunami of flames will envelop the world. Remember that!”

Lin Feng was stunned into silence when he saw that.


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