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Chapter 867: A Bold Guess!


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At night, the place seemed abnormally calm. It maybe meant that there was something wrong. Lin Feng sensed something cold behind him, it felt like a gloomy energy. It wasn’t pleasant at all.

Lin Feng looked around him and closed his eyes. There was something wrong, as if some people were watching him.

“Master, do you feel anything, as if there was an abnormal Qi?” Lin Feng asked Zu Ti telepathically.

The old man didn’t reply. Lin Feng was sure someone was watching him but in the dark forest, it was difficult to see anything.

“Be careful,” advised Zu Ti gravely. He was just a level two high-level Supreme God, so he couldn’t really help Lin Feng. He could just use his experience to give him pieces of advice.

When Lin Feng heard Zu Ti, he remained focused and glanced around, but quickly, he relaxed and looked for a calm place to sit down.

“If I can’t find Fa Xuan, how am I supposed to save him?” The emperor isn’t that smart, he made me come here without even knowing what was really going on, thