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Chapter 863: Fighting Against the Five Heroes of the Ancient Soul Clan!


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“Besides, I think that there must be a way to control them. Study them properly and you may find a way,” said Zu Ti. Lin Feng’s expression firmed up; he raised his head and glanced around. Apart from the coffins, there were also ancient words carved into the walls of the grave. Translating them would take some time.

“I’ll put them away first,” agreed Lin Feng. He raised his arms, the demon corpses started rotating in the air, and in the end Lin Feng put them in his spirit world.

In his spirit world, the Genesis Spiritual strength was extremely powerful. Maybe the Genesis Spiritual strength in his spirit world could help the demon corpses recover. If they woke up, Lin Feng didn’t need to worry, because he was the ultimate ruler in his spirit world. He had killed Xie Mu in there, so he could do almost anything.

“Maybe the ancient words are related to the demon corpses, we need to translate them,” proposed Zu Ti. Lin Feng nodded. That’s exactly what he wanted to do!

Lin Feng took out the book Supreme God Zi Dian had given to him. Lin Feng and Zu Ti then opened the dictionary and then started comparing what was written on the walls to the words in the dictionary.

“I can feel a presence,” Lin Feng frowned suddenly. There were people in the corridor.

“Indeed. Shall we hide?” asked Zu Ti. He could hear steps and sense some Qi. He had lived in a grave for a very long time, so his perceptions were even more acute. He just couldn’t believe that Lin Feng had felt a presence before him. How strong!

“Apart from the Five Heroes from the Ancient Soul Clan, there are other people. I think Garuḍa is there too, but on the other side,” Lin Feng said, not intending to hide. He didn’t need to hide from the Five Heroes of the Ancient Soul Clan because there were no tensions between them. He continued reading and translating the ancient words on the walls.

After a short time, the Five Heroes of the Ancient Soul Clan showed up in the grave. Great Prince Fa Chun wasn’t with them anymore.

When the Five Heroes saw Lin Feng, flames of fury appeared in their eyes.

“Hmph! Enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road, Mu Feng!” shouted one of the Five Heroes ferociously.

“Brothers, thank you for your help. I feel grateful that you helped defeat those corpse insects,” Lin Feng replied, smiling broadly when he saw they were angry.

When the Five Heroes saw Lin Feng smiled, they were even angrier. They all clenched their fists and Qi started humming.

“What are your names, brothers?” asked Lin Feng. When he saw the five of them still looked angry and were clenching their fists, he decided to solve the issue with strength. But first, he continued smiling and asked them for their names.

“I’m the first one, Hun Qiang!” shouted the Leader of the Five Heroes impatiently.

“I’m the second one, Hun Dong!”

“I’m the third one, Hun Li!”

“I’m the fourth one, Hun Mai!”

“I’m the fifth one, Hun Sheng!”

“Nice names, brothers!” Lin Feng nodded blandly.

“What is that supposed to mean?” asked Hun Qiang icily.

“Uh… nothing?” Lin Feng answered whimsically.

“You don’t know how strong we are, so you make fun of us. Today, we’ll show you how strong we are! That way, when we meet in the future, you won’t humiliate us again!” swore Hun Qiang ferociously, his Qi growing fiercer and fiercer. The other four heroes also came closer and stopped at Hun Qiang’s sides.

The Qi of the five of them was impressive. When Lin Feng saw that, he got a little more serious. They were quite strong. They weren’t easy to defeat, but then again, what was the point in fighting people who were easy to defeat?

Hun Qiang and the others charged Lin Feng. Their Qi was incredible. Lin Feng remained in place, he didn’t move at all. Even when they surrounded him, he didn’t move.

When Hun Qiang saw that Lin Feng looked so indifferent, his expression fell. He shouted furiously, “Let’s see if you can afford to remain that indifferent! AHHH!”

Hun Qiang threw a punch at Lin Feng. It looked like a demonic beast charging out. Hun Li also threw a punch from the other side.

Hun Dong was on the right, Hun Mai on the left, Hun Sheng above Lin Feng. Lin Feng was being attacked from every side. They didn’t want to give him any opportunity to escape, so they tried to oppress him as much as they could. If Lin Feng panicked even for a single second, his life would be in danger.

But Lin Feng didn’t attack, he just waited. He wanted to see how long he could resist their attacks. When the energies seemed like they were going to destroy him, he knew he had to act.

Dazzling golden lights emerged from Lin Feng. The Five Heroes could barely see anymore. Hun Li and Hun Sheng narrowed their eyes, but Lin Feng laughed at them, “HAHAHAH! The Five Heroes aren’t that strong!”

Bam! Lin Feng threw punches, starting with an uppercut at Hun Sheng, who was blown away and crashed against a wall. Lin Feng took advantage of that opportunity to break free from the encirclement. At the same time, he kicked Hun Li.

“You want to die!” shouted Hun Qiang furiously. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so good at strategy. Their plan had been ruined.

Hun Qiang didn’t like seeing some of the Five Heroes get forced back so easily. When one of them was injured, the four of them also got injured. They formed a perfect group when they were five, not less. Before this fight, Hun Qiang thought their battle would end up in a draw.

Hun Qiang threw more punches at Lin Feng’s head. But Lin Feng moved too quickly and appeared behind him. Hun Qiang turned his head, disappeared as well, and reappeared on Lin Feng’s side.

The two people were using their most powerful attacks. Energies kept colliding.

Phwap, phwap! The whole room trembled. Some pieces of the walls started falling down. Lin Feng was suddenly panic-stricken because he hadn’t finished translating the ancient texts on the walls.

“We can’t continue fighting. It’s not the right place!” whispered Lin Feng to himself seriously.

Their fists collided, they were both pushed away but then they collided again. Everybody could see the two fighters collide unceasingly.

Boom! A punch reached Lin Feng’s chest. His fist also hit Hun Qiang. They were both pushed back.

Tap, tap, tap! Hun Qiang was driven back three steps and looked grim. His chest hurt, but he tried not to show it, he didn’t want anyone to know he was in pain.

Lin Feng faced him. His Qi hadn’t changed. He just looked rather serious.

“The grave is not a suitable place for a fight. If you want, we can fight later when we go out. I would feel honored to have a battle against the Five Heroes,” Lin Feng smiled. Hun Sheng stood up, but the others didn’t look at him. Everybody looked neutral, indicating they didn’t feel humiliated anymore.

“Alright, I’m sure we’ll meet again,” said Hun Qiang, nodding stiffly. The five of them disappeared into the corridor.

Lin Feng was relieved. He coughed a few times and put his hand on his chest. It really hurt.

“Hun Qiang is quite strong. The others are so-so…” Lin Feng sighed.

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