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Chapter 850: Banquet!


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“Brother Mu Feng, here!” shouted Fa He respectfully. Of course, it was now impossible to tell what he was thinking.

“That’s Mu Feng the young genius, I’d love to try and fight against him.”

Lin Feng saw Fa He from the flight of stairs and wanted to go to him, but an old man in black clothes stood up on the ground floor and ran towards Lin Feng.

He actually threw a punch. He was a level three high-level Supreme God, Lin Feng noticed.

“Look at this attack!” the old man smiled. He released all his pure Qi for the attack. Many people were surprised. Could that young genius survive against such an attack?

The elders on the ground floor were excited and couldn’t wait to see how strong Mu Feng, a true genius, was.

Fa Duo was seated on the first floor and drinking. He was already grinning and found the old man ridiculous. That elder was so weak, and he dared provoke Lin Feng?

A noble old man in golden clothes with a crown was seated on a dragon throne next to Fa Duo.

“That the Mu Feng who had a draw against you?” the Emperor asked Fa Duo. His curiosity was aroused. He really wanted to see how strong Mu Feng could be.

Fa Duo nodded silently and looked at the old man who was only half a meter away from Lin Feng. They were about to see the winner.

Lin Feng glanced at the old man. How ridiculous. Lin Feng didn’t get angry, as he didn’t want to ruin the mood. Of course, he didn’t intend to injure the man, either.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng disappeared, including his Qi. The old man’s expression fell as he punched the air. Lin Feng wasn’t there anymore…

“Back!” shouted the man and got ready to retreat. If Lin Feng defeated him, he would lose face.

“Master, if you want to retreat, let’s go and toast with everyone on the first floor.”

The old man sensed something pressing on his shoulders. Lin Feng was behind him, grabbed him by the shoulders and laughed loudly, and carried the old man to the first floor without any difficulty.

Lin Feng put the old man down. The old man flushed, feeling humiliated. He had failed to hit Lin Feng at all, and on top of that Lin Feng had carried him up to the first floor. He felt so stupid in front of all the young geniuses of the diverse ancient clans and sects and empires.

“Thanks for fighting against me, Master. Let’s toast together,” Lin Feng said, smiling at the old man. Then he walked over to Chu Li, grabbed a glass and poured alcohol in it, then looked at all the people who were seated at both tables and smiled, “Everybody, I am Mu Feng! I’d like to toast to all of you!”

“Your turn, Master!” Lin Feng said to the old man. The old man’s expression stiffened. He pulled a long face, looking at the glass Lin Feng was trying to give him. Without the Emperor’s authorization, he didn’t dare take it.

“Our little friend is giving you a glass, accept it as a sign of respect,” said the Emperor. He was surprised inside. He was also angry at his elder, but he couldn’t show it, as he didn’t want to ruin the mood.

When the elder heard the Emperor, he raised his glass and looked at all the people at the tables, “Everybody, cheers!”

He downed his glass and walked back to the ground floor. He felt extremely ashamed. All the elders on the ground floor looked at him mockingly. He had taken the initiative to offend Lin Feng, and had been humiliated.

“Brother Mu Feng, have a seat,” said Fa He, standing up. After seeing Lin Feng humiliate an elder, he had forgotten about Fa Xuan already.

Lin Feng glanced at Fa He, Garuḍa, the five men in black clothes, the Five Heroes and Fa Yin. They were all chatting.

The Great Prince and Gu Ying were chatting happily as well. They didn’t care about the rest of the crowd.

Chu Li, Yuan Guang, and Xuan Mei Er were not talking to anyone. Lin Feng shook his head and smiled at Fa He, who was showing him a seat, “It’s alright. I’ll sit here,” Lin Feng said, sitting down next to Chu Chun Qiu and Yuan Guang. Lin Feng preferred being with a real enemy than a fake one.

Fa He was standing there, first surprised and then furious. Mu Feng had humiliated him in front of everybody. Fa Chun and Fa Yin looked at him mockingly.

Fa He nodded and then he sat back down, but Garuḍa laughed.

Lin Feng had never noticed that Garuḍa was so weird, male and female at the same time. Lin Feng didn’t feel comfortable around her.

The Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire looked at his son, Fa Chun, who was chatting to the Five Heroes. The Fourth Prince was now talking to Gu Ying. Fa He and Lin Feng weren’t seated together, so now Fa Yin was trying to curry favor with Garuḍa.

He was relieved; as long as some geniuses got close to the princes, the Fa Lan Empire was fine.

Unfortunately, he had only three sons, well, four, but one of them was useless. Otherwise, Chu Li, Yuan Guang, and Mu Feng might have all helped his sons.

That’s what he was thinking, at least. The Fa Lan Empire would then become the ultimate empire in the world and they’d be able to do anything they wanted, because having such people to collaborate with would also mean that their respective backers would become their real allies.

The Emperor didn’t think of his third son, Fa Xuan. He was useless. He didn’t want to see Fa Xuan because he found the boy disgusting.

“Everybody, young geniuses, thank you for joining our banquet. It’s an honor for the Fa Lan Empire. Let’s have a drink!” said the Emperor, looking at everybody, then he raised his glass and they all cheered.

The Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire downed his glass and then everybody downed theirs. Lin Feng also raised his glass. Only Chu Li didn’t raise his glass and just laughed softly.

The Emperor’s expression didn’t change when he saw that. When everybody finished their glass, he said, “You are all the future of the Country of Eternity.

“Today, the princes of the empire are honored to meet you. Little Chun, Fa Yin and Fa He, drink a glass to show your gratitude,” said the old man to the three princes. He called Fa Chun ‘Little Chun’, but the others by their full names.

Lin Feng understood that the Emperor preferred Fa Chun; no wonder he had so many resources and privileges. Maybe the borderland village hadn’t received anything from the imperial city because of Fa Chun?

“My friends, please,” said Fa Chun, looking at the Five Heroes and raising a glass. They all downed a drink.

“Brother Gu Ying, please,” said the Fourth Prince, downing a glass. He continued talking to Gu Ying.

“Garuḍa, everybody else, please,” said Fa He, staring at Garuḍa.

At that moment, nobody was drinking specifically with Yuan Guang, Chu Li, Lin Feng or Xuan Mei Er. They just watched the Five Heroes, Gu Ying, and Garuḍa drink with the three princes.

The three princes were all trying to recruit people. Lin Feng just watched silently.

Chu Li glanced at Lin Feng and grinned, then said to him telepathically, “What? You’re feeling dispirited? The three princes don’t respect you?”

“Shush. Be normal,” Lin Feng replied coolly.


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