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Chapter 854: One vs. Many!


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“Are you going to remain silent? Or do you have nothing to say in your defense?” said one of the guards icily. Lin Feng just looked at them blankly, so the guards were angry.

Lin Feng remained silent. He wasn’t afraid of these people, he just wanted to understand why men were not allowed in the cold palace. How did the princes or Emperor come to the palace, then? Could they go in?

Lin Feng wanted to understand what was going on; did these guards just prevent people who had a low social status from entering, or any man?

The guards seemed unhappy. The one who had just talked threw his veil away furiously. He looked rather charming. He had a beautiful white skin, any woman would have been jealous of his skin. He was also a level three high-level Supreme God.

“I’ve never seen you here, but since you’re walking around in the imperial palace freely, it means you must have a certain position. Who are you and where are you from? What are you doing here?” demanded the man when he saw Lin Feng remaining silent.

Lin Feng smiled and asked, “So I can’t even pass nearby?”

“Of course you can’t, the ancestor established that rule and nobody is allowed to break it, not even the Emperor himself! You broke that rule, so what should I do with you?” asked the man icily.

“The Emperor can’t come here either?!” Lin Feng was stupefied.

The man’s curiosity was aroused; he frowned and said, “The Emperor is just the Emperor of the empire. He’s the ancestor’s grandson, how could he break a rule made by his grandfather?”

“I see. So you guys are also descendants of the ancestor of the Fa Lan Empire?” asked Lin Feng. He was interested in learning more about the ancestor of the Fa Lan Empire.

The man looked at Lin Feng coldly. “We were raised by the ancestor. Even the Emperor of the empire respects us,” replied the man gravely. He didn’t sound arrogant about it, however.

“I see. So without the authorization of the ancestor, nobody can get into the cold palace, right?” asked Lin Feng. If that was the case and if Yan Ran Xue really was in the cold palace, he wouldn’t need to worry about her safety.

Those guards were guarding the palace day and night; they could intervene in the blink of an eye in case of issue. However, saving Yan Ran Xue would be impossible with all those guards.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He had to think of a solution. He couldn’t rescue her by simply entering the cold palace.

“I didn’t know all those things. I’m sorry. I’m leaving then,” Lin Feng nodded, turning to leave.

But the man flashed in front of him. “You want to leave? It’s not that easy,” stated the man icily.

Lin Feng frowned and stared at the man, asking patiently, “Why can’t I leave?”

“Since you came to the cold palace, there is only one solution now. You have to defeat one of us, and then you’ll be able to leave, or we bring you to the ancestor,” said the man firmly.

Lin Feng frowned. He didn’t like the man’s tone of speech and voice. He sounded categorical about everything.

“I see, so I can’t leave without fighting?” Lin Feng said icily.

“Indeed. You choose one of us; if you win, you can leave,” said the man confidently, but at the same time, he remained vigilant.

Lin Feng smiled thinly. If he didn’t fight, he couldn’t leave, it seemed?

“If you really want to fight, then all of you, what do you say?” Lin Feng said, laughing loudly and mockingly.

All the guards suddenly looked angry. A sharp Qi emerged from the tip of their spears.

“Are you sure, moron? Take that back!” exclaimed the man angrily.

“Why would I? I just said it,” Lin Feng said. The man wanted to fight? Lin Feng was ready to express himself using strength.

He knew he could easily defeat one of them, but since the man was provoking him, why not have some fun?

Amongst the twelve people, there were only nine level two high-level Supreme God and three high-level Supreme Gods, including the man who was talking to Lin Feng.

Saving Yan Ran Xue with twelve guards around impossible, but defeating them wasn’t.

The atmosphere grew colder and colder. Nobody spoke anymore. The two women who had come out of the cold palace at the beginning paled and went back inside.


At that moment, in the cold palace, Yan Ran Xue heard what was going on outside. A man wanted to fight against twelve guards alone? How brave!

Yan Ran Xue had the feeling the man outside was Lin Feng. She had hoped Lin Feng would come to save her someday, but she was also afraid that he’d get in trouble because of her. She had contradictory feelings, naturally enough.


Outside, the atmosphere became fierce. Lin Feng stared at the guards sharply. All the fighters’ Qi surged out, it would probably draw the Emperor and Elder Fa Duo’s attention.

“Uh? Is that from the cold palace?” The Emperor looked out of the window curiously. His expression suddenly changed as he remembered Yan Ran Xue.

He was very attracted to her, but she wasn’t to him. However, the Emperor was still sad that she had been put in the cold palace.

Even worse, his son had even stolen her from him. Even though Fa Chun didn’t succeed with her either, he had spent more time with her.

Could it be Mu Feng? Damn!, thought Fa Duo when he saw the swift and fierce Qi in the sky. His expression changed drastically. The Emperor’s expression changed slightly, and he flashed towards the cold palace.


In front of the cold palace… 

Lin Feng was staring at the man in front of him. After a long time, they both nodded to begin the fight.

Since Lin Feng couldn’t get into the cold palace, why not have some fun and have a good fight? Even if he knew it was going to be difficult, he decided to do so!

Lin Feng faced the twelve guards and clenched his fists. A great fight was about to start!

The pretty man and Lin Feng disappeared at the same time. Everybody looked astonished. How had they disappeared at the same time?

Boom boom!…

As everybody was lost in thought, the crowd heard two explosions. Lin Feng and the man were already colliding in the sky.

Lin Feng landed back on the ground; he turned around like a beam of light, then flew towards a level two high-level Supreme God like a bullet.

He swept his palm out, and to no surprise, the man was blown hundreds of meters away and was rendered unable to continue.

First one eliminated!

Lin Feng didn’t stop fighting; he flashed in front of another level two high-level Supreme God and punched him as fast as he could. Then he used imperial imprints on the man.

The pretty man flashed in front of the other man. Lin Feng threw a punch. The charming man released a protective layer of energy.

Phwap, phwap…

There was an explosion, and the protective layer collapsed. Lin Feng continued oppressed the other man, who was unable to fight back.

In the blink of an eye, two people were unable to fight, and only ten were left.

But Lin Feng continued flying, while the other guards joined hands to attack. A massive amount of energy moved towards Lin Feng and blew him away. Lin Feng felt like his veins were going to explode. His whole body felt sore.

The fight was extremely fierce!

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