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Chapter 845: Presents, More Presents!


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“I can’t accept,” Lin Feng said. He had no reason to refuse, but he had to be polite and pretend he was embarrassed.

Fa Yin smiled widely, but on the inside he was furious at himself. Why was he giving one of his most precious treasures to someone?

“Please, Brother Mu Feng, take it,” said Fa Yin, continuing to smile. He put the box in Lin Feng’s hands. Lin Feng pretended to hesitate, but then he took it.

Fa Yin smiled and thought that now that Lin Feng had accepted that present, he had to be loyal to him.

“Fourth Prince, reporting! The Great Prince is here!” shouted a disciple rushing into the room in panic, even as Fa Yin smiled happily.

Fa Yin frowned icily. What was his brother doing here?

“Come in!” shouted Fa Yin. He couldn’t refuse to see his brother, or Mu Feng would think there was something wrong and wouldn’t have a good impression of him.

Therefore, Fa Yin had to see him and pretend.

“Haha! Brother, I haven’t been in your palace for a while. It’s even better that before! Soon, it’ll look like our father’s palace.”

Lin Feng and Fa Yin heard Fa Chun’s voice before he even entered the room, laughing easily as he slowly stepped in.

“Brother,” said Fa Yin politely, trying to control his anger.

“Brother, Brother Mu Feng, you should have told our father; he said that if we ever found an incredible young genius, we had to tell him,” said Fa Chun, staring at Lin Feng.

“I can take care of Brother Mu Feng myself,” said Fa Yin. His expression stiffened; he was angry, but forced a smile.

Fa Chun knew what Fa Yin was thinking. He walked out to Lin Feng and stretched out his hand. “Brother Mu Feng, I am Fa Chun, the Great Prince of the Fa Lan Empire.”

He was the one who had captured Yan Ran Xue and nearly killed Fu Su Rong. Lin Feng looked at Fa Chun respectfully.

Lin Feng could hear Fu Su Rong crying out in his space ring. Lin Feng asked Fu Su Rong telepathically if he wanted to come out to kill Fa Chun himself.

Fu Su Rong instantly stopped shouting. Lin Feng grinned to himself mockingly and stopped paying attention to what was going on in his space ring.

Fa Chun noticed that Lin Feng was looking at him oddly. He had never offended Mu Feng, so why did he look at him like that?

“Brother Mu Feng, my brother is talking to you,” said Fa Yin indifferently. He walked closer to Lin Feng to show his brother they were already quite close.

When Lin Feng heard Fa Yin, he looked at Fa Chun’s expression. Fa Chun didn’t say anything.

“I’m sorry. I was lost in thought. Sorry,” Lin Feng explained, smiling at nothing.

Fa Chun’s blushed. “What were you thinking about, Brother Mu Feng?” asked Fa Chun. He hoped Lin Feng would tell him.

Lin Feng smiled icily inside, but he replied smoothly, “I was thinking of the ice eye the Fourth Prince gave to me, I feel extremely grateful. That’s why I was ignoring you,” Lin Feng said. He didn’t fear causing trouble between the two. Fa Yin now thought that Lin Feng was trying to help him infuriate Fa Chun.

If Fa Chun was smart, he would understand what Lin Feng was trying to tell him.

“Brother Mu Feng, you are too kind. The ice eye is nothing much,” said Fa Yin, smiling broadly, quite happy at his words. He glanced at Fa Chun, who was pulling a long face.

Fa Chun understood that Lin Feng was attacking him. He was smart, so he knew he had to find something even more expensive than the ice eye for Lin Feng.

The ice eye had been made using a beast’s heart millions of years ago. It was priceless.

“I am sorry, I forgot to give you something. I’m sorry, Brother Mu Feng. Servant, go and prepare a present for Brother Mu Feng.”

Fa Chun tapped his head and pretended to feel embarrassed. One of his servants ran away to find a present for Lin Feng.

Fa Yin’s expression fell. He looked at Fa Chun furiously, who just smiled back mockingly. His servant came back with a gift, a big piece of wood.

Fa Yin mocked him, “Hehe, brother, what are you doing with this rotten wood?”

“Brother, you have seen many things in your life, don’t you know that this is wood stone?” retorted Fa Chun smugly, trying to humiliate Fa Yin.

Wood stone? 

When Lin Feng heard that, he frowned;what kind of item was that? What was its purpose? Fa Yin’s face fell, and Lin Feng noticed that. Fa Yin was very flustered, so Lin Feng understood it was probably extraordinary.

“Brother Mu Feng, this was taken off a tree absorbing sunlight and moonlight for billions of years. It also absorbed the energies of the five elements and then turned into wood stone. If you find a weapon manufacturer, they can use wood stone to make it into a weapon of the legendary cultivation layer,” explained Fa Chun. Wood stone was one of the most resistant materials in the world!

Fa Yin was furious. He hadn’t thought Fa Chun would use wood stone to convince Lin Feng to join his group. Fa Yin knew that Fa Chun only had two wood stones. He cared about them more than anything else in the world. However, Fa Yin also understood that Fa Chun was determined to convince Lin Feng to join his group, no matter what!

Lin Feng didn’t know about wood stones before, but his space ring was shaking; it was Zu Ti, so Lin Feng understood that Zu Ti was telling him that wood stone was priceless.

“I can’t accept this gift,” Lin Feng said, pretending he couldn’t accept.

Fa Yin remembered how Lin Feng had reacted when he had taken his ice eye, so he was even angrier. This Mu Feng was that greedy?

“Master, the Second Prince is here,” announced a disciple at that moment. Fa Chun had just arrived, and Fa He was now here too! Both Fa Chun and Fa Yin looked grim.

There were now three competitors!

“Brother, you’re here too,” sighed Fa He. He was already in the antechamber by the time the disciple finished talking.

Lin Feng looked at Fa He. Fa He was a tall and sturdy man, seeming quite moody.

“You’re here too?” exclaimed Fa Chun angrily.

Fa He smiled, then waved, and one of his servants came in with a box.

“Brother Mu Feng, here is a present,” said Fa He, opening a box. A golden beam of light appeared.

It was a golden jade belt, one meter long. It was in perfect condition, as if nothing could affect it. Dragons and ancient words were carved on it.

“What… What’s that…?” asked Fa Yin. He was astonished.

“A real dragon belt?” Fa Chun pulled a long face.

The atmosphere became tense again.

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