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Chapter 857: Zong Mo Valley!

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“You don’t know about it?” asked Fa Duo. He was surprised. Lin Feng was a real genius, how come he didn’t know about Zong Mo Valley? Everybody knew about it, there were historical remains there!

Lin Feng shook his head and smiled wryly. He had never heard about it.

Fa Duo shook his head and smiled. He patiently explained everything to Lin Feng.

“According to legends, Zong Mo Valley used to be a sect in ancient times. The name of their sect was also Zong Mo Valley. But then, two hundred thousand years ago, they were destroyed and wiped off the maps.

“During its most prosperous era, Zong Mo Valley had four Great Supreme Gods, over three hundred Supreme Gods, and billions of Godly Emperors, but it was still destroyed.

“The Country of Eternity kind of fell into ruin two hundred thousand years ago. Nobody really paid attention to Zong Mo Valley anymore. But recently, someone came back from Zong Mo Valley with a Supreme God weapon… a high-level Supreme God weapon! The whole continent was shaken.

“Therefore, people go do some excavations every day in Zong Mo Valley these days, and there are many skeletons there. It was a gigantic sect which was completely destroyed, after all,” explained Fa Duo patiently.

Lin Feng listened carefully. He had already had many opportunities like that in his past. If he wasn’t mistaken, there were still many things to discover in Zong Mo Valley.

Besides, he didn’t know what to do about Yan Ran Xue right now…

“Mu Feng, tell me the truth, did you come to the Fa Lan Empire because you wanted to go to the cold palace?” asked Fa Duo seriously. He felt like he had to talk to Lin Feng honestly, especially after what the Emperor had said. He didn’t want Lin Feng to get in trouble.

Lin Feng’s expression twitched, but only for a second before he looked normal again, smiled impassively and replied, “No. Not at all.”

“Stop lying, Lin Feng. You came here for a precise reason,” said Fa Duo, laughing easily.

Lin Feng’s heart skipped a beat. He couldn’t believe it. How had he known? On top of that, Fa Duo had just called him Lin Feng!

Lin Feng broke out in cold sweat. He wasn’t afraid, just very nervous; he would never have the opportunity to save Yan Ran Xue now!

But Fa Duo didn’t intend to harm Lin Feng, his master. He was one of the seven great Dhammapalas of Tian Dao Yuan, after all.

“Lin Feng, it is not the right time now to do anything. I don’t know what your purpose is, but stop. The Emperor has doubts about you now. I’m the one who changed his mind.

“But if you continue, the Emperor is not stupid; he will understand what you’re trying to do, and if he ever learns that you’re Lin Feng, you’ll be in trouble, you understand?” pressed Fa Duo sternly.

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. Fa Duo was the Emperor’s assistant and now he was doing so much for him; what was going on? Why was he warning him?

“What do you mean, Master?” asked Lin Feng. He was confused. He wanted to understand the truth. Was Fa Duo using those excuses to threaten him, or what?

“Nothing. I’m just warning you. Don’t worry. I will never tell the Emperor anything you do.”


“You will understand in the future, trust me. There is no other choice at the moment, but I will never harm you,” said Fa Duo. He stood up, glanced at Lin Feng and put a sheet of papyrus on the table.

“This is the map of Zong Mo Valley. Garuḍa and the Five Heroes of the Ancient Soul Clan are already there. If you don’t want them to find all the good things, then you better get moving.

“Since you’re worried about the cold palace, does it mean there’s someone you want to see in there? If you can’t go inside, why don’t you have the person you want to see come out?” asked Fa Duo, before turning around and disappearing in the darkness.

Lin Feng looked at the papyrus map. He was extremely confused. What was Fa Duo trying to do? Why was he helping him? He was the Emperor’s assistant, after all…

“What is going on?” Lin Feng was really confused. “I can’t go in, so why don’t I have her come out?…”

Lin Feng suddenly grinned. Indeed, since he couldn’t go into the cold palace, maybe he should try to get Yan Ran Xue to come out? It was very easy, he just had to talk to the Emperor.

But Lin Feng couldn’t do that himself, he had to do it through someone else. But who?

The Third Prince, Fa Xuan?!

Lin Feng immediately thought of the grateful Third Prince he had helped. But Lin Feng first had to wait for the troubles in the borderland city to be over. At that time, Fa Xuan would be able to help.

The Emperor didn’t care about all the imperial concubines, only Yan Ran Xue. Fa Xuan needed to finish what he was doing, and then the Emperor would have a better relationship with him. Then Yan Ran Xue would be able to come out.

At that time, Lin Feng would think of a solution to save her and help her leave the Fa Lan Empire safely.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng wasn’t in a rush anymore. He felt relieved now. Besides, Yan Ran Xue was perfectly safe in the cold palace for now…

“Zong Mo Valley, Zong Mo Valley.” Lin Feng looked at the map excitedly. Maybe he would find something incredible there…

“Master Zu Ti, do you know of Zong Mo Valley?” asked Lin Feng. The old man was extremely old, so he probably knew about Zong Mo Valley.

“Lin Feng, Zong Mo Valley is extremely dangerous. I don’t think you should go there,” said the old man.

“Why?” Lin Feng inquired. Zu Ti came out of the ring.

“Zong Mo Valley was destroyed two hundred thousand years ago, but there are still some ghosts inside and the Qi is gloomy and terrifying there. It can penetrate into your brain and make you turn into a soulless shell.

“Even though there are many treasures inside which you can’t find nowadays, there are also many skeletons whose souls haven’t been destroyed, so I don’t think you should go,” said the old man.

However, when Lin Feng heard that, he felt even more determined. He was extremely stubborn; how could he not go?

“Master, let’s go. Let’s go on an adventure!” Lin Feng exclaimed, laughing loudly. He opened the door and looked at the map again. Zong Mo Valley was south of the imperial city, three million li away.

Zu Ti sighed and turned into a beam of light, then disappeared into Lin Feng’s space ring again.


Lin Feng crossed the city gate. All the guards knew Mu Feng already, so he was allowed to come in and out freely.

When Lin Feng left the imperial city, he rose up in the air and turned into a beam of light and flew towards Zong Mo Valley.

“He’s flying towards Zong Mo Valley!” said one of the guards.

“Garuḍa and the Five Heroes from the Ancient Soul Clan are already there; why wouldn’t Mu Feng go as well?”

“It’s going to be bustling with activity there. I’ve heard that people from all sorts of ancient sects and clans had decided to go there recently. There will be many people.”

“Wait and see. In less than two weeks, some people are going to die. I hope that Mu Feng won’t die.”



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