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Chapter 842: Fierce Battle!


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“I’m here,” Lin Feng said impassively. He slowly walked to the center of the battle stage.

“Fa Yin, is that part of another of your evil schemes??” Great Prince Fa Chun taunted Fa Yin. Mu Feng wasn’t supposed to be the first fighter of the third team.

But Fa Yin didn’t know that his servants had lied to him; Lin Feng wasn’t one of the Great Prince’s servants. If he lost and suffered a crushing defeat, the Fourth Prince would kill the two servants and he would lose face in public.

The two servants paled. They wanted to talk to the Fourth Prince and tell him the truth, but it was too late, so they really hoped that Lin Feng was strong enough to win.

When Fa Yin saw the Great Prince’s reaction, he believed his two servants even more regarding Mu Feng. As expected, they had really stolen him from Fa Chun. Fa Yin smiled broadly and said to Fa Chun, “Brother, young geniuses are smart people. And when they choose to follow someone, it proves the person they decide to follow is better.”

“What do you mean?” asked Fa Chun, his expression falling. He had a bad feeling. Why was Fa Yin making fun of him now?

Fa Yin just smiled smugly and stopped talking. He raised his eyes and looked at Mu Feng on the stage.

Elder Fa Duo looked at Mu Feng indifferently. He didn’t look much different from other contestants, so his expression didn’t change.

Lin Feng stood there silently. He didn’t greet Fa Duo. He just stood there, waiting to be attacked first.

More and more people understood what Lin Feng meant by acting that way and they were astonished. He wanted Elder Fa Duo to carry out the first attack? How reckless!

But Lin Feng didn’t do anything, he just waited for Elder Fa Duo to attack first.

Interesting, hehe, thought Fa Duo when he saw that. His curiosity was aroused. Mu Feng was definitely not an ordinary person.

“I’ll attack first then! Look at this attack, Mu Feng!” shouted the old man. He instantly disappeared and a terrifying wind started blowing. The crowd couldn’t see anything with all the dust.

But Lin Feng could see. The old man was using the cloud of dust to hide and get closer, then throw a punch. Usually people couldn’t see him, so they were blasted away.

But Lin Feng could see the attack, so it was destined to fail. Lin Feng let the old man come behind him. He didn’t want to move too quickly, so that the old man wouldn’t notice anything wrong.

But at the most crucial moment, Lin Feng disappeared from the old man’s sight, and he punched the air. His energies crashed on the stage, but not against Lin Feng.

He’s not easy to defeat, thought Elder Fa Duo. He was excited; finally, a real young genius! It had been a long time since he had seen a real genius in the Fa Lan Empire.

Since he’s really strong, I need to use my full strength!, thought the old man, laughing. His Qi grew wider and more powerful.

The crowd at the foot of the stage couldn’t see much. They hadn’t thought that Mu Feng would be so strong, yet Elder Fa Duo started using his full strength!

Fa Yin was very happy, and wasn’t worried anymore. He felt proud and excited.

He glanced at Great Prince Fa Chun and Second Prince Fa He mockingly. Their candidates were crushed in less than a second by Fa Duo, and his could have a fierce battle against them!

The Great Prince and the Second Prince watched Lin Feng glumly. They couldn’t let such a genius end up in the Fourth Prince’s hands, or it would be a nightmare.

The Great Prince and the Second Prince glanced at each other, their eyes were filled with murder. They both nodded, as if they knew what the other was thinking.

A friend was never forever, and an enemy was never forever, either. At that moment, they had a common goal, so they agreed to become allies and join hands against Fourth Prince Fa Yin.

At that moment, Fa Yin was captivated by Mu Feng and Fa Duo’s battle.

On the battle stage, Fa Duo threw a punch again, his Qi rolling around him. The space around him emptied out; there was no air anymore, and no sound either, since sound didn’t spread through a vacuum.

Lin Feng smiled icily. He didn’t look afraid at all. Heavy golden imperial imprints shot towards Fa Duo’s head.

Fa Duo suddenly looked serious, and more alert. He could see that Mu Feng was a real young genius, and he couldn’t underestimate him.

Lin Feng remained indifferent to his attacks, so now Fa Duo had to use his full strength to challenge the younger man!

“It seems like I have to stop using ordinary attacks against you, young man. I need to show my Tao skills now,” said Fa Duo hastily. He couldn’t remain impassive like Lin Feng anymore. Lin Feng wasn’t even using his full strength which made Fa Duo angry, so he decided to use Tao skills to force Lin Feng to show his full strength.

The sky was filled with a mighty Qi. It looked like lightnings were about to strike the whole world. Many people among the observers had a bad feeling.

“Fa Yin, you’re causing trouble. That Mu Feng infuriated Elder Fa Duo,” said Great Prince Fa Chun sternly.

“Hehe, Elder Fa Duo is using his full strength, it’s understandable. We’ll see what happens,” said Fa Yin smiling coolly.

Great Prince Fa Chun’s expression hardened. He clenched his fists and continued watching.

The battle continued. Fa Duo’s attack was terrifying. Lin Feng felt some pressure.

Lin Feng ground his teeth and used the Freedom of Movement Tao Skill, and felt much more relaxed again. He clenched his fists and started running forwards, throwing some punches.

Fa Duo had the impression two dragons were charging towards him as they collided against his Tao skill Qi. Very quickly, Lin Feng arrived in front of him.

Lin Feng didn’t stop, throwing more punches at him. The strength of the Freedom of Movement Tao Skill rolled in waves around him. Apart from Genesis Spiritual strength, Lin Feng was using every possible kind of energy he had.

Fa Duo didn’t seem worried. When Lin Feng saw that, he knew that the old man was extremely experienced. Fa Duo raised his arms and put them in the front of him. Lin Feng’s fists crashed against the old man’s forearms and the old man was forced back.

Even though he was pushed away, he wasn’t injured. He was bent over, and pushed of the ground to push himself back towards Lin Feng.

“Blue Imprints of Justice!” he shouted

“Imperial Imprints!” countered Lin Feng, more golden imperial imprints emerging from his hands. The imperial imprints rose up in the air with Lin Feng. Blue imprints emerged from Fa Duo’s hands. Their respective imprints collided.

Boom, boom, boom!…

There was a tremendous series of explosions. Many people paled.

Fourth Prince Fa Yin was astonished. He couldn’t understand what was going on with Mu Feng; where was he from? How come he was so strong? Initially, he had thought that if Mu Feng could survive a hundred of Elder Fa Duo’s attacks, it would have been more than enough, but now Fa Duo didn’t even have the advantage anymore…

Fa Duo and Lin Feng were both pushed away and fell heavily to the ground. Lin Feng slid back a hundred meters. Some of Fa Duo’s veins were broken, leaving him astonished.

“Thank you for fighting against me, Master; I lost,” admitting Lin Feng, taking a deep breath and bowing hand over fist.

Fa Duo was stupefied, but then he understood what Lin Feng was thinking, cheering him up. If Lin Feng had said he had won, then Fa Duo would have lost face.

Lin Feng wanted to show the old man he respected him, so he claimed he had lost.

Fa Duo nodded in satisfaction. Lin Feng was extremely strong and respectful. Fa Duo was a Half-Great Supreme God and Mu Feng could still compete with him. Actually, their battle had ended in a draw, and Fa Duo had not had the advantage.

“Alright! Fourth Prince, you have recruited a real genius, not bad,” said Fa Duo smiling widely.

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