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Chapter 841: Changing the Battle Order!


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“What happened to your face?” asked one of the two men skeptically. Lin Feng looked different than he had before.

“It’s my real face,” Lin Feng said, smiling indifferently. He didn’t feel like explaining too much.

The two men didn’t doubt his answer. If the Fourth Prince asked them, they would say he was the servant they had convinced to leave the Great Prince for him. They knew that the Fourth Prince wouldn’t ask the Great Prince if that person really worked for him before, because the Great Prince would make fun of him.

“When we call you, you come onto the stage, ok?” said the leader of the two men cautiously.

Lin Feng nodded, but remained silent. He told them his name was Mu Feng. Lin Feng hadn’t used the name for a very long time. He felt old when he said it.

“Princes, who starts first?” Fa Duo asked the three princes. All of them looked at Fa Duo respectfully. Nobody dared act arrogantly.

“Elder Fa Duo, I’ll start first,” said Great Prince Fa Chun. He was the oldest one and had more status.

“Alright, Fa Chun is first, Fa He is second, Fa Yin is third.”

“Thank you very much, elder,” said Fa Chun happily, glancing at Fa Yin and Fa He scornfully. He walked to the stage with a dozen young geniuses.

An extremely sharp Qi emerged from Fa Duo’s body.

Lin Feng was standing at the foot of the stage. He could feel that Fa Duo was about to break through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer but for some reason, had postponed it.

Defeating the old man would be extremely difficult, a draw would be a great result.

“It’s the same rule every year; you need to defeat me or have a draw. Only the most amazing young geniuses can serve the princes. This year, I will make the rules a bit simpler for all of you; if you don’t lose after a hundred of my attacks, I’ll consider it a draw and you’ll be qualified to join the princes’ troops,” said Fa Duo resolutely. He looked old, but extremely strong.

“Really? Thank you, elder!” Fa Chun exclaimed happily when he heard Fa Duo. He was worried every year. Each year, the old man was too strict, but now he had made the rules a little bit easier.

The other princes were happy too, but they didn’t show it, although Fa Chun knew what they were thinking. Fa Duo considered himself fair. Even though it wouldn’t change much, by doing that, he also showed support for the Great Prince.

Therefore, he wasn’t being really fair. It was a complex situation.

Lin Feng stood behind the Fourth Prince, but he was standing the farthest back. The others were all closer to the Fourth Prince. The princes were all extremely strong, but they didn’t act arrogantly today, maybe they were afraid of their father, the Emperor of the empire? Lin Feng’s curiosity was piqued when he thought about that. When the father is a lion, the son cannot be a dog… since the three princes were so strong, the Emperor was probably an incredible and heroic cultivator.

Lin Feng also noticed that the Third Prince wasn’t there, as he was the only one who wasn’t allowed in the imperial city. Lin Feng didn’t understand why. Was he a piece of trash?

While he was thinking, the exams started.

“First, Ye He, Great Prince’s group,” said Fa Duo looking at the list.

Very quickly, a man in blue clothes who was standing behind the Great Prince walked to the center of the stage and stopped in front of Fa Duo. He looked at Fa Duo with admiration and respect.

Elder Fa Duo had seen many people in his life and most people looked at him like that. He didn’t really care, though. Those people were not important.

“Start,” the elder told Ye He.

Ye He nodded. He looked grave and serious. He clenched his fists and released the Qi of the high-level Supreme God layer. His Qi looked quite impressive. Then he threw a punch at elder Fa Duo.

Great Prince Fa Chun looked excited. He hoped Ye He could survive a hundred attacks and that their fight would end up in a draw. That way, he’d have a new servant!

However, Fa Chun was a bit naïve; a hundred attacks were a lot, even one attack was already a lot! When Ye He appeared in front of Fa Chun, the old man kicked him in the chest. Ye He was smashed away and crashed to the stage hard.

Cough, cough! He coughed twice and blood splashed out of his mouth. His internal organs were injured. He was in great pain.

“Next one,” said Fa Duo sternly. He didn’t pay attention to the man who had just lost.

The Great Prince frowned; he felt humiliated, one kick and Ye He had lost? Could he even be considered a genius?

“Next one, Duan Xiu, Second Prince Fa He’s group!” shouted Fa Duo, looking at a cultivator behind Second Prince Fa He. Duan Xiu then walked to the center of the stage.

Duan Xiu was also a level two high-level Supreme God, but the difference was that he was from an ancient clan. Nobody knew which one though…

Duan Xiu was wearing a black robe and his hair was tied with a hairpin.

“Please, Master,” said Duan Xiu facing Fa Duo. He didn’t want to waste time. Duan Xiu clenched his fists and made punching motions. Shadow punches shot at Fa Duo.

Fa Duo let the punches reach him without protecting himself. The shadow punches dispersed and Fa Duo was perfectly fine, as if nothing had happened.

Fa Duo stretched out his hand and tapped the dust off his robe. Then he slowly raised his head and looked at Duan Xiu.

“Little boy, you are weak. You’re eliminated,” said Fa Duo. Then he disappeared and a powerful and strong wind swept across the circle. Because of the dust, nobody could see anything.

Duan Xiu couldn’t see anything, either, until he suddenly sensed an ice-cold Qi at his back. He had no time to react and was blown away. He crashed at the foot of the battle stage.

“Next one,” said Fa Duo. His expression never changed. Everybody was used to it.

When Second Prince Fa He saw his candidate get crushed like that, he was disappointed.

“Third one, Mu Feng, Fourth Prince Fa Yin’s group,” said Fa Duo indifferently. Lin Feng was surprised.

He should have been the last one of the group to fight, but the order of the battles had changed. The two men looked at Fa Yin skeptically.

Fa Yin looked glum and clenched his fists. He had seen the other princes’ candidates get eliminated, so he wanted the strongest candidate to fight first to show the two other princes he was better than them.

Lin Feng noticed Fa Yin’s expression and understood what he was thinking. Lin Feng didn’t take it to heart. Since it was his turn, he didn’t mind fighting. His only goal was to go to the imperial city as quickly as possible to save Yan Ran Xue.

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