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Chapter 860: Cutting off an Arm!


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“If you repeat that a second time, I won’t forgive you. I’ll forget everything you just said now,” Lin Feng replied icily. He turned around and got ready to leave.

Everybody laughed. They thought Lin Feng was being a coward. Lin Feng wouldn’t let Fa Chun humiliate him a second time.

Lin Feng hated people who considered themselves almighty just because they were Emperors.

Fa Chun acted recklessly; he was probably going to do it a second time…

“Haha! What? You don’t dare fight against me? Haha! Or is it just that you are a man of virtue? Mu Feng, I’m stupid, I should have never given you my wood stone,” spat Fa Chun, then raised his head and laughed.

The Five Heroes looked grim. Lin Feng suddenly looked like a demon. His demon Qi was overpowering…

The Five Heroes’ heartbeats were racing. They knew that one person couldn’t win against Lin Feng. Luckily, they were five…

Gu Ying looked extremely wary. His eyes were ready to fight… but he had the impression that Lin Feng was going to kill the Great Prince.

Fa Chun finally realized there was something wrong. He suddenly saw two bloodshot eyes staring at him and a terrifying demon Qi emerged from Mu Feng.

Mu Feng’s fists crackled loudly.

“What? You would really dare hit me? I am from a prince from the Fa Lan Empire!” scoffed Fa Chun when he saw Lin Feng like that. He felt like he had no other choice but to remind Mu Feng of who he was.

Unfortunately, Lin Feng didn’t care about such things, and even worse, when people threatened him using their social status, they usually died.

Lin Feng disappeared. The Five Heroes’ expressions fell. They glanced around, but couldn’t see Lin Feng. He suddenly appeared in front of Fa Chun and grabbed him by the neck.

Fa Chun finally realized he was in danger, and tried to use his full strength to punch Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng was still holding him by the neck. Fa Chun’s punch was useless against Lin Feng.

Fa Chun started to panic, and looked at the Five Heroes imploringly. However, the Five Heroes just looked cold and detached. They were curious: would Mu Feng dare kill Fa Chun or not?

They wanted to see how strong Mu Feng really was, and they wondered if they were stronger or not.

Fa Chun tried to push Lin Feng’s hands away, his eyes were already red, and he could barely breathe. His heart was pounding, and he had the feeling his veins were going to explode. He regretted he had disrespected Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had never cared about him. Apart from the Emperor and Fa Duo, Lin Feng didn’t fear anyone of their family, especially not the Great Prince.

On top of that, he hated the Great Prince because of what he had done to Yan Ran Xue. Even though Yan Ran Xue wasn’t his wife, Lin Feng didn’t want her to suffer. Naturally, Lin Feng wanted to kill Fa Chun.

Fa Chun’s eyes were bulging and bloodshot. He couldn’t breathe anymore. The pain was becoming unbearable.

“You… Release me!” said Fa Chun hoarsely. He was struggling to talk.

Lin Feng looked at him indifferently, then smiled scornfully. “What? Am I not one of your servants? I should obey your orders?” Lin Feng scoffed.

Fa Chun realized he had made a big mistake. He had forgotten how Mu Feng was, and what Fa Duo had told them on the day when Lin Feng had passed the exam. He wasn’t like the others. He wasn’t just a servant or a slave.

However, it was too late to regret. The Five Heroes were even more excited to see this. They didn’t care about him that much.

Fa Chun regretted, and his eyes began to tear, but he couldn’t do anything anymore now.

“Fa Chun, you didn’t realize that I hadn’t joined the Fa Lan Empire to be protected by and serve you? You think I needed protection? Apart from your father, who can pose a threat to me?” Lin Feng snarled.

“I can kill you easily as if you were an ant. I know you’re a level three high-level Supreme God, but I can still take one of your arms! Do you understand anything about cultivation? I don’t want to do so, but if I want to, I can kill you at anytime,” Lin Feng snorted coldly. He opened his third eye, and a blood-red light appeared. Fa Chun paled. He thought he was going to die.

Lin Feng just released a little bit of strength, and blood filled Fa Chun’s throat. Fa Chun was deathly pale. Was he going to become another skeleton in the valley? He was shaking from head to toe.

The Five Heroes were astonished. How impressive…

Lin Feng grinned. Fa Chun was so nervous that he started hallucinating.

“I’m not going to kill you. I just think you could still be useful. Besides…” Lin Feng trailed off. The Third Prince hadn’t helped with Yan Ran Xue yet, and before saving Yan Ran Xue, Lin Feng couldn’t kill off the Great Prince.

He also needed to wait for the Emperor to stop caring about the Great Prince. Otherwise, he would be furious if Lin Feng killed Fa Chun.

Fa Chun was happy to see Lin Feng didn’t intend to kill him, but things weren’t so simple.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH! My hand!” Fa Chun screamed. His left arm fell down. Lin Feng had cut it off!

Lin Feng threw Fa Chun to the ground. He looked miserable. The Five Heroes walked over to him and crouched down, touching the bone which was sticking out of Fa Chun’s shoulder.

“How cruel!” said the Emperor of the Five Heroes neutrally. Fa Chun felt hopeless.

Fa Yin and Gu Ying looked at Fa Chun mockingly. They now understood how strong Mu Feng was.

“Don’t provoke me. I have no patience. The first time is an arm, the second time will be your worthless life,” Lin Feng said with a frozen smile. Fa Chun was suffering horribly.

Lin Feng disappeared.

The atmosphere became extremely heavy. The Five Heroes looked at Fa Chun’s injuries. They could be healed, he would just be scarred.

Gu Ying watched Lin Feng disappear and smiled. Chu Li had told him that Mu Feng was enigmatic and unfathomable and that on the day Mu Feng revealed his real identity, he would be astonished…  and he would also understand why Mu Feng was so arrogant.

“Fa Yin, this is chalcedony ointment; as long as a person is not dead, it can heal them,” said Gu Ying, taking out a small jar and giving it to Fa Yin.

Fa Chun looked at Gu Ying, astonished; he was giving him some chalcedony ointment for Fa Chun?

Even though Fa Yin wasn’t willing to, he had to do it since Gu Ying was asking him, so he nodded and walked over to Fa Chun.

“This is a precious treasure which belongs to the Gu Gu Clan, chalcedony ointment; it can heal your arm,” said Fa Yin to Fa Chun.

Fa Chun seemed overjoyed and got ready to use it.

Crack! The jar suddenly broke! Fa Chun’s expression fell. He raised his head and looked at the Emperor of the Five Heroes.

The man told Fa Yin icily, “We also have precious medicine in the Ancient Soul Clan. We don’t need the Gu Gu Clan’s help.”

Fa Yin’s heart pounding, he withdrew swiftly. “Brother Gu Ying, I…” Fa Yin didn’t know what to say. What was Gu Ying going to do?

Gu Ying laughed easily. He sent a taunting look at the Five Heroes, and left the palace. Fa Yin naturally followed him.

After they left, Fa Chun looked desperate, but he didn’t dare get angry at the Five Heroes of the Ancient Soul Clan. He just asked, “Why?”

“Didn’t you see Gu Ying’s expression?”


“Your arm has nothing to do with you. By giving you the chalcedony ointment, he was just making fun of us, as if we had nothing to help you. Hehe, unfortunately, he was wrong. We also have precious medicine. Don’t worry, Fa Chun, your arm will be fine in less than three days!

“However, in the future, stop offending Mu Feng, he’s extremely strong. None of us can compete with him,” said the man gravely.

Fa Chun was terrified. Lin Feng could have killed him, what would have happened if he had?

His back was soaked in cold sweat now…

– – – – – –

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