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Chapter 864: The Origin of the Demon Corpses!


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There were strength differences between the five heroes. However, Hun Qiang, the oldest one, represented seventy percent of their total strength, which meant that in a real battle, if Hun Qiang was defeated, then the Five Heroes would definitely lose.

Lin Feng now understood how strong they were. Hun Qiang could compete with him, but not the four others, they were simply not up to par.

“Many words disappeared during the ifhgt, but we can still translate the rest.” Lin Feng looked at the walls and noticed many words had been destroyed, but he still wanted to translate the rest.

“Master, you do that side, I’ll do this side,” Lin Feng said to Zu Ti. They continued translating the ancient words on the walls. Lin Feng was excited so he worked as quickly as he could.


Fa Lan Empire, the Heaven and Earth Temple…

The Emperor was seated on his throne, his hands on his legs. He looked at Great Prince Fa Chun icily.

“Speak! I told you to go to the border city to help the Third Prince; what are you doing here and why do you look so miserable?” shouted the Emperor furiously. Fa Chun had lost an arm; it had regrown, but his Qi was still unstable so the Emperor could guess what had happened.

Fa Chun had taken a huge risk; the Emperor understood that Fa Chun was ready to do anything for his own personal interests and didn’t care about Fa Xuan at all.

The Emperor had never paid attention to Fa Xuan, and now Fa Xuan was taking huge risks for the Fa Lan Empire. He was even ready to sacrifice himself for the empire. The Emperor was slowly starting to change his mind regarding his children.

“Father, I wanted to help the Five Heroes; you said we needed alliances, if we could be allies with the Ancient Soul Clan, wouldn’t it be great? I didn’t want to miss such an opportunity!

“The border city is not that big, and Fa Xuan is there to protect it. Even if we lose that territory, so what? An alliance with the Ancient Soul Clan would be more important and more beneficial.

“Father, you have to understand that the Ancient Soul Clan is extremely strong; as strong as the Ancient Xuan Clan and the Ancient Beast Clan, if not more! The border city is useless, a powerful alliance isn’t,” said Fa Chun resolutely. He didn’t notice that the Emperor looked really angry, and wasn’t just pretending.

“Reporting!” A disciple suddenly entered the room. The atmosphere turned ice-cold. The disciple was holding a white cloth with words written with blood on it.

“Report, Emperor, this letter is from the border city,” said the disciple, putting the letter in front of the Emperor, and quickly leaving.

The Emperor quickly started reading the letter. Fa Xuan had written it with blood. It was the first time the Emperor was worried about Fa Xuan.

When he saw the contents, he felt even more guilty, and he despised Fa Chun even more.

Emperor, the troops and I have been protecting the border city for four days. The enemies came with eight hundred soldiers, including six hundred low-level Supreme Gods, and a hundred and ninety medium-level Supreme Gods. The ten remaining fighters of the Ri Guang Empire are level two high-level Supreme Gods and level three high-level Supreme Gods.

We needed reinforcements, but you didn’t reply in a timely manner, so they have conquered the border city again. Now, three hundred disciples and I are trapped in the middle and we can’t break free, so I wrote this letter for you.

Please, send backup, or we won’t be able to protect this territory anymore.

The Emperor couldn’t control himself anymore when he read that letter, and he hammered the table with his fist. Then he looked at Fa Chun with disgust and fury.

“You fucking asshole! I told you to go to the border city. Now, Fa Xuan and his servants are trapped! You have three days to go and save him, otherwise, I will remove your status of Great Prince. Hmph!” shouted the Emperor furiously. The whole palace trembled. He left the Heaven and Earth Temple without glancing at Fa Chun.

Fa Chun was shaking from head to foot. When the Emperor disappeared, he stood up and walked over to the table. He read the letter and his expression suddenly changed.

I hadn’t thought things would be that bad, thought Fa Chun. He was dumbstruck. He hadn’t thought such a big war would happen over the border city. If he had known, he wouldn’t have gone to Zong Mo Valley with the Five Heroes of the Ancient Soul Clan, and Mu Feng wouldn’t have cut his arm off.

Thinking about Mu Feng’s scornful look, Fa Chun regretted everything.

He remembered when he had made fun of Mu Feng and tried to humiliate him… Did he want to be enemies with someone like him?

Gods… Three days?, thought Fa Chun, forcing a smile and shaking his head. He had three days to save Fa Xuan and his servants… Easier said than done. But he had to go anyway…

I have to ask the Five Heroes of the Ancient Soul Clan for help, thought Fa Chun, sighing. He quickly left the Heaven and Earth Temple, but didn’t take what the Emperor had told him to heart. How could the Emperor deprive him of his Great Prince title? He was a genius after all!

On the contrary, he was convinced that the Emperor was trying to push him because he loved him, and was giving him an opportunity. However, things weren’t that simple…


During those three days, Lin Feng and Zu Ti continued translating the ancient script on the walls. They could already understand a part of it. Lin Feng was extremely happy because it was related to the demon corpses. There were even hints on how to control demon corpses and make them stronger.

There was still a part they hadn’t managed to translate because the script it was written in wasn’t in the book Zi Dian had given to him, so Lin Feng and Zu Ti gave up. At least, they had already translated a big part of it.

Demon corpses appeared billions of years ago in the Country of Eternity. Back in the days, it took them two weeks to conquer the west of the continent, but then two weeks later they disappeared.

A second army of demon corpses appeared in the Country of Eternity eight hundred thousand years ago. That time, it took them two months to conquer the Country of Eternity and they managed to rule over it for a hundred years. Their empire became one of the strongest ones in history, the Demon Empire.”

However, it only lasted for a hundred years. The third time demon corpses appeared, it was six hundred thousand years ago. That time, the army was attacked by more and more humans and nothing much happened.

The last time they appeared was about two-three hundred thousand years ago. The demon corpse army reappeared. This time, their Emperor was a terrifying creature with ox horns, a snake head, and a horse body, wielding a spear. That army killed billions and billions of people. The became the strongest army in history.

“But then the demon corpse army disappeared without trace once again, along with some extremely strong cultivators.

“The last time they appeared was two hundred thousand years ago?” When Zu Ti heard that, he was surprised because he remembered things from back then, but he hadn’t heard of them.

Two hundred thousand years ago, Zong Mo Valley recruited the hundred and eight demon corpses and got ready to use the most outstanding demon corpses. They wanted to rule over the world, but at that time, a mysterious influential group and cultivator appeared and destroyed Zong Mo Valley overnight.

But after killing Zong Mo Valley, that person didn’t find the hundred and eight demon corpses and left empty handed.


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