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Chapter 853: Cold Palace!


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“Master, you were spying on us? You’re not the only one who can do that…” Lin Feng looked at the old man and smiled broadly. He looked neither surprised nor anxious, because he didn’t really care about the princes. He wasn’t in the Fa Lan Empire for the princes.

The old man chuckled and asked, “Mu Feng, Little friend, are you trying to help Third Prince Fa Xuan?”

“I think he’s a good man. He shouldn’t be treated unfairly like that. He has honor and integrity. With someone like him, the Fa Lan Empire will definitely rise,” Lin Feng said calmly.

Elder Fa Duo looked at Lin Feng and nodded and indifferently. Lin Feng had summed up the situation really well; Fa Xuan had honor and integrity, but unfortunately nobody cared about him, which was unfair.

The Great Prince was initially the one who had the most chances to become the heir of the throne, but now that there was a problem in the borderland city, things weren’t as certain anymore. The Emperor didn’t really feel like dealing with him yet.

The Second Prince was also like a king in the empire, he had his own mansion house and servants, and a high position. Fa Yin also had a nice and comfortable lifestyle. Fa Xuan was the only one who was poor and excluded. His position was extremely low.

“Mu Feng, little friend, you need to teach Fa Xuan a lot before the Emperor will notice him and attach importance to him,” said Fa Duo, smiling at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled back. He had just bumped into the Third Prince accidentally and had thought he was kind, so he had decided to help a little. For Lin Feng, there was no harm; on the contrary, there were only benefits in doing so.

Lin Feng wasn’t stupid. He understood how things work. If he helped Fa Xuan become the heir of the throne, then someday, Fa Xuan would be the new Emperor and then Lin Feng would benefit from that because they would be friends. That was the reason why Lin Feng was doing his best to help him.

When Fa Duo saw Lin Feng smile silently, he didn’t say anything. He sighed and walked away, disappearing.

Lin Feng turned around; there were two roads and an artificial hill. Behind the artificial hill was the cold palace, where Yan Ran Xue was imprisoned.

Lin Feng sensed his space ring shake a little. Fu Su Rong tried to talk to Lin Feng, but Lin Feng wasn’t interested. Lin Feng would save Yan Ran Xue, and then he would kill Fu Su Rong, because death ends all troubles. Lin Feng didn’t need to keep a piece of trash like that around.

Lin Feng slowly walked towards the cold palace. It looked like he was just wandering around. He crossed the street, then crossed it again, but Lin Feng knew what he was doing.


At the same time, in the Hidden Dragon Hall…

“Fa Xuan, are you sure?” asked the Emperor. He was impressed.

His eyes were filled with happiness. Fa Xuan hadn’t even completely recovered before he wanted to go back to fight again. This was the child he had abandoned?

“Father, I’ve been protecting the borderland city for a long time. The borderland city belongs to the empire. The Ri Guang Empire attacked by surprise and stole a part of it. I feel guilty and want to take that territory back. Please let me go,” said Fa Xuan resolutely and bowing hand over fist to show the Emperor he respected him. Actually, he didn’t feel any respect for him.

The Emperor was moved. He wondered when his son had changed so much. Fa Xuan was now asking him if he could go back to the borderland city to protect it… the Emperor was extremely impressed.

But Fa Xuan’s injuries hadn’t completely recovered, so the Emperor didn’t want him to leave. He said, “Little Xuan, your injuries haven’t healed yet. Besides, half of your troops died. Tomorrow, I will give you more troops, and you can return to the border.”

“Thank you for forgiving me, father. I will do my best to oppress the Ri Guang Empire’s troops and succeed,” said Fa Xuan. The old Emperor was more and more touched. At the same time, he was angry at Fa Chun.

Fa Chun had dared stop providing the border city with resources, and now it had rebelled, allowing the Ri Guang Empire to start invading their territory. If Fa Xuan hadn’t done his best to protect the territory, it would have been a catastrophe; the Ri Guang Empire would have completely conquered the territory and they would have lost face.

