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Chapter 866: Please, Save Him!


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“You dared come in? You weren’t afraid I would kill you in anger?” asked the Emperor coldly.

Lin Feng smiled calmly. “Master, with your strength and godly awareness, you knew I was here, so you knew I was going to come in. Don’t pretend to be angry.”

The Emperor wanted to say something, but Lin Feng had understood his plan, so he blushed.

“You’re better than my son,” said the Emperor, sighing sadly. Why didn’t he have a son like Mu Feng? The Great Prince was selfish and dumb. He just thought about his own interests all the time.

When Lin Feng heard the Emperor, he understood what had happened. If he wasn’t mistaken, Fa Xuan’s plan had worked and the Emperor was furious at Great Prince Fa Chun; he didn’t trust him anymore.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng smiled and sounded him out, “Your third son is a good boy, though.”

“It’s not my third son. I have four children, but you have never seen the third one,” said the Emperor hastily. Lin Feng was now convinced that the Emperor had changed his mind regarding Fa Xuan.

Lin Feng smiled. The Emperor was surprised by what he had just said; it was the first time he had said he had four sons. He said so now because he attached importance to Fa Xuan.

“Master, why were you angry?” asked Lin Feng. If the Emperor replied, then Lin Feng would understand if he was right or not.

When the Emperor heard Lin Feng, he raised his head and looked at him grimly; he clenched his fists and was angry again.

“Fa Chun and a thousand servants went to save Third Prince Fa Xuan; before they arrived, the members of the Ri Guang Empire attacked them. Fa Chun escaped, but all the servants who have the strength of the low-level and medium-level Supreme God layers are all being held captive now,” shouted the Emperor furiously. He hammered his throne with his fist. The throne almost exploded.

Lin Feng wanted to laugh… Fa Chun with a thousand cultivators had been defeated, and then he had come back? Lin Feng would have killed Fa Chun if he had been the Emperor.

“What about the Third Prince?” asked Lin Feng, pretending he didn’t understand.

The Emperor sighed and smiled wryly, “Don’t mention him, Fa Xuan is imprisoned. The strong cultivators of the Ri Guang Empire isolated him; it’s impossible to save him now.”

The Emperor looked worried and sad at that moment. He was worried about his third son and his safety.

Lin Feng knew that he just needed to push the Emperor a little bit more, and the Emperor would consider his third son the best one. He just wanted his third son to come home safe and sound now. He wouldn’t be worried anymore then.

In such circumstances, Lin Feng would be able to use Fa Xuan for his own interests, namely to save Yan Ran Xue. Lin Feng knew using other people for his own personal interests wasn’t kind, but he didn’t mind, especially that it wouldn’t cause any harm to Fa Xuan.

“Mu Feng, I have a question. I know it’s very inconvenient,” began the Emperor suddenly as Lin Feng was lost in thought.

Lin Feng raised his eyes and looked at the Emperor; he noticed the Emperor looked excited. Lin Feng didn’t understand and asked, “Master, how may I help you?”

“Mu Feng, can… can you go and save Fa Xuan? If you save him, I will do anything for you,” said the Emperor. He sounded worried. He initially didn’t know his third son was so outstanding; he didn’t want to lose him, and if he chose his third son as the successor to the throne, then the Fa Lan Empire would do well.

Now that Fa Xuan was in danger, the Emperor understood that. He couldn’t go himself, because a battle between Great Supreme Gods would start.

The Ri Guang Empire didn’t only have an imperial family; they also had the Tai Qing Sect, the strongest of all ancient sects. If he offended the Tai Qing Sect, then they would dispatch three Great Supreme Gods and the Fa Lan Empire would be doomed.

Therefore, he couldn’t take that risk. The ancestor of the Fa Lan Empire and the Emperor only intervened when the Fa Lan Empire was in immediate danger.

The Emperor looked at Lin Feng excitedly. He really hoped Lin Feng would accept. It would be wonderful if Lin Feng saved Fa Xuan.

Lin Feng looked hesitant, but he was laughing on the inside. He had planned everything himself. Everything was going according to the plan.

Now, if he came back with Fa Xuan, nobody would be surprised, because the Emperor had asked him to go and save him.

And if Lin Feng decided to get close to Fa Xuan and not the other princes, nobody would have any doubts why, either.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng nodded and said, “Don’t worry, Master, I will do my best to save Third Prince Fa Xuan.”

“Really?” asked the Emperor. He was overjoyed.

“Of course. I’ll go to the border city right now to save Third Prince Fa Xuan, then,” Lin Feng nodded.

The Emperor looked gratified. Since Mu Feng had agreed, then he could calm down. Lin Feng was strong enough to kill a few level three high-level Supreme Gods. He could even compete with level four high-level Supreme Gods.

Therefore, Lin Feng was the best choice to go and save Fa Xuan. The Emperor also intended to ask hundreds of Supreme Gods to go with Lin Feng, but Lin Feng refused.

“Why?” asked the Emperor skeptically. He didn’t know why Lin Feng refused. Why wouldn’t he want some people to help? The more people he had to help him, the more chances to succeed.

“Master, just give me the precise location and leave the rest to me. To be honest, I don’t trust servants. I prefer fighting alone. Since you trust me and think I am strong enough to save Third Prince Fa Xuan, then leave it to me,” Lin Feng said, smiling confidently.

When the Emperor heard that, he nodded approvingly.

“Master, I think that I should be able to bring Third Prince Fa Xuan back safe and sound in at most three days,” Lin Feng said, bowing hand over fist. The Emperor gave him a map, and Lin Feng left the Heaven and Earth Temple.

The border city was thirty million li away from the Imperial City. Lin Feng needed a whole day to arrive. Lin Feng couldn’t fly at the speed of light.

To fly at the speed of light, a cultivator had to pay the price. Even with a Genesis Spiritual Body, he couldn’t do that at any time. He could flash for only for a few seconds during battles.


Time passed quickly. Lin Feng flew for ten hours and finally arrived at the edge of the border area. He could already smell blood. There were crumbling fences and dilapidated walls everywhere… and blood, too.

The borderland area was only a thousand of li wide, quite tiny, but it was already big enough for a border city.

At the beginning, Lin Feng thought it would be a desolate area, but it wasn’t, it was an actual city. Even though it was destroyed, it was much better than the Great Village in San City.

The Third Prince, Fa Xuan, had lived here almost his entire life, so it wasn’t a bad life. He had been thrown away from the Imperial City, but at least he hadn’t lived in such a horrible place.

Lin Feng was annoyed, because Fa Xuan wasn’t that weak. With servants and intelligence, how come he had failed?

Or was there something he didn’t know? Maybe there was something he didn’t know?

Lin Feng continued flying forwards as fast as he could when he thought about that. He flew above an emerald green forest. There were no animals in the forest though, it just smelled like blood.

“If I am not mistaken, this should be where Fa Xuan is imprisoned,” murmured Lin Feng.

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