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Chapter 865: Method of Control!


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“The mysterious influential group and cultivator didn’t find the grave. Maybe the grave didn’t exist back then, in which case someone must have built it afterwards,” Lin Feng said after a long time. He hadn’t found anything about the grave in the texts. The demon corpses had shown up so many times in history. Lin Feng was very interested now.

“Maybe we’ll find out more about all this later. No need to be impatient,” said Zu Ti, smiling wryly. Lin Feng also smiled helplessly. There were so many secrets, he couldn’t know everything. How had Zong Mo Valley been destroyed? What about the other ancient sects and clans? Who was strong enough to completely destroy Great Supreme Gods?

“Study the demon corpses, you’re more interested in them,” advised Zu Ti. He put a sheet in front of Lin Feng; it was his translation.

Lin Feng reached out to grab the sheet, but Zu Ti smiled mockingly and pulled it away at the last moment. What a teasing old fart! Lin Feng smiled wryly. He knew that Lin Feng couldn’t wait to learn how to control those demon corpses.

“Alright, I’m joking. Here you are,” Zu Ti laughed loudly, giving the paper to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng took it and read everything. His face began to glow. He realized how terrifying the demon corpses were, and there were also indications regarding how to control demon corpses.

“The person who wants to control demon corpses just has to drop a drop of their blood in the demon corpses’ eyes. When the eyes become bright and shiny red, it means the method of control was successful.

“However, the strength of the one who controls them, is important too. If the person who tries to control them is only a level two high-level Supreme God, then the demon corpses will also have the strength of the level two high-level Supreme God layer.

“But if a Great Supreme God controls them, the hundred and eight demon corpses will also be Great Supreme Gods. That must be incredible…

“The person’s strength determines how strong the demon corpses are. They can turn into an all-conquering army if the person who controls them is strong enough.”

Lin Feng used his own words to repeat what he had just read. He was astonished. If Lin Feng had the strength of the level four high-level Supreme God layer, then the demon corpses would also have the strength of the level four high-level Supreme God layer?

If he broke through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer, then the demon corpses would also have the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer! If he had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer and had a hundred and eight Half-Great Supreme Gods with him, wouldn’t he be able to ruler over the entire Country of Eternity?

Lin Feng felt incredibly lucky. This was one of the greatest opportunities of his entire life. He had found demon corpses, and then he had found a way to control them.

Lin Feng couldn’t imagine what would happen after putting a drop of his blood in all the demon corpses’ eyes. Did he need to wait and break through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer? The first thing he would do would be to completely destroy the Ancient Demonic Clan…

Lin Feng took a deep breath and put the sheet away. He glanced at Zu Ti. Zu Ti nodded and disappeared into Lin Feng’s space ring again. Lin Feng glanced around. Apart from the coffins and the text on the walls, there was nothing else important in here.

Lin Feng got ready to leave the grave and Zong Mo Valley. He first walked back into the corridor, came out, and then left the palace. When he left the palace, there was even more purple fog outside. Lin Feng flew back as fast as he could.

Lin Feng was confused by everything. Who was the mysterious cultivator who had destroyed Zong Mo Valley? Was everything already determined by fate and destiny, or was there someone who was really stronger than anyone else in this world?

Lin Feng had been cultivating for such a long time. He had broken through to the Supreme Holy King layer, then the Holy Emperor layer, then the Holy Spirit Emperor, then the Godly Emperor layer, then the Supreme God layer, and now he knew the Great Supreme God layer also existed, so he couldn’t be sure there was nothing after the Great Supreme God layer.

Cultivation was a long process, but was there an end? If it was endless, then what was the point?

Lin Feng was really confused regarding the different cultivation levels. How many more cultivation layers were there above his own? And if there were many, or even an infinity, then how could life be enjoyable? Wouldn’t it be boring? What would be the difference between a cultivator’s life and an ordinary person’s life? Wasn’t it just a matter of strength then, without any other meaning?

Lin Feng wanted to reach a limit. That’s why Lin Feng enjoyed his life, because he had an ultimate goal. He didn’t want to practice cultivation endlessly without any purpose.

At the beginning, Lin Feng was happy to discover cultivation and become stronger, but with time, he had gotten bored. Then he had thought he had become the strongest cultivator in the world… only to discover there were other worlds, and then he had had new goals.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and flew towards the Imperial City of the Fa Lan Empire. Three days had already passed. Fa Xuan was probably already done with the plan, and if the Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire attached importance to Fa Xuan, then Lin Feng would be able to release Yan Ran Xue.

And then he would be done solving that issue. Lin Feng wasn’t too nervous about it.

And even if there was a problem, Lin Feng had a hundred and eight demon corpses. With them, he could easily defeat a Great Supreme God.

“Haha! No matter where you go, you can’t be defeated anymore. If you want, you can now pose a threat to any ancient sect or clan. Don’t you feel like that change is so sudden? Don’t you feel overwhelmed?” asked Zu Ti from inside the ring. He was teasing Lin Feng.

When Lin Feng heard that, he grinned and said, “I get excited for a few seconds now and then, but all in all, I’m used to this life.”

Lin Feng smiled, Zu Ti laughed wholeheartedly, “Haha! It’s good to be used to it. You’re a brave and confident young man. I like you.”

“I don’t like men, especially old men.”

“You… You…”

“Haha! I’m joking. We’re kind of friends now, otherwise I wouldn’t joke like that,” Lin Feng said laughing cheerfully.

“Bullshit. You’re like this with everyone. Anyway, back in the days, when I was young, women loved me. I have so many grandsons and descendants, I don’t know where they all are.”

“I see…” Lin Feng answered, heading towards the Imperial City. He wasn’t used to hearing the old man show off. It was the first time!


After a short time, Lin Feng arrived in the Imperial City, and entered the Imperial Palace. The guards knew Lin Feng, so they let him pass.

Lin Feng flew towards the Heaven and Earth Temple; the Emperor was usually there.

“Brothers, can you please tell the Emperor I’d like to see him,” Lin Feng smiled. When Lin Feng arrived at the door, some disciples had prevented him from going inside.

The disciples all knew Lin Feng, but they all pulled long faces.

“Prince Mu Feng, we don’t want to prevent you from going inside, but the Emperor is extremely angry and told us not to let anyone in, not even Fa Duo. You can imagine how furious he is.

“Therefore, don’t insist please. Go back for now, and when we have news, I’ll personally come to you to tell you you can come over. Alright?” said the main disciple imploringly. He had received an order, but he didn’t want to infuriate Lin Feng either.

Lin Feng was surprised. What had happened?

“It’s alright. Let me in. If the Emperor wants to punish you, I’ll tell him it’s all my fault,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head. He patted the disciple’s shoulder and entered the Heaven and Earth Temple. By the time the disciple reacted, Lin Feng was already inside.

The atmosphere in the Heaven and Earth Temple was gloomy and oppressive. The Qi of the Great Supreme God layer had filled the whole room. Lin Feng felt pressured and had the impression his head was going to explode, but he released some Genesis Spiritual strength to protect himself.

“Piss off! I said nobody could come in! Piss off!” shouted the Emperor. His back was turned to Lin Feng, so he didn’t see him. His Qi was unstable because he was infuriated. It felt daunting.

When Lin Feng heard him, he laughed. “Master, what infuriated you? You can tell me,” Lin Feng smiled. The Emperor’s expression suddenly changed. He turned around and when he saw it was Mu Feng, he looked much more relaxed suddenly.

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