When people became selfish and only thought about themselves, it was dangerous for an entire nation.

Fa Xuan understood everything Lin Feng had told him now, because the plan was working. He admired Lin Feng, but he had also forgotten to ask Lin Feng something… and besides, he didn’t have any alcohol, either.

“Alright, Father, I am leaving now. I’ll be ready to go to the border tomorrow,” said Fa Xuan when he saw the Emperor not saying anything. He left the Hidden Dragon Hall.

Fa Duo recently at that moment. Fa Xuan hastily bowed. Elder Fa Duo was the only elder Fa Xuan respected. Fa Duo also liked the young man, but because of the Emperor, he couldn’t really do anything for him.

“Third Prince, when you go back to the border city, you’re definitely going to fight against the troops of the Ri Guang Empire. You have to lose against them, every single battle,” said Fa Duo when he saw Fa Xuan. He didn’t waste time and immediately told him what to do. Fa Xuan was stupefied. Back then, Fa Duo was nice, but he had never been so helpful. How come the elder suddenly gave him a plan? What had happened?

Fa Xuan was always straightforward and bad at plotting. He didn’t realize what was going on and the how important the situation was to him.

“Don’t be surprised. Listen to me, you have to lose every single battle. Then report back to the imperial city and say that the difference in strength is too big and that you need more strong cultivators, otherwise, the whole nation might be affected.

“The Emperor is now indulgent again when it comes to you. He will be very happy to send some extremely strong cultivators to fight. At that time, Fa Chun will be in a critical situation.

“The Great Prince avoided getting punished this time, but the Emperor will probably make him do some painful things to compensate for his offenses. The Emperor still wants him to become the next Emperor. However, if Fa Chun goes to the borderlands your territory, and has an accident, then you know how the Emperor will react,” said Fa Duo. It was the first time they had spoken so much.

The plan is incredible, thought Fa Xuan, not understanding everything going on.

“Third Prince, you need to fight for your rights and freedom. That way, even if you die, you won’t die with regrets. Do your best for yourself and for your mother. Don’t be a victim,” said Fa Duo, stroking his beard. He walked away and disappeared in the Hidden Dragon Hall.

Fa Xuan was dumbstruck. Fa Duo’s words were still resonating in his heart. A sudden determination filled his heart, and his blood was boiling.

I have to fight!, thought Fa Xuan turning around and taking a deep breath. Then he walked away, more determined than ever.


So that’s the cold palace?, thought Lin Feng, arriving at the foot of the incredibly beautiful palace. This place was even more beautiful than other palaces, so Lin Feng didn’t understand. This place couldn’t be the cold palace?!

The palace was a hundred meters high, and surrounded by other palaces. It was a very beautiful place. There were also cultivation rooms and lots of natural settings. It was definitely one of the most beautiful buildings around.

As Lin Feng was wondering what that place was, two women came out. They were wearing blue skirts, with average looks. Of course, in comparison to the Earth, women in the cultivation world all looked like goddesses.

The two women were carrying baskets containing various items to throw away.

When they saw Lin Feng, their expressions changed drastically and they shouted stridently, “AAHHHHHHHHHHH! SOMEONE COME HERE! A MAN WANTS TO COME INTO THE COLD PALACE!”

Lin Feng suddenly sensed threads of sharp Qi moving in his direction, and beams of light.

In the blink of an eye, over twelve people in black clothes showed up. It was difficult to know whether they were men or women because their bodies were completely covered. They were holding spears and pointing them at Lin Feng.

“Who are you? How dare you trespass on this territory? Are you plotting to release the imperial concubines imprisoned inside?” said one of the guards icily and sharply.

Lin Feng noticed that those people were all high-level Supreme Gods; some of them were level three, the others were level two.

Why were such strong cultivators guarding the cold palace? What was going on?

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