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Chapter 856: The Seven Great Dhammapalas!


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It seems like there’s only one solution to save her, thought Lin Feng after going back to his room. Zun Jue had a complex status in the hierarchy, and he was only a level three high-level Supreme God. He wasn’t weak and didn’t have many enemies.

The Emperor had stopped him from fighting. However, Lin Feng seemed to have more privileges than Zun Jue and the others. Even if he had defeated them, so what? He wouldn’t have been able to get into the cold palace, anyway…

What should I do?, thought Lin Feng. What a dilemma. Saving Yan Ran Xue wasn’t easy. He couldn’t get into the cold palace. As long as Zun Jue was there, nobody could break the rule and enter the cold palace.

Time passed. Lin Feng was lost in thought.

In the Heaven and Earth Temple…

The Emperor and Elder Fa Duo were standing side by side, but Fa Duo was bent over.

The Emperor looked grave, as well as cautious.

“Emperor, don’t worry, I just think Mu Feng doesn’t understand the rules regarding the cold palace. He didn’t do it on purpose,” said Fa Duo when he saw the Emperor was pulling a long face. He understood how the Emperor felt, as he couldn’t forget that imperial concubine.

The cold palace was an important place for him, and he even wanted to go in and see the imperial concubine himself, but if Zun Jue was there, he couldn’t go in without the ancestor’s authorization.

The Emperor didn’t understand either was why Mu Feng had gone to the cold palace, as he was already familiar with the imperial palace. Besides, the cold palace was useless for Lin Feng in terms of cultivation, and the landscape there wasn’t very interesting, either.

But Mu Feng had still chosen to go there. Even though Fa Duo tried to cheer him up, it didn’t work.

Fa Duo sighed. He knew how important the place was to the Emperor and the Great Prince, who wanted to rescue Yan Ran Xue.

“You think Mu Feng wants to release some women?” asked the Emperor suddenly, his voice cold.

Fa Duo was startled. He smiled and shook his head hastily, “How is that possible, Emperor?! If the Fourth Prince hadn’t invited Mu Feng, we would never have met him.”

“You think so?” asked the Emperor coolly.

“Emperor, don’t worry. I will go to the Fourth Prince and ask about Mu Feng’s past. Then I’ll tell you more about him,” stated Fa Duo, bowing hand over fist.

The Emperor was surprised, but then nodded slowly and smiled, sitting back and waving Fa Duo off.

Fa Duo nodded and left the Heaven and Earth Temple.

When he left, his smile disappeared. He glanced around carefully and then headed to a hidden corridor, where he waited for someone.

The person arrived. His face was covered and his Qi was ice-cold, like demon Qi.

“Que De, you’ve been in the Fa Lan Empire for hundreds of thousands of years, now it’s your turn to help, for our master,” the man said to Fa Duo.

Fa Duo was stupefied and his expression changed drastically. “Gu Ren, what did we say back in the days? That we would never go back to Tian Dao Yuan! What changed?” asked Fa Duo glumly. He was annoyed.

The man laughed. His voice sounded like a demon.

“Stop talking shit. We have a master now, we need to protect him. You’re the only one missing. The Emperor of the clan said you had to come back to Tian Dao Yuan.”

“Why?” Fa Duo demanded.

“For Lin Feng,” replied the man, smiling gloomily.

Fa Duo’s expression froze. He knew that a new master had shown up in the world but he didn’t know who. Now, Gu Ren was mentioning Lin Feng, so Fa Duo understood.

He had never seen Lin Feng, unfortunately. He wondered how strong he was.

“Sorry. I don’t know Lin Feng, so I can’t help. Leave now. You have a talisman to get in and out,” said Fa Duo, shaking his head and making ready to leave. He didn’t want to expose his real identity. Living in the Fa Lan Empire was good, and the Emperor was kind to him. He didn’t need to take risks because of some Lin Feng…

Gu Ren looked at Fa Duo and smiled indifferently, saying languidly, “You don’t know Lin Feng, but you know Mu Feng, right? Hehe…”

Fa Duo’s legs started shaking in astonishment. He turned around and looked at Gu Ren. Gu Ren was just smiling impassively. He walked over to Fa Duo and patted his shoulder while smiling.

Fa Duo was dumbstruck. His heart was pounding. Mu Feng? Lin Feng?

Mu Feng was Lin Feng? Lin Feng was the new master of Tian Dao Yuan?

So, Lin Feng is that terrifyingly strong…?!, thought Fa Duo. He was still shaking. He didn’t know Lin Feng, he only knew Mu Feng. Mu Feng was Lin Feng and Fa Duo was aware of Mu Feng’s strength and talent. He couldn’t refuse anymore.

“Alright, alright, I have to come back since you all did,” sighed Fa Duo, smiling wryly. He took out a crystal he hadn’t touched for hundreds of thousands of years. It was still shiny…


In Lang Xie City…

In a remote courtyard, seven crystals started shining: red, brown, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple in colors. The different colors represented different people: Gu Ren, Supreme God Tian Yuan, Que De, Dao Ling, Ancestor Kong, Can Tian, and Supreme God Zi Dian.

“The seven Dhammapalas are back! Haha! Master! We’ve been waiting for such a long time! Hahahaha!” exclaimed a blurry silhouette in the corner of the courtyard. An extremely old man was seated there.


“Mu Feng, are you there?”

Knock, knock! 

Lin Feng still couldn’t think of a solution to save Yan Ran Xue from the cold palace. At that moment, someone knocked at his door.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the door. When he heard that familiar voice, he smiled, “Master, the door is not locked, come in.”


The door opened itself and Fa Duo entered the room. He looked different from before, but Lin Feng didn’t notice anything because he was too distracted by the issue of Yan Ran Xue.

Fa Duo glanced around. He looked at Lin Feng and smiled. Mu Feng was Lin Feng. He was extremely strong and talented, and now he was their master.

They had been waiting for two hundred thousand years. Tian Dao Yuan had a new Master. Were they going to fail again? Or would Tian Dao Yuan reach the clouds this time? Nobody knew what would happen. They just hoped that this time he was the right one and they would succeed…

“Mu Feng, listen, I’ve heard that you hadn’t come out at all since you went to the cold palace,” smiled Fa Duo. He sat down next to Lin Feng. Now that Fa Duo knew Lin Feng’s particular social status, he felt even closer to him.

“Yes. I don’t dare go out. I am afraid that there could be another forbidden area outside and that I could get in trouble again,” Lin Feng replied, smiling wryly at his white lie.

Fa Duo knew that Mu Feng was Lin Feng, so he knew Lin Feng was lying. He also knew that Lin Feng couldn’t have possibly come to the Fa Lan Empire to rely on them.

Apart from the fact the Tai Qing Sect had invited Lin Feng, he hadn’t heard anything else to do with Lin Feng. Therefore, to Lin Feng, the Fa Lan Empire was nothing particularly interesting, which meant he had ulterior motives.

“Mu Feng, you should go to Zong Mo Valley. You might have some nice opportunities there,” said Elder Fa Duo, smiling at Lin Feng sincerely, especially since he knew what he had to do now.

When Lin Feng heard him, he frowned. “Zong Mo Valley?”


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