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Chapter 855: Safe!


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“Let’s join hands to attack!” shouted the attractive man icily. He could see that Lin Feng was extremely strong. It wasn’t as easy to defeat him as he had thought at the beginning. They had to use their full strength and defeat him as quickly as possible.

The remaining ten guards, including the attractive man, all charged Lin Feng, attacking from every direction.

Lin Feng flashed away. He didn’t have the advantage at the moment. He had no easy way to break free from their encirclement. If he failed to get away from them, he would lose because all their attacks would reach him at the same time. Luckily, Lin Feng had experience and wouldn’t let such a thing happen.

Lin Feng immediately thought of a great way to make these people disperse: the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill!

Lin Feng raised his hands, pushed away the man who was in front of him, then flew as fast he could behind that man. He suddenly turned around, a blood-red eye on his forehead filled with a corrosive strength.

All the men dispersed before the blood-red beam of lights. Lin Feng seized that opportunity to attack as quickly as he could.

He came up behind a level two high-level Supreme God, and palmed him as hard as he could, blood splashing. A man next to him was covered in blood and astonished when Lin Feng also showed up in front of him.

He was a level two high-level Supreme God as well. Lin Feng raised his foot, condensed Genesis Spiritual strength, and kicked him violently. In the blink of an eye, two more people were unable to fight!

Among the eight remaining people, there were five level two high-level Supreme Gods and three level three ones, including the attractive man.

They didn’t realize Elder Fa Duo and the Emperor were watching from the top of the cold palace. They were astonished when they saw the fight.

“Mu Feng is so strong.” The Emperor was dumbstruck and excited at the same time. What if this young genius stayed in the Fa Lan Empire? Wouldn’t the Fa Lan Empire become extremely powerful?

“If he uses his full strength, he might be able to defeat me,” said Fa Duo, sighing and shaking his head. He knew that Mu Feng hadn’t used his full strength when they had fought.

The Emperor shook from head to toe. He knew how strong elder Fa Duo was… He was about to break through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer, but Mu Feng might be able to defeat him? He started having doubts about Mu Feng; who was he? He couldn’t possibly be an unknown and insignificant person…

“We can continue watching, but we can’t let anyone kill anyone,” said the Emperor.

Lin Feng was fighting against eight people at that moment. He didn’t feel much pressure anymore, but he still remained wary, because if they attacked at the same time after encircling him, it would be difficult again.

“Imperial Imprint Formula!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, imperial imprints emerging from his hands and rising into the air. They grew bigger and bigger until they reached a hundred zhang in size. A terrifying strength bore down from them.

The atmosphere changed again. The attractive felt great pressure. He had fought in many group battles in his life, but because of the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill, they couldn’t gang up on Lin Feng. On top of that, the attractive man was better at close combat, so he was in a weak position again.

The imperial imprints blotted out the sky and then descended from the sky at bullet speed.

Lin Feng grinned, but nobody else knew why.

The Emperor’s expression fell. The huge imprints were descending from the sky at a terrifying speed. If they reached the ground, all the buildings would be razed. He couldn’t let that happen! He had to intervene for the safety of the people who were in the different palaces.

“Blue Isolation of Justice!” shouted the Emperor quickly. He raised his left hand and golden energies like dragons absorbed all the corrosive Qi of the imperial imprints until they entirely disappeared.

“Emperor?” When the attractive man saw the Emperor, his expression changed.

“As expected, he’s here.” Lin Feng grinned and looked at the Emperor at the top of the cold palace. He wasn’t surprised at all; the Emperor had definitely sensed their terrifying energies, so he had to come to watch.

Lin Feng had used the imperial imprints to see if the Emperor would try to protect the buildings around and the people who lived inside.

The Emperor took a deep breath. With the strength of the Great Supreme God layer, he could easily destroy Lin Feng’s imperial imprints, but he was afraid an accident would happen so he used an extremely powerful attack. He would have been furious if a part of the imperial city were destroyed.

“Mu Feng, you went too far!” shouted the Emperor. He tried to calm down, but it was difficult.

“Master, you were watching the fight almost from the beginning, it was your duty to stop it,” Lin Feng replied in amusement.

The Emperor blushed, but he was still a bit angry. If tensions arose between Mu Feng and the Fa Lan Empire, it would be a tragedy.

“Alright, stop now,” said the Emperor annoyed.

The attractive man’s expression stiffened, and he said unhappily, “Emperor, he trespassed on the territory of the cold palace, which is a great offense!”

“Zun Jue, he defeated a few people; he needed to defeat only one for you to release him,” replied the Emperor sternly.

Zun Jue? Was that the attractive man’s name?

When Zun Jue heard the Emperor, he fell silent, then looked at Lin Feng. They hadn’t finished the fight, and if they had, the guards would lose, not Lin Feng, but Zun Jue didn’t like stopping in the middle of a fight!

“So you’re Mu Feng, the young genius,” said Zun Jue. He looked composed again.

“Thanks for flattering me. Can I leave now?” asked Lin Feng, smiling impassively, composed once more, and his Jia Yan’s Eye had disappeared.

Zun Jue nodded dismissively. “Yes, you can leave. I hope you won’t do that again.”

“Uh? Why? Maybe I want to have fun and fight against you guys again,” Lin Feng laughed.

Zun Jue’s cheek ticced. “Alright, if you don’t mind the trouble, you can even come every day and we’ll fight every day,” said Zun Jue with an insincere smile.

The Emperor’s expression froze and he said resolutely, “No, please don’t, Mu Feng. I don’t want you to raze the imperial city.” He didn’t mind him fighting against Zun Jue, but the threat of destroying the imperial city meant it was a bad idea.

Lin Feng looked at the Emperor and smiled wryly, “Anyway, Master, I’m leaving,” Lin Feng bowed hand over fist. He quickly disappeared from the crowd’s sight.

The Emperor took a deep breath. It was the first time he wondered whether letting Mu Feng walk around freely was a good idea or not.

Zun Jue looked at the Emperor and said, “Emperor, the ancestor is meditating in seclusion. When he comes out, he will have broken through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer. The Fa Lan Empire needs to be discreet.”

“Really? The ancestor is going to break though?” The Emperor was overjoyed. If it was true, then who would be able to defeat the Fa Lan Empire in the future?

The Emperor had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer. If the ancestor had the strength of the fifth, and the main state teacher the strength of the first, then the Fa Lan Empire might become the strongest empire.

But the only issue is nobody knew what the situation was like in the different ancient sects and clans. He could only hope they were in the best position overall…

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