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Chapter 862: Army of Demon Corpses?


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“If I am not mistaken, it must be a grave,” said Zu Ti, glancing around. The long purple corridors under the ground were covered in venom, and there were bubbles on the venom, ready to burst.

It wasn’t difficult to understand that it was an ancient grave. It dated back to the destruction of Zong Mo Valley.

Lin Feng didn’t understand. A grave? How strange! When Zong Mo Valley had been destroyed, how did they know they were going to be destroyed? Had they prepared a grave because they knew they were going to be destroyed? Nobody could have prepared a grave for them after their complete destruction…

Therefore, Lin Feng didn’t understand. How had this grave been built? Anyhow, the best thing to do was to continue exploring the depths of the grave and try to find some information.

Lin Feng continued walking. Zu Ti followed him, both of them moving with the greatest care.

The corridor was ten thousand meters long. After ten minutes, they reached the end of the corridor and arrived in an ancient grave containing a demoniac Qi. The walls were made of gold and cyan stones. There were over a hundred pillars inside it, all of different sizes, and also many coffins of different sizes.

A terrifying Qi rose from the coffins. Lin Feng and Zu Ti were surrounded by them as they began to float around.

“I’ve never seen such a grave,” said Zu Ti sighed. He had spent ten thousand years in San Zun’s grave. He was familiar with San Zun’s grave, but not others.

Zong Mo Valley used to be a powerful and mysterious sect, but not many people knew about it. Lin Feng and Zu Ti continued walking forwards. Lin Feng and Zu Ti realized even more how mysterious Zong Mo Valley was.

“There’s nobody inside. Let’s open the coffins to see what’s inside,” Lin Feng said boldly. He wanted to see what was inside the coffins, and why the coffins were floating around like this.

“Aren’t you afraid that there could be corpse insects in all of them?” asked Zu Ti, smiling mockingly.

Lin Feng grinned easily. “If there are corpse insects in them, then you’ll deal with them. Haha!”

“Oh, you little boy, haha!…” Zu Ti just laughed when Lin Feng made fun of him.

Lin Feng laughed, and walked closer to a wall. His smile turned into a serious expression. He punched a coffin with his left hand. There was an explosion as a pillar blew apart, and the coffin fell down.

Lin Feng jumped aside and caught the coffin. It was extremely heavy, a hundred thousand jin. Lin Feng was surprised.

What is inside? 

Lin Feng put the coffin on the ground carefully; dust plumed and floated all around. When the dust disappeared, Lin Feng stared at the coffin and got ready. If there was anything unusual, Lin Feng would be able to react quickly.

Zu Ti stood a thousand meters away and stared at the coffin intently.

Lin Feng put his hands on the lid and slowly lifted it up. Creak! Lin Feng wrenched it with full force. There was a bang, and the lid of the coffin fell down on the ground, revealing what was inside.

A black smoke emerged and dispersed while crackling and spluttering. The smoke quickly disappeared, and Lin Feng finally saw what was inside. He was stupefied.

Inside was a person wrapped up in silver cloth. However, he couldn’t see the person’s five sensory organs.

Nothing dangerous happened. The person was dead, a corpse, and didn’t move.

Zu Ti walked closer to the coffin. When he saw what it contained, he was astonished. A corpse wrapped up in a silver cloth? Who was this?

“Let’s open up the silver shroud and see,” Lin Feng said. The silver shroud seemed to contain the corpse of a tall and sturdy man. Lin Feng unwrapped the corpse until he could see him clearly. He was at least two meters tall and his skin was purple. His teeth were blood-red. His eyes looked enigmatic, but empty. He was quite dead.

Lin Feng inspected that person’s strength. His heart started pounding violently: level three high-level Supreme God layer! He was extremely strong!

Lin Feng came to the conclusion that that person was not a human. Humans didn’t have purple skin, blood-red teeth, and such strange eyes, and were rarely two meters tall.

“It’s a demon corpse,” said Zu Ti, as Lin Feng was lost in thought. Lin Feng’s looked at Zu Ti with his eyes wide.

“It’s just a guess. I’ve read about demon corpses in ancient books. Three hundred thousand years ago, there were a hundred and eight demon corpses. Their leader was an incredibly strong and mysterious cultivator. Under his orders, the hundred and eight demon corpses seemed almost invincible. They kept winning battles. At some point, that army used to rule over half of the continent.

“I don’t know why their leader suddenly disappeared, and right after, the hundred and eight demon corpses also disappeared. I don’t know where they went. After that, San Zun appeared and started ruling over the whole continent.

“Back in the days, San Zun had an army; they were called San’s Ghosts, but they only had a hundred level two high-level Supreme Gods. I hadn’t thought I would see demon corpses in Zong Mo Valley though…” said Zu Ti. He seemed completely shaken. He had only read about demon corpses in ancient books, but seeing them was completely different.

“There are a hundred and eight coffins in this room,” Lin Feng said, glancing around. Did they contain the demon corpses who used to be almost invincible back in ancient times?

Lin Feng jumped again, and punched two more coffins. There were two explosions. Crack! The coffins exploded and two silhouettes appeared, also in silver shrouds. Lin Feng unwrapped the corpses; same purple skin, blood-red teeth, two meters tall…

Lin Feng hurriedly broke all the coffins and unwrapped all the corpses.

Lin Feng Zu Ti looked around. There were a hundred and eight demon corpses around them. Lin Feng studied them. Suddenly, Lin Feng looked valiant and heroic, as if he were their leader. He could imagine himself ruling over the whole world with such an army.

Lin Feng had an idea. If he could use these hundred and eight demon corpses who had the strength of the level three high-level Supreme God layer, wouldn’t he be able to conquer the world?

Over a hundred level three high-level Supreme Gods; no matter where, that was a terrifying number! Even if they bumped into one or two Great Supreme Gods, the hundred and eight level three high-level Supreme Gods would be able to defeat them.

However, it was just a thought, because Lin Feng couldn’t really control those demon corpses. If he found a method to use them, wouldn’t it be dangerous?

Lin Feng looked hesitant and helpless.

Zu Ti knew what Lin Feng was thinking, so he smiled thinly and shook his head. He knew it was impossible.

“Lin Feng, since you can’t control them, put them in your ring at least. If someone sees them, there could be another bloody battle.”


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