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Chapter 843: Generous and Considerate!


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“Cherish Mu Feng, Fourth Prince. If you don’t respect him, I won’t be happy,” said Fa Duo, smiling at Fourth Prince Fa Yin. However, it was a warning. He knew what kind of person Fourth Prince Fa Yin was, and hoped he wouldn’t disrespect Lin Feng.

When Fourth Prince Fa Yin heard that, he nodded hastily and smiled respectfully, “Don’t worry, Master, Mu Feng is extremely strong. I wouldn’t dare disrespect or offend him.”

“Alright, good,” said Fa Duo, nodding in satisfaction.

Fa Yin smiled and looked at Lin Feng, saying respectfully, “Brother Mu Feng, I hope you will teach me lots of things.”

“You’re flattering me. I don’t think I have much to teach you, but if I can teach you anything, I will do my best to do so,” replied Lin Feng, shaking his head humbly, but he didn’t take what the Fourth Prince said to heart. Lin Feng knew what kind of person the Fourth Prince was, and despised him.

He was doing this only for Yan Ran Xue. He had no other means at hand.

Fa Yin wasn’t surprised by Lin Feng’s answer, and smiled happily. Lin Feng was an incredible genius, recruiting him was a wonderful opportunity. He didn’t care about the other contestants anymore.

“A You, A Zuo, stay here. I’ll take Lin Feng for a walk in the imperial city,” Fa Yin said to his servants before leaving with Lin Feng. The seven other geniuses hadn’t taken the exam yet, but he didn’t care about them anymore. He just wanted to do all he could to please Mu Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t refuse, and didn’t say anything, either, merely following Fa Yin. They quickly left the palace. At the entrance was a beautiful golden wain with two demonic horses at the front.

“Brother Mu Feng, please,” said Fa Yin, pointing to the wain without hesitation. He was ready to do anything for such an incredible genius. He almost never allowed anyone to sit in his imperial wain. However, for Lin Feng, he was willing to make an exception.

“Please, I wouldn’t dare, Prince,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head modestly. He didn’t really feel like sitting in an imperial wain anyway.

“Brother Mu Feng, don’t be that polite. You are definitely entitled to sit in my imperial wain. Please,” pressed Fourth Prince Fa Yin, smiling broadly. He wasn’t angry that Lin Feng refused; on the contrary, he was excited.

Lin Feng knew it was useless to continue refusing, so he jumped in and sat down. When Lin Feng was inside, he realized how cozy and comfortable it was. The leather inside was so soft…

“Go!” said Fourth Prince Fa Yin to the demonic horses while jumping on one of them, then he whipped them and they galloped away.

When the crowd saw that Fourth Prince Fa Yin wasn’t the one seated inside the wain and that he was just riding one of its horses, they were astonished, and wondered what kind of person was inside.

Fa Duo continued with the examinations, but there was no fierce battle again like Lin Feng’s, so the crowd was also less excited.

The great prince and the Second Prince knew that a real genius had appeared that day. The other geniuses were not geniuses in comparison to someone like Lin Feng, and were not very useful.

Great Prince Fa Chun and Second Prince Fa He both wanted Mu Feng. They kept thinking of his battle against Fa Duo.

“Go and try to find Mu Feng. Then tell him to come and see me,” whispered the Great Prince to one of his servants in the back of the building. The servant departed immediately.

“Go and try to find where the Fourth Prince brought Mu Feng, then come back and tell me,” said the Second Prince to his servant as well.

The great prince and the Second Prince glanced at each other coldlyagain. In such a short time frame, they had become allies, and then enemies again, because of Mu Feng. They didn’t want to kill Lin Feng anymore, they just wanted to recruit him now.

Friends were not forever, enemies either. All that mattered were personal interests. The great prince and the Second Prince had no common goal anymore, so they were now enemies again and were going to compete for Lin Feng.


At that moment, Lin Feng was still in the wain, galloping to the imperial city. After two hours, the wain stopped. Lin Feng heard some sounds outside.

“Brother Mu Feng, come out, please,” said Fourth Prince Fa Yin respectfully from outside. Lin Feng couldn’t help but smile when he heard how kind Fa Yin sounded. Lin Feng felt like a living treasure at that moment. Soon, all the princes would treat him like that.

Lin Feng emerged from the wain. There were two disciples at the foot of the wain. They didn’t let Lin Feng jump out, they lifted him and put him down.

“Brother Mu Feng, this is my mansion house,” said Fourth Prince Fa Yin. Then he put his hand on Lin Feng’s shoulder and showed him the palaces and pavilions. There were well over a dozen buildings. It was all part of Fa Yin’s imperial palace.

Lin Feng was surprised because Fa Yin’s hand was on his shoulder, and his shoulder now felt a little bit numb.

“Your palace is incredibly beautiful. Amazing mansion,” Lin Feng said smiling placidly. Fa Yin loved being flattered, so he rejoiced.

“Please come in. I’ll show you around!” said Fa Yin, smiling happily.

Lin Feng nodded and they slowly walked inside the palace. The landscape was different inside.

Lin Feng saw an emerald green forest. There were birds and other small beasts.

“I love nature, so I asked my servants to do lots of gardening, which attracts cute beasts. The air is fresh and cool here too,” said Fa Yin excitedly.

Lin Feng nodded and smiled, “Not bad. I like nature too.”

“Hehe, great!” said Fa Yin. He was more and more excited, but he didn’t show it, trying to look indifferent.

Lin Feng continued walking, and the Fourth Prince slowly followed Lin Feng.

The disciples behind Fa Yin looked at him disdainfully. Fa Yin had made them plant a forest, not because he loved nature, but because he liked to rape handsome young men in there. His disgusting Qi even polluted the fresh and pure air of the forest.

How hypocritical!, the disciples were thinking, but they would have never said it out loud.

Lin Feng walked into a courtyard, filled with crystal clear ponds. There were also lots of berries, fruits, and flowers. Some petals were slowly being pushed around by the wind.

“This place is for bathing,” said Fa Yin to Lin Feng. He tried to show Lin Feng how amazing and wonderful the place was so that Lin Feng would never want to leave.

Lin Feng nodded silently.

“Alright, I’m a bit tired. Can I get a room to rest?” asked Lin Feng. He wasn’t interested in visiting this place anymore. The Fourth Prince had created this place, so it wasn’t really natural. The Fourth Prince had used money to create it, so it was even worse. Nature created using money stank like money.

When Fa Yin heard Lin Feng, he smiled hastily, “Of course, Brother Mu Feng, please come with me!”

Lin Feng and Fa Yin walked to another courtyard. There was a single-story building there, along with a pond with lotuses and frogs.

“Brother Mu Feng, from now on, this is your resting area, don’t hesitate and enjoy it. I will ask some disciples and slaves to attend you. If you need anything, just ask them.

“But never cross the wall over there in the distance. It’s the imperial palace, and people are not allowed there. Remember that,” said Fa Yin. He departed, but his servant showed Lin Feng around the place. Lin Feng then entered the house alone.

Lin Feng closed the door and took a deep breath and sat down.

“As expected, people from the imperial family are hypocritical.”


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