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Chapter 858: Serves You Right!


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“With your speed, we’ll be there early in the morning,” Zu Ti said from Lin Feng’s space ring. They were chatting while Lin Feng was flying.

Early in the morning, the Qi was even colder and gloomier. The sky was turning rosy. In Zong Mo Valley, everything was still gloomy.

Lin Feng landed on the ground and looked at the valley and the mountains. Some mountains were tens of thousands of meters high. Some valleys were thousands of meters deep. A purple misty fog floated above the valleys. All the colors in the place were incredible.

The sky was blue, the clouds were white, the Qi of the valley was purple… it was quite beautiful.

At the entrance to Zong Mo Valley, there were three ancient texts carved onto a gigantic boulder. It was over a hundred meters high, old but not broken. There were many weapon marks on it, showing it was extremely durable.

There were vines hanging from the boulder, looking like purple snakes trying to crawl over it.

Behind the boulder, the purple fog which floated above the valley. Lin Feng estimated the depth to be around a thousand meters, or maybe more, because from there, he could see Qi flowing down.

More and more people gathered there, but Lin Feng didn’t see any high-level Supreme Gods yet, just low-level Supreme Gods and some Godly Emperors. They were just looking for treasures on the edge of the valley.

Lin Feng ignored those people and used his godly awareness to inspect the valley, but there was nothing unusual. He couldn’t detect any Qi, so Lin Feng understood that the purple fog was a kind of wall which isolated the valley from the outside world.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised because he was quite strong and yet he could inspect the valley with his godly awareness. It proved how powerful Zong Mo Valley was when it was still a sect. Even though it had been destroyed, they used to be incredibly powerful. Lin Feng’s curiosity was piqued.

“This time, I need to explore as much as I can,” murmured Lin Feng. Then he flashed and disappeared into the purple fog.


Many people’s expressions changed, looking after him with admiration.

“Someone else went inside. He must be at least a high-level Supreme God,” said a low-level Supreme God. He didn’t know how to differentiate high-level Supreme Gods properly and he thought high-level Supreme Gods were the strongest people in the world.

“A hundred people have gone inside since yesterday. Many high-level Supreme Gods are interested in Zong Mo Valley these days.”

“I hadn’t thought there would be so many high-level Supreme Gods in the continent. I thought that only Emperors of empires and cities were high-level Supreme Gods. We were so wrong,” said another man, sighing and shaking his head. He was learning more and more about the world they lived in.

“Use your brain! Some people have lived for hundreds of thousands of years, you think there are only a few high-level Supreme Gods in this world? Maybe there are hundreds of them!”

“Alright, stop arguing. We are not strong enough to go inside, so let’s look for treasures here.”


Lin Feng was used to the sensation of free falling. He used his Genesis Spiritual strength to protect himself. He was safe that way, even if something suddenly appeared underneath.

Bam! Lin Feng landed in the depths of Zong Mo Valley. He was startled. How deep!

Lin Feng looked up and was stunned. He could see the mountains at the top of the valley, but he couldn’t see the inside of the valley from outside. It was like a gigantic abyssal hole.

Inside, the landscape was diverse. There were mountain and holes, it wasn’t a flatland.

Surprisingly, Zong Mo Valley was a cave. Lin Feng was standing on a hard surface, slightly red… it was dry blood.

Lin Feng touched the dried blood. Then he glanced around and noticed there was dried blood everywhere around him.

Lin Feng sighed. Who had Zong Mo Valley offended back in the days? With four Great Supreme Gods, they had been destroyed. What kind of terrifying cultivator had done that?

“Zong Mo Valley is three thousand li wide and is not divided into districts. The deeper you go, the more dangerous, and at the same time the more opportunities.” Lin Feng read the description on the map. He now had a new target destination: the deepest part of the valley!

Lin Feng glanced around. He was standing in the middle of the cave, and could go in any direction.

“There are no indications regarding the upper part on the map, which means the one who made the map didn’t know much about it. They just vaguely knew what it looked like. That’s a path. I can take that one and go straight.” Lin Feng chose one path.

He put the map away and inspected the surrounding area with his godly awareness, so he didn’t need to worry about someone attacking him by surprise, be it a cultivator or a ghost.


Because of the fog preventing sunlight from coming in, the atmosphere was really gloomy. The stones were bit shiny though. The place looked like Hell.

Lin Feng walked straight for half an hour. He didn’t know how many li he had walked, but usually in thirty minutes he could easily walk hundreds of li.

“Here is neither the hinterland nor the center.”

Tap… tap… 

Lin Feng suddenly heard some steps, but not human ones.

Some of the stones in Zong Mo Valley were extremely corrosive. Other places were thousands of meters across in many places, and apart from stones and purple grass, there was nothing but shiny white skeletons. Also, some parts were so deep that if someone kicked a skull, it could roll down for hundreds of meters.

Lin Feng heard the sound of colliding weapons. Someone was fighting…

Lin Feng looked over a corroded wall; there was a gully there dozens of meters wide.

Lin Feng walked into it and saw two men in black clothes fighting. Their weapons kept emitting metallic sounds. They were both exhausted.

Clang! They both stabbed each other in the chest at the same time. Blood splashed at Lin Feng’s feet. Lin Feng shook his feet, and the blood instantly dried up and stained the ground.

The two corpses collapsed and turned into skeletons.

“What were they fighting over?” Lin Feng walked forwards, kicking their weapons away and saw one of the new skeletons was holding a talisman.

Lin Feng grabbed the talisman and saw it was purple and red, it was faded, but there was one symbol on the talisman written in Di Script, meaning “3”.

What is this?, thought Lin Feng curiously. Were those two people fighting over just a talisman?

Lin Feng smiled indifferently and got ready to toss away the talisman.

“You! Give over the talisman!” Lin Feng heard someone shout. The whole valley trembled. When Lin Feng heard the shout, he decided to keep the talisman he was about to throw away.

He turned around and saw a man standing next to the two new skeletons. He was wearing the same black clothes and had a sword. Lin Feng examined his cultivation level: level one high-level Supreme God.

“What? Is there a problem?” Lin Feng inquired indifferently. He didn’t need to get angry at such a weak cultivator.

“Of course, hand the talisman over,” demanded the proud man aggressively.

Lin Feng’s expression slowly hardened. “What if I don’t?” he asked, shaking the talisman to provoke the man.

“Then you’ll end up like them, as a skeleton!” shouted the man arrogantly.

Did Lin Feng need to fear a level one high-level Supreme God? Lin Feng knew what the man was trying to do, as in the past, he would have thought that a high-level Supreme God was strong too, but Lin Feng had seen so many Half-Great Supreme Gods and Great Supreme Gods already, he knew that Supreme Gods were jokes.

“What do you need this talisman for?” asked Lin Feng.

The man hmphed furiously, “Hurry up and hand the talisman over! Otherwise, I will kill you!”

Lin Feng looked at him absently. He didn’t feel like being magnanimous anymore. If someone does something stupid, then they deserve to die! (Translator’s Note: the expression the author uses here is an expression widely used in video games, it’s internet slang, 不作死,就不会死 )


Blood splashed, and the man died!

Lin Feng looked at the corpse. The man’s eyes were still open, he hadn’t died content. Lin Feng was still holding the talisman as he disappeared.


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