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Chapter 851: Parting on Bad Terms!


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“Haha, don’t be angry!” said Chu Chun Qiu, smiling at Lin Feng.

“As long as you don’t offend me, I won’t be angry,” Lin Feng replied, glancing at Chu Chun Qiu indifferently.

Chu Chun Qiu smiled and didn’t say much. He just turned around and watched the others.

The Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire watched his son. He was proud when he saw they were taking care of those young geniuses. However, he was furious when he saw that some of the guests, some young geniuses, didn’t really pay attention to his sons, or didn’t drink with everybody else.

He had organized this banquet for his sons so that they could recruit people, but also so the Fa Lan Empire could make alliances with other influential groups. Young people were extremely important for that; if young people were friends, then their respective groups could be allies.

But at the same time, the Emperor wanted his sons to talk to Xuan Mei Er, Yuan Guang and Mu Feng more. He didn’t care about Chu Li.

During the Competition, Chu Li had killed Fa Heng. Many people criticized Chu Li for that.

Chu Li had even dared come here to enjoy the banquet; he was truly shameless. Why had he done so?

“Some of us are going to leave early,” said Yuan Guang glumly. Yuan Guang felt humiliated. He wasn’t that strong, and he was only from an average ancient sect, the Yuan Hall, so the three princes didn’t really care about him, and he felt this was a waste of time.

Yuan Guang stood up and made ready to leave the Fa Lan Empire.

“Indeed, we should go,” agreed Xuan Mei Er, smiling icily. She was also very proud, one of the three top young geniuses of the Ancient Xuan Clan, and she was the only woman here, so she was even more angry that the three princes didn’t pay attention to her.

“The Fa Lan Empire doesn’t treat guests so well.”

“Since it’s that way, I’m leaving. Brother Yuan Guang, Mu Feng, would you like to come to the Lun Bi Empire?

“The Lun Bi Empire is better than the Fa Lan Empire, we care about geniuses there. The Ancient Xuan Clan and the Yuan Hall are powerful and famous, it is not normal to ignore and neglect their people,” said Chu Li smoothly, glancing at the members of the Fa Lan Empire mockingly. He looked at the other young geniuses and smiled.

The Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire watched Chu Li icily. The Emperor understood what Chu Li was trying to do now. He was trying to recruit young geniuses in the Fa Lan Empire to bring them to the Lun Bi Empire!

Chu Li had plotted on him! The old man was furious. Chu Li had been there for a while already and the old man hadn’t understood until now.

The Lun Bi Empire used to be the strongest one in the west; the strongest empires in the east were the Ri Guang Empire and the Yue Guang Empire.

In the central part, the strongest empire was the Fa Lan Empire. Now, the Lun Bi Empire wasn’t afraid of the Fa Lan Empire anymore, because they had become stronger and were ready.

The old man understood what Chu Li was trying to do and why, but it was too late.

“The Lun Bi Empire is a good place indeed. The Yuan Hall will go there,” said Yuan Guang, smiling at the Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire mockingly.

“I like the Lun Bi Empire too,” Xuan Mei Er nodded. The Ancient Xuan Clan and the Lun Bi Empire were neither allies nor enemies, so Xuan Mei Er didn’t mind going to the Lun Bi Empire.

People understood that alliances were important. Even though some ancient sects and clans were already occupying some territories, like the Ancient Demonic Clan in San City or the Lei Sect in Lang Xie City and Tian Dao Yuan, it didn’t mean they were allies.

“Haha! Good! What about you, Brother Mu Feng?” asked Chu Li, smiling happily. His scheming was starting to work.

Lin Feng looked at Chu Chun Qiu. They hadn’t met for such a long time, and now Chu Chun Qiu was getting better at negotiating. On top of that, he was becoming terrifyingly strong. Such an enemy would be extremely dangerous.

At the beginning, Lin Feng didn’t know why Chu Chun Qiu had come to the Fa Lan Empire. He had killed Fa Heng, after all, but Chu Chun Qiu was now plotting for the Lun Bi Empire, meaning he had grown wiser, too.

The Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire looked at Lin Feng nervously. The elders of the Fa Lan Empire kept talking to him about Mu Feng in a positive way, especially Fa Duo.

If that young genius left for the Lun Bi Empire, the Fa Lan Empire would lose a potentially great asset. If his sons had the opportunity to work with Mu Feng, it would be incredible.

Everybody was staring at Lin Feng, waiting for his answer worriedly.

Lin Feng looked at Chu Chun Qiu. Chu Chun Qiu was smiling widely. Chu Chun Qiu knew that Lin Feng couldn’t leave the Fa Lan Empire, but he still asked, using him to make the people of the Fa Lan Empire feel extremely worried.

Lin Feng looked at the Emperor, at Fa Duo, and then he glanced at Chu Li again and smiled indifferently. “I don’t want to cause trouble. I’m staying.”

“Pfew…” when the Emperor heard Lin Feng, he felt extremely relieved.

Lin Feng stayed in the Fa Lan Empire, which meant he was honest and loyal.

But the Emperor didn’t know why Lin Feng wanted to stay in the Fa Lan Empire. He wasn’t being honest, actually.

Chu Li just grinned. He knew Lin Feng wouldn’t accept, but he still asked and it had worked.

“Alright, since it’s that way! Brother Yuan Guang, Sister Mei Er, let’s go,” Chu Li announced.

Xuan Mei Er and Yuan Guang stood up, Xuan Mei Er looked at the Emperor icily and said, “Goodbye, Master.”

“Thank you for the invitation, Master. Goodbye,” said Yuan Guang, also smiling politely. They got ready to leave with Chu Li.

The old man was worried. It hadn’t been easy to get all those young geniuses come to the empire and now Chu Li was having some leave, what a pity.

“Wait, little friends. My sons are disrespectful, I’ll have a glass with you personally. What do you think?” asked the Emperor worriedly. It wasn’t a big deal, especially if these people could stay.

But it was a bit too late, Yuan Guang and Xuan Mei Er shook their heads.

Chu Li looked at the Emperor and smiled resplendently. “Master, the presence of the Ancient Beast Clan and the Ancient Soul Clan should be enough, right?”

“Chu Li, you’re playing with fire. We’ll settle accounts sooner or later, including regarding Fa Heng. You killed a young genius from my empire and that is a humiliation, I will not let you off!” declared the Emperor glumly.

Chu Li smiled indifferently and ignored the old man’s threat. He said, “Master, how can you say that? Fa Heng died because he was too weak and I accidentally used too much strength. How can you blame me?”

Chu Chun Qiu sighed helplessly. Lin Feng knew he was smiling icily on the inside though. Chu Chun Qiu had accidentally used too much strength? He had literally crushed Fa Heng’s skull and destroyed his corpse. That was an accident?

The old man was growing more furious, as he knew Fa Heng had died in atrocious circumstances.

But Chu Li didn’t care; he took Yuan Guang and Xuan Mei Er with him, and they left the imperial city.

The old man was furious, but he had no choice but to let them leave. He didn’t fear the Lun Bi Empire; the only problem was that Chu Li had ranked first at the Great Competition and there was one rule in the world; when someone ranked first, no influential group or empire could kill the champions within a hundred years following their victory, or they were punished.

The Emperor didn’t want to violate that important rule. Even though the Fa Lan Empire was powerful, it wasn’t the strongest one, the Tai Qing Sect had long ago become the most powerful and prosperous group.

The Tai Qing Sect didn’t say anything either, so the Fa Lan Empire felt helpless!

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