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Chapter 840: Exam!

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“Master, did you know about the ocean of flames?” Lin Feng asked Zu Ti grimly. He seemed a bit anxious.

“I do. San Zun told me about it, but I’ve never been there,” said Zu Ti nodded. He knew about the ocean of flames, but he didn’t know the link between the ocean of flames and Qi Yang Tai. He had just sent Lin Feng to Qi Yang Tai to improve his Primal Chaos Body, nothing more.

However, he now understood Qi Yang Tai and the ocean of flames were connected. Qi Yang Tai was the entrance of the ocean of flames, how incredible! Zu Ti didn’t know Lin Feng had already been to the ocean of flames, however.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked about it.

“Don’t tell anyone about this. Not everybody knows about the ocean of flames. If someone learns the ocean of flames is under the world we live in, then we’re doomed. It’ll lead to the total destruction of our world,” Zu Ti told Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded.

Even if the old man hadn’t told Lin Feng that, Lin Feng wouldn’t have told anyone about it. It was extremely important after all.

Lin Feng now knew that if anything happened to Qi Yang Tai, then the ocean of flames would devour the whole world.

On the earth, there was water; in this world, there was fire. Lin Feng wondered if there was a link between those two; was there a relationship with the five elements?

“Anyway, let’s not think about it for now. You need to go to the palace for your exam. Hurry up and leave,” said Zu Ti, taking a deep breath. He tried to calm down. As long as nothing happened in Qi Yang Tai, then the world was safe.

Zu Ti could imagine why there were tensions between all the sects and clans. Maybe they were all aware of the existence of the ocean of flames and they wanted to protect Qi Yang Tai.

“It’s already bright outside. I need to get going indeed,” Lin Feng agreed It was a sunny day; there were no clouds, but the sun wasn’t completely up yet, and the sky was a bit red.

“Lin Feng, are you going to participate with your real face?” asked Zu Ti. Even though Lin Feng had given up during the Great Competition, many people knew what he looked like. He had killed Xie Dian, after all, and everybody on the continent knew about it.

Many people knew what he looked like and could recognize him. If someone did recognize him, he’d be in danger!

When Lin Feng heard that, he smiled confidently. “Of course I won’t. I won’t wear a mask or a plaited bamboo hat, though.”

“So what are you going to do??” asked Zu Ti.

Lin Feng’s face changed.

His eyes became smaller, his nose became tiny. His face had completely changed already, but he didn’t change his clothes.

Lin Feng was Lin Feng. He looked like Lin Feng like this, but with different eyes and a different nose, he was a different person.

“I have never thought you knew how to modify your physical appearance,” Zu Ti laughed. Supreme Gods could change their physical appearance, it wasn’t very difficult, but usually it was to look older or younger.

Lin Feng smiled and walked away. Zu Ti moved back into the sword and Lin Feng put the Sword of Remote Times in his space ring.

Lin Feng removed the energy layers he had released to make an isolated world. His physical appearance became his original one again, as he wanted the owner of the inn to recognize him.

“Dear guest, are you going to the exam?” asked the owner.

“Sorry for disturbing you these days, Mister,” Lin Feng said with a neutral expression.

“You paid, I rented out a room, you didn’t disturb me. This is business. Sorry for having been disruptive.

“The situation in the Fa Lan Empire is complex. The Great Prince and the fourth prince are in constant Competition. If you join the fourth prince’s troops, you’ll become cannon fodder, dear guest.

“If the fourth prince loses, you will also die. The Great Prince will punish the fourth prince’s servants with atrocious conditions. Are you sure you want to participate?

“Even though I am just an ordinary man and don’t know how strong you are, I am sure you are not an ordinary person.

“You don’t need to participate in that exam or become someone else’s servant,” said the old man.

Lin Feng listened carefully, but in the end he just smiled politely and said, “Thank you for your advice, Mister; I still want to go and see out of curiosity.”

He left the inn and headed in the direction of Fa Duo’s palace.

When the old man saw that, he shook his head and sighed, “People nowadays are crazy….”

Lin Feng didn’t know what the old man was thinking. He was already traveling towards Fa Duo’s palace.


Thousands of li separated the inn from Fa Duo’s palace. Lin Feng flew as fast as he could and arrived in twenty minutes.

When he arrived, he saw a magnificent mansion. There were a few people already at the gate. Observers were stopped five thousand meters away.

The area was bustling with activity. On the side of the observers, there were tens of thousands of people. The contestants hoped they could manage a draw against Elder Fa Duo, because defeating him would be extremely complicated.

There were many people in Fa Guo’s palace already, but their social status was usually extremely high. The three princes were there; Third Prince Fa Xuan wasn’t allowed in the imperial city, so he couldn’t be there.

The Great Prince and Fa Yin drew everybody’s attention. Depending on the geniuses they’d recruit on today, their social status would be determined; everybody would know who was more powerful, the Great Prince or Fa Yin.

Fa Duo was standing between them. He looked like an ordinary old man with a white beard and hair. He was also crooked and had his hands clasped in his back. He looked like a normal grandfatherly figure.

Fa Duo was the judge of the empire. If anyone did anything wrong, Fa Duo had the power to kill them.

Fa Duo was terrifying, and in the Fa Lan Empire, even the leader respected him. He was at the top of the hierarchy.

Fa Duo was almost like the leader’s law teacher. The leader could enforce the law in his empire thanks to Fa Duo.

Fa Chun and Fa Yin didn’t even dare say anything when they were next to Fa Duo. If Fa Duo was angry, he could kill them easily.

Even though Fa Duo was a level three high-level Supreme God, he could defeat people who were level four high-level Supreme Gods.

He could also break through to the level four high-level Supreme God layer at any time if he wanted to, but he preferred waiting a little for his pure Qi and strength to become more stable.

“Two more hours before the beginning. Make the young geniuses you recruited come behind you,” said Fa Duo icily.

The three princes looked at their servants. The Fourth Prince looked at A You and A Zuo.

The two men nodded and walked out of the palace. They looked at the crowd and noticed the seven other people they had recruited, but not Lin Feng.

The two men were frantic; why wasn’t Lin Feng there?

If Lin Feng didn’t show up, the fourth prince would know they had lied!

Lin Feng saw them and understood they were looking for him. He flashed and landed in front of them. At that moment, his face had changed.

The two men looked at him strangely. He looked familiar, but they didn’t know where they knew him from.

“I am the young genius who took the initiative to apply,” Lin Feng smiled at them.

The two men suddenly looked extremely happy, as if he was a member of their family.

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