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Chapter 844: Ice Eyes


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“They can do anything they want after all,” said Zu Ti to Lin Feng, but he didn’t come out. Lin Feng nodded. Indeed, as members of the imperial family, they could do whatever they wanted.

“I remember back in the days in Xue Yue, when the two imperial sons kept fighting and plotting, but they were extremely weak in terms of cultivation. I never thought people would still be like this at such levels! I mean, we’re gods now…” Lin Feng said, shaking his head. Even gods continued acting stupidly!

“People are the same everywhere, even when they become gods. Gods were people before becoming gods. People who used to be sly and evil stay that way.

“Back in the days, San Zun was also like that. He dreamt of becoming an ultimate ruler. He wanted to control the whole world.

“And you Lin Feng, you are actually the same. Aren’t you doing all this to also become the strongest in the world, to become a ruler and be able to do whatever you want to do?

“The only difference is that those people think they’ve succeeded because they are members of an imperial family and have a throne. You do the same, but the results won’t be the same,” said Zu Ti indifferently.

The old man was right, so Lin Feng couldn’t contradict him. The reason why Lin Feng cultivated so hard was that he wanted ultimate privileges in the world. But the difference between an ultimate ruler and a member of an imperial family was gigantic.

“Wait and you’ll see. Don’t come out for half a day, and the two other princes will also come and invite you to their palaces. At that moment, you’ll need to think carefully and decide whose group you’d like to join,” said the old man.

Lin Feng sat down and tried to think of a solution to save Yan Ran Xue without the members of the imperial family noticing anything. On top of that, Lin Feng had to be careful, because no conflict could arise between them. Of course, he would still do his best to save Yan Ran Xue, but it would be difficult to save her if there were tensions between him and the imperial family.

But Lin Feng wasn’t a coward like Fu Su Rong. Fu Su Rong definitely wasn’t a man…


Time passed slowly. Lin Feng tried to think of all sorts of plans in vain. He couldn’t rely on his own strength to save Yan Ran Xue. In the Fa Lan Empire, if he wanted to save her, he needed the strength of the Great Supreme God layer, so it was impossible for now.

Therefore, Lin Feng had no choice, he had to find a more cunning solution.

At that moment, someone knocked at the door softly respectfully, so as not to startle him.

“Please come in,” Lin Feng said indifferently.

The Fourth Prince opened the door. He was wearing a beautiful white robe and looked quite handsome.

“Brother Mu Feng, let’s go to the antechamber,” said Fa Yin, smiling at Lin Feng excitedly.

Lin Feng understood what was going on and smiled indifferently, “Alright, please lead the way.”

“Please,” said the Fourth Prince. They walked to the antechamber. He had never brought anyone to the antechamber, but Lin Feng was too strong. Even Fa Duo had warned him and told him he had to cherish such an incredible genius, otherwise, Fa Duo would be the first one to punish him!

Fa was the second most powerful person in the empire, after the emperor. The state teachers, Fa Duo, and the emperor were the most powerful people in the empire. No matter how many privileges the princes had, they had to respect all those people and obey them.

“That’s the antechamber,” said Fa Yin, pointing to a beautiful palace with four buildings. There were ponds and water lilies; the landscape was incredibly beautiful.

Lin Feng followed Fa Yin into the main hall of the antechamber. It was the one facing the eastern gate.

“Bring some tea,” ordered Fa Yin, before even arriving in the room. A servant quickly ran away to prepare some tea.

“Brother Mu Feng, please sit down,” said the Fourth Prince, smiling respectfully.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, and just nodded indifferently. He sat down near the end of the table.

Very quickly, a disciple brought some tea. He was going to serve Fa Yin first, but Fa Yin flew into a flying rage. “Don’t you have eyes?! Serve guests first!”

The disciple was frightened, and quickly turned towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled calmly and said, “It’s good to be a strict master, but you also need to show compassion, otherwise your servants will want to leave you someday,” Lin Feng said.

The servant was astonished, and touched by the gesture. Fa Yin frowned, knowing Lin Feng was saying that he didn’t treat his servants well.

Fa Yin didn’t dare contradict Lin Feng though, so he just nodded and blushed, “I will remember what you said, Brother Mu Feng.”

“Give me the tea and leave,” said Fa Yin smiling at the servant, and took the teapot. When the servant saw the Fourth Prince’s expression, he was terrified. Would Fa Yin would release his anger on him?

The man smiled wryly and walked away.

Lin Feng and Fa Yin remained silent.

Lin Feng drank tea silently, but he didn’t really care about the tea.

“Brother Mu Feng, if you ever need anything, feel free to ask me anything, and I will do my best to help you,” said Fa Yin, breaking the silence.

By saying that, Fa Yin made Lin Feng understand that Mu Feng was now part of their group.

Lin Feng understood what it meant. He smiled indifferently and slowly put down his teacup. “Fourth Prince, I have very basic needs, but we’ll see in the future who can help me when I have requests,” Lin Feng replied.

Fa Yin’s expression shifted, and he even looked at Lin Feng icily. When Lin Feng saw that, he smiled. The devil can’t hide his cloven hoof. If someone wasn’t naturally kind, they couldn’t pretend the whole time.

What Lin Feng had said meant, “I have needs sometimes, but the one who will help me with my requests may be someone else”.

Even though he had taken the exam in the Fourth Prince’s team, it didn’t mean the Fourth Prince could be sure to keep him. If Mu Feng wanted to follow the Great Prince or the second one, he could.

The Fourth Prince was furious inside, as he didn’t want to lose such an incredible genius.

On top of that, Lin Feng might become famous in the imperial palace. Fa Duo would probably even tell the Emperor about him!

“Brother Mu Feng, you are a smart person. If you need anything, I am sure you don’t really need my help, but I just want to help you.

“Brother Mu Feng, I have a precious treasure here, an ice eye from ancient times. You can survive terrifying temperatures with it. Please take it,” said Fa Yin. He knew he was useless, so he tried to convince Lin Feng with a precious treasure.

Fa Yin took out a blue box. The atmosphere turned ice-cold, and Lin Feng could barely breathe.

Fa Yin opened the box; there was a snowy-white jewel inside. It looked like an eye. It was a priceless treasure.

Lin Feng had no reason to refuse. Using the ice eye, he would be able to go to the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames, and he wouldn’t burn.

He had never heard of the ice-eye, but he knew it was much better than using abstruse earth and abstruse water together.

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