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Chapter 861: Corpse Insects!


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“Lin Feng, it seems like you’re definitely going to kill Fa Chun,” said Zu Ti, coming out. He looked serious. Lin Feng nodded. He did want to kill him, but after having used him.

“Haha! You now understand people can be useful sometimes,” said Zu Ti. He found that amusing. Lin Feng was growing up. In the past, he categorically refused to use people. He was progressing. “But the Five Heroes didn’t do anything, I was surprised. They didn’t seem to care about Fa Chun. Why though?” asked Zu Ti skeptically.

“Easy. The Five Heroes came to the Fa Lan Empire to form an alliance with them, but their group hasn’t told them anything yet, so they can’t make decisions on their own.

“Besides, the Five Heroes don’t like Fa Chun either, just like me. They didn’t mind me teaching him a good lesson. They don’t want to be enemies with me, as there are no tensions between the Ancient Soul Clan and me.

“The Five Heroes have already tried to provoke me a little, but they didn’t go too far, so I don’t need to feel offended for the time being,” Lin Feng analyzed, continuing to walk. There was a gloomy Qi around them, worse than in other rooms. There was even more blood on the ground and dim purple lights.

It smelled like death, and the smell was becoming more and more unbearable as they got into the depths of the palace. Lin Feng had to put his hand on his nose; the putrid smell was horrible.

They arrived in the very back of the palace and finally saw what stank like that: a black coffin with dragon patterns on it. It was five meters long and two meters wide, and it didn’t have a lid.

The coffin was rotten, but not the text and dragon patterns. They were in perfect condition.

Lin Feng and Zu Ti walked up to the coffin and looked inside. They were both surprised. There was nobody inside, and nothing either. It was just empty and smelled horrible. Lin Feng and Zu Ti didn’t understand what was going on.

“Break the coffin and we’ll see,” said Zu Ti. Lin Feng took the Sword of Remote Times, and Zu Ti disappeared inside.

Lin Feng cut with the sword, and there was an explosion. The sound of droning insects spread in the air. Insects appeared, more and more of them, the length of a finger. They looked like spiders, each having a single red eye, quite disgusting.

When the insects saw Lin Feng was alive, they started moving towards him and crawling up. They were not very fast, but Lin Feng looked glum. He stepped back and used the Sword of Remote Times to remove the insects from him, but it seemed useless.

“Right, Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill!” Lin Feng exclaimed, and his blood-red third eye appeared. A light beam appeared and it bombarded a thousand insects.

Lin Feng didn’t stop. Every second, a hundred insects flew away, but more and more insects continued crawling up him, and he didn’t even remove half of them that way.

Lin Feng felt pressured. If he wasn’t mistaken, those insects were corpse insects. They were created in corpses and coffins and fed on living people.

I can’t die like this. I need to think of a solution, thought Lin Feng. He was covered in cold sweat. Too many insects were still crawling up him, on his clothes, on his feet. He tried to stomp on them and ichor splashed, smelling horrible.

Let’s maybe draw the others’ attention. I hope they’re still outside, thought Lin Feng. He flew towards the gate and went back to the previous room.

Luckily, the Five Heroes and Fa Chun weren’t gone. The Five Heroes probably wanted to cure Fa Chun’s arm first.

When Fa Chun saw Lin Feng, he paled again. He thought Lin Feng had changed his mind and wanted to kill him. But this time Lin Feng just wanted to have some fun.

The Five Heroes’ expressions shifted. The Emperor said, “What are you doing here again?”

“Brothers, there are insects here. I can’t defeat them, come and help me,” Lin Feng said honestly.

They looked at him and saw countless insects all over him. Many of them started crawling up on the Five Heroes and Fa Chun. Those on Lin Feng also headed for them since they could sense there weaker people there.

The insects left Lin Feng’s body and moved towards the others. Lin Feng looked at the Five Heroes and Fa Chun, who were starting to be covered with insects.

“Lin Feng, we are not your enemies; why are you doing this to us?!” shouted the Leader of the Five Heroes furiously. Luckily, he had things to get rid of these insects.

“You are here, I’m alone, I can’t fight against those insects alone! Good luck, brothers!” Lin Feng answered with a smile, and fled the palace. There were no insects on him anymore.

Lin Feng went back to destroy the coffin. When the corpse insects appeared, Lin Feng just instantly destroyed them with Genesis Spiritual strength before they even appeared so none of them could get on him.

“Lin Feng, look,” said Zu Ti suddenly. Lin Feng turned around and his eyes narrowed.

The edge of the coffin was broken and a hole had appeared. It was about three meters wide and completely dark.

“What is inside?” Lin Feng wondered with a frown. If he wasn’t mistaken, it was probably the hole the insects had come out of, but now there were none left.

A person could get into that hole. The insects might have made it, but Lin Feng decided he had to go inside.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been in real danger; I hope I’ll be in danger this time. Without danger, I sometimes have the feeling I’m going to turn into a rock,” Lin Feng mused, his curiosity aroused.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng wrapped himself up in Genesis Spiritual strength. With this protective layer, as long as he didn’t bump into a Great Supreme God who wanted to kill him, he was safe.

After that, Lin Feng jumped in. He took out a bright jewel and illuminated his surroundings.

It was a long corridor. The walls were purple, but a bit corroded with marks on them. Lin Feng guessed the insects were the cause.

Lin Feng floated above the ground because there was a poisonous liquid on the floor.

Meanwhile, the Five Heroes were still fighting against the insects. One of them tried to take care of Fa Chun, but the situation was really dangerous for them.

“Mu Feng, the Five Heroes of the Ancient Soul Clan will kill you someday! We definitely will!” shouted one of the Five Heroes. His voice made the whole palace and valley tremble. Many people paled at the sound.

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