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Chapter 846: The Imperial Palace!


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“A real dragon belt?” Lin Feng didn’t understand. He looked at the golden belt with the dragons and ancient words carved on it. It looked beautiful and kept twinkling. The dragons on it seemed alive.

“Haha! Brother Mu Feng, indeed, it’s a real dragon belt. Ancient sects and clans wish they had it,” said Fa He, nodding and smiling. Fa He was convinced that Lin Feng knew about these items as well. He didn’t know Lin Feng wasn’t from their world and thus didn’t know about the precious items here.

But Lin Feng knew that that real dragon belt was probably extraordinary, probably more valuable than the ice eye and the wood stone.

“Fa He, aren’t you afraid that our father will get angry? This is a symbol of our empire, how can you give that to a stranger?” shouted Fa Chun furiously.

Fa He smiled icily and said, “Strange? Hehe, brother, you consider Mu Feng a stranger? I consider Mu Feng like my brother, a member of the family. Giving it to you or Mu Feng is the same for me. What is the difference? Sigh, brother… it seems like you are interested in your own personal interests only,” said Fa He, smiling mockingly.

Lin Feng just smiled. He was surprised inside; the symbol of the empire? So that real dragon belt was a bit like the dragon throne in the Lun Bi Empire?

Could it be that there was a connection between the two items? Thinking about that, Lin Feng remembered Jeston had stolen the dragon throne, and now he had the real dragon belt, so Lin Feng’s curiosity was aroused.

“Fa He, that is out of context,” replied Fa Chun when he heard Fa He. He really wanted to slap his own face; he had said something stupid at the most crucial moment, he had called Mu Feng a stranger…

“Haha, brother, on top of that, what did you do? You just gave Brother Mu Feng one of your wood stones and not both. Look how generous you are!”

“Someone go and fetch the other wood stone!” shouted Fa Chun at a disciple angrily.

“You didn’t bring them at the same time which means you don’t really feel like offering them to Brother Mu Feng,” sniffed Fa He mockingly. He wasn’t afraid of making Fa Chun lose face. They were already sworn enemies anyway.

Fa Chun was so angry his face became purple and he started shaking from head to foot. He wanted to kill Fa He on the spot.

“Brother Mu Feng, I have to go, keep this wood stone, and we’ll see each other in a few days again,” said Fa Chun. He didn’t want to stay there, so he left.

“Take care, Great Prince,” Lin Feng said, smiling calmly.

“Brother, you should leave too,” said Fa Yin,  smiling icily at Fa He.

Fa He glanced at Fa Yin indifferently, then at Lin Feng and smiled, “Brother Mu Feng, my mansion is close to the imperial palace and tonight, our father is organizing a banquet in the Heaven and Earth Temple. There will be some young geniuses from the empire and some ancient sects and clans. I am in charge of organizing it.

“I think you’re strong enough to join us. Do you want to come with me?” said Fa He, smiling broadly, glancing at Fa Yin in a superior manner.

“Brother, you are not very honest,” said Fa Yin, staring at Fa He. What he feared the most was happening. Fa He really was in charge of the banquet and could decide on who could come or not.

When Lin Feng heard that, his heart twitched. The imperial palace? Wasn’t that his ultimate goal? If he entered the imperial palace, wouldn’t he be able to save Yan Ran Xue?

Lin Feng wasn’t there to join a prince’s group and help them; he was just there to save Ya Ran Xue, so he had to think carefully.

“Thank you for inviting me. I accept,” Lin Feng said nodding and smiling agreeably.

Fa He looked delighted. Fa Yin looked frantic, “Brother Mu Feng, you…?”

“Fourth Prince, don’t worry, I will come back after the banquet,” Lin Feng smiled reassuringly. Fa Yin was panicking and showing it now.

“Haha! I see, Brother Mu Feng, let’s go,” said Fa He, beaming. Fa He walked to Lin Feng, and waited for Lin Feng to stand up to pull his chair out.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He had really become a precious treasure.

Fa He led the way. They went outside and arrived in front of another golden battle wain. It looked quite imposing and awe-inspiring.

“Brother Mu Feng, please get in,” said Fa He. He knew that Fa Yin had used his wain to bring Lin Feng here, so he decided to do the same.

Lin Feng didn’t refuse this time and immediately jumped into the wain, then he laid down inside. He felt like a king inside. It was so cozy and comfortable. He had never had such a lifestyle.

The horses galloped away. Fa He’s palace was located closer to the imperial palace than his brother’s. The Great Prince’s palace was almost inside the imperial palace…


“Brother Mu Feng, please come down,” Fa He called out half an hour later. Lin Feng opened the door and walked down. Fa He supported him by the arm like a footman as he came down.

The palace looked even more magnificent and grandiose than Fa Yin’s palace. Fa He was the Second Prince, after all.

Fa He brought Lin Feng to a small and simple wooden hut. It looked simple, but Lin Feng liked it.

When Fa He saw Lin Feng look so happy, he sighed with relief. It was a wooden hut he had built to bring beautiful women to and have drinks.

“Brother Mu Feng, the banquet will start at 7 PM. I’ll come and pick you when we need to leave.”

“Alright, I’m waiting for you then,” Lin Feng said, nodding impassively.

Fu He closed the door and smiled. Had the Second Prince won the competition for Lin Feng in the end? The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind…

“Someone come here and make some tea for the guest. Send some beautiful women to massage him as well.”

Lin Feng was still at the door when he heard that. He smiled and shook his head. He still had a few hours before leaving…


In the evening, Fa He came to pick up Lin Feng. Hundreds of people were going to the imperial palace together. It wasn’t far from Fa He’s residence.

The gate of the imperial palace was five meters wide, and there were a few guards and elders who had the strength of the level three high-level Supreme God layer. They were definitely not ordinary guards.

There were dozens of high-level Supreme Gods here, too. If Lin Feng had tried to enter alone, it would have been impossible. Relying on one of the princes was the best thing he could do.

They entered the palace. Lin Feng’s goal was now to learn where Yan Ran Xue was.

“Brother Mu Feng, please,” said Fa He, getting out of the wain, then he helped Lin Feng get out as well.

Lin Feng walked down. The guards and elders were all stupefied. They had heard of an extremely aggressive young man against whom Lin Feng had had a draw. He was a real genius!

And now that incredible genius was with the Second Prince, Fa He! Maybe the Emperor would attach more importance to him now…

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