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Chapter 859: Humiliation!


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Everybody wants this talisman, so it must be very useful, thought Lin Feng as he walked along. He saw many other people fighting for this kind of talisman. The battles were fierce, but Lin Feng didn’t participate.

“Lin Feng, this talisman may have something to do with Zong Mo Valley?” Zu Ti asked.

“Probably, since you can find them here. There are numbers written in Di Script on them. On mine, there’s the number 3. Maybe people who had a high social status had such talismans back in the days. But I don’t know why people want them nowadays,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head.

He went deeper and deeper into the valley. Lin Feng also noticed that the stones around him were not corroded anymore. The valley looked more beautiful here; there was more grass, and even more skeletons.

“We’re getting to the depths of the valley,” murmured Lin Feng, continuing with the greatest care. He tried to press on the ground and small holes appeared; people who didn’t have the strength of at least the high-level Supreme God layer couldn’t do the same.

Garuḍa and the Five Heroes of the Ancient Soul Clan were also in the valley. Were they walking in the same direction?

The air grew fresher in the depths of the valley. There was less and less corrosive purple Qi. The valley didn’t look as gloomy anymore, but there were still skeletons everywhere.

The deeper we get, the more skeletons there are. There are ruins there…, thought Lin Feng. He could see ruins everywhere. The rocks used to build them were polished. They were only ruins, but Lin Feng could imagine what the place looked like back in its prime.

“Sometimes, when a sect or a clan gets destroyed, they have no descendants left. This is horrible,” sighed Zu Ti from inside the ring.

The Tai Qing Sect, the Lei Sect, and others all had descendants, which was why they had managed to survive and return to the open. Zong Mo Valley hadn’t been as lucky.

“Back then, Zong Mo Valley was extremely powerful… now its territory is just a huge land filled with skeletons. How sad.” Lin Feng sighed helplessly. This was the sad reality of this world. Strong people didn’t care about weaker people. Destroying a sect or a clan was nothing important in the world.

To Lin Feng, Zong Mo Valley was a powerful sect, but to the one who had destroyed it, maybe it was just a tiny and ordinary sect.

It was a fact. Life was cruel. It was the law of the jungle. It was neither bad nor good, it was just different.

Lin Feng sighed and continued walking. He didn’t sense anything. The talisman he was holding however flashed before returning to normal again.


Time passed slowly. It was probably early in the morning, the time when it was the brightest in the valley.

But in the valley, one couldn’t see the sun because it was blocked by the purple mist. Lin Feng could see crumbling fences and dilapidated walls in front of him now.

The red-stoned edifice was a thousand meters wide. It probably used to be a palace. There was no Qi, it was desolate.

Lin Feng kicked away a few skeletons and walked over to the collapsing palace and entered. When he saw what it looked like inside, he imagine how glorious it must have looked back long ago.

It still looked splendid and glorious. The rocks were blood-red, and there were shiny golden lights. Some pillars made of gold were still standing, too.

The only sad thing was that there was blood everywhere. There had been bloody battles in here, it seemed.

Lin Feng walked over and stood in front of a anvil and shelves with gold on them used to make staves.

Unfortunately, there were no weapons, only the materials to create some.

“Hehe, how sad, Zong Mo Valley used to be so powerful, and now they’ve been wiped off the maps of this world. The Ancient Soul Clan is relatively lucky.”

“Indeed, Zong Mo Valley and the Ancient Soul Clan used to be equivalent in terms of strength back in the days, but now they’re gone.”

Lin Feng heard the Five Heroes talking at that moment. His expression changed. Were there secret rooms in this place?



There was an explosion, and a door slammed opened next to Lin Feng. the Five Heroes came out.

The atmosphere became tense.

“We’re not the only ones here, it seems,” noted the Emperor of the Five Heroes indifferently.

“Isn’t this Mu Feng from the Fa Lan Empire? Mu Feng the young genius?” said another man icily.

They stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng stared back at them. He wasn’t afraid of them, so he didn’t need to hide.



Another door was slammed open. Fa Chun showed up behind the Five Heroes. There were other people as well: Fa Yin and Gu Ying!

“Hey! Mu Feng! Hehe! We’re finally meeting again,” said Fa Yin, grinning sardonically.

He didn’t care about Mu Feng anymore, he had Gu Ying now. He didn’t think Gu Ying was any weaker than Mu Feng because Gu Ying had a powerful background, the Gu Gu Clan. Mu Feng had nothing, he was an independent cultivator.

Fa Chun thought the same. He was now backed up by the Five Heroes, so he didn’t care about Mu Feng anymore. What they didn’t know though was that Mu Feng was the Lin Feng they used to admire so much.

How would they react if they learned that Mu Feng was actually Lin Feng?

Lin Feng glanced at Fa Yin indifferently, then at Gu Ying skeptically. The Gu Gu Clan and the Lun Bi Empire had an agreement, what was he doing in the Fa Lan Empire?

Had tensions arisen between the Gu Gu Clan and the Lun Bi Empire? Was the Fa Lan Empire trying to form new alliances?

“Mu Feng, what are you doing in Zong Mo Valley?” asked Fa Chun unhappily. He wasn’t being considerate anymore.

Lin Feng didn’t look at Fa Chun. He found him too disgusting.

“Mind your own business,” Lin Feng replied indifferently. Then he glanced at the Five Heroes of the Ancient Soul Clan and Gu Ying, smiled, and shook his head. He headed towards another room.

“Stop!” shouted someone loudly.

But Lin Feng didn’t stop, he just walked slower, then turned around, and looked at Fa Chun.

Fa Chun’s face was distorted with hatred. “You are a member of the Fa Lan Empire now, you passed Fa Duo’s test. Since you are a member of the Fa Lan Empire and I am a prince, you have to listen to my orders. I order you to leave Zong Mo Valley, RIGHT NOW!” shouted Fa Chun ferociously.

Lin Feng stared at him icily. “I’ve seen many people like you in my life, and I know what you’re trying to do.”

“We all gave you precious items: the ice eye, the real dragon belt, wood stone; you took everything impolitely, you’re shameless!”

“Hehe, you really passed the exam, but if you look at things from another perspective, you invited yourself, we didn’t look for you or invite you.”

“Mu Feng, since you’re a member of the Fa Lan Empire now, you better listen to me. I am the Great Prince! If you don’t, I won’t be polite anymore,” Fa Chun threatened him. He was trying to humiliate Lin Feng.

Lin Feng wanted to laugh. Fa Chun was ridiculous.

The Five Heroes looked at Lin Feng; Gu Ying, Fa Yin, and all the others looked at Lin Feng, too. Everybody wanted to see how Lin Feng was going to react.

– – – – – –

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