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Chapter 847: Young Geniuses from Everywhere!


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“Elders, please guard the imperial city gate carefully. Tonight’s banquet is extremely important for the empire,” Fa He told the elders sternly. The elders nodded obediently.

“Don’t worry, Second Prince. No incident will happen tonight,” declared the leader of the elders. They would do their best to insure the empire did not lose face.

“Alright!” Fa He smiled. He looked at Lin Feng respectfully and asked, “Brother Mu Feng, shall we go in?”

“Follow the protocol, no need to ask me. I’ll just follow,” Lin Feng replied calmly. He just wanted to get in the palace, that’s all.

Fa He was relieved, though. “Alright, wait here for a while. I need to greet the guests since I’m in charge of the banquet. You can stand with me here,” Fa He smiled.

“Alright,” Lin Feng agreed.

Lin Feng stayed next to Fa He at the entrance to the banquet hall. He was going to meet young geniuses from all sorts of places. He had also guessed the purpose of the banquet; apart from him, no genius had passed the exam, so the emperor was probably worried.

He organized a banquet because he probably had ulterior motives. There would be opportunities for many people here!

“The Great Prince is here!” announced an elder after half an hour. Lin Feng and Fa He raised their heads and saw a large group of people arrive. There were some high-level Supreme Gods, but they were old already, and didn’t count as young geniuses.

Fa Chun came out of his wain. When he saw Lin Feng and Fa He together, he was annoyed. Fa He kept plotting. If he hadn’t, Lin Feng would have probably followed him instead!

But he wasn’t worried, there would be geniuses from everywhere at the banquet. At the right time, he would find some young geniuses!

Fa Chun walked over to Lin Feng and Fa He. He didn’t look as pleasant as before, he looked much more solemn this time.

“Mu Feng, Brother, you arrived early,” Fa Chun greeted them smoothly, then walked straight into the imperial palace. He didn’t even glance at the elders, which made many of them angry.

The Great Prince was really arrogant. Apart from Fa Duo and the state teachers, he disdained everyone.

Fa Chun entered the palace, but Lin Feng didn’t pay much attention to him. Fa Chun couldn’t really help Lin Feng, as he had captured Yan Ran Xue and imprisoned her. Lin Feng could only consider him an enemy.

“Brother Mu Feng, did you see that? Fa Chun pretended to respect you before, and now he’s acting like that. The devil can’t hide his cloven hoof!” sighed Fa He, shrugging and smiling mockingly.

“What about you? Wouldn’t you be the same if you were the Great Prince?” Lin Feng replied provocatively.

Fa He smiled and said, “No, I wouldn’t. I am not resentful or conceited. I just wish you the best, and I am sure you understand that.”

“Are you sure?” Lin Feng replied, amused.

Fa He smiled, but remained silent.

“The Fourth Prince is here,” said an elder at that moment. The Fourth Prince didn’t come with his wain, and he came alone. He looked rather wan and sallow. When he saw Lin Feng standing  by Fa He, he was furious.

“Brother Mu Feng, I’m keeping the courtyard for you,” Fa Yin said to Lin Feng, but he ignored Fa He and entered the imperial palace.

“He doesn’t respect you, either,” said Fa He mockingly. Fa He was trying to make Lin Feng hate the other princes, fanning the flames and dropping stones on them when they were already down. If Lin Feng’s goal wasn’t to save Yan Ran Xue, perhaps he would have spent more time with the Second Prince.

“Someone is arriving,” said Fa He at that moment. A man in blue clothes arrived, his Qi was swift and fierce. He looked handsome and charming.

Level three high-level Supreme God layer. Lin Feng immediately noticed the man’s cultivation level.

The man walked to the gate, and glanced at the elders proudly. He was a real genius, but he had to respect those old men.

“Who are you?” asked Fa He. Everybody had to be invited, and people who came to the imperial palace were all extraordinary.

“Gu Gu Clan, Gu Ying,” replied the man in blue clothes impassively. “You?”

“I am the Second Prince of the Fa Lan Empire. I am also in charge of the banquet. Please come in,” said Fa He. When he heard Gu Ying’s name, he looked happy and moved aside to let him into the imperial palace.

Gu Ying nodded and got ready to go in. But then he glanced at Lin Feng and his expression changed.

“Who is that?” asked Gu Ying, looking at Lin Feng.

“He’s a genius who has been recruited recently, Mu Feng,” said Fa He.

Gu Ying nodded, but he still had the impression there was something wrong. Lin Feng’s Qi was more powerful than his own.

Initially, Gu Ying had thought everything would go smoothly at the banquet but since there were geniuses like Lin Feng, then things wouldn’t be as easy this time. It looked like this Mu Feng had already been recruited by the Fa Lan Empire…

Gu Ying greeted Lin Feng and disappeared inside the palace.

“Brother Mu Feng, the young genius of the Gu Gu Clan is incredibly strong,” said Fa He when Gu Ying disappeared.

“The geniuses of the ancient sects and clans are all really strong, but don’t forget one thing: the champions of the Great Competition which happened recently weren’t from an ancient sect or clan,” Lin Feng replied calmly.

Fa He frowned and continued waiting for young geniuses.

“Someone else is here,” said an elder again. Some men with plaited bamboo hats and black robes arrived. They looked ominous.

Fa He looked nervous. “Who is here?” he asked politely.

“Ancient Soul Clan, the Five Heroes,” replied the five people at the same time. The Five Heroes’ Qi felt gloomy and evil. Lin Feng frowned.

The Ancient Soul Clan? So another ancient clan had come out. The Ancient Soul Clan hadn’t sent anyone to the Great Competition. They were only called the Five Heroes because there were five of them.

“Can we go in?” asked the five people impatiently.

Fa He hastily moved aside and smiled, “Please, Five Heroes.”

The Five Heroes didn’t even glance at Fa He, but they did inspect Lin Feng for a second.

“The Ancient Soul Clan is here too…” whispered Lin Feng. That continent was getting more and more fun, and things were getting more complex, too…

“Lun Bi Empire, Chu Li,” announced an icy voice suddenly. Many people were amazed.

Chu Li from the Lun Bi Empire? He was one of the champions of the Great Competition, and he came to the Fa Lan Empire?

Fa He was stupefied. He hadn’t invited Chu Li, Chu Li had killed Fa Heng after all, so they were now supposed to be enemies. How did Chu Li dare appear here?!

The eyes of the elders of the Fa Lan Empire were filled with murder. They looked at Chu Li furiously.

Chu Li!

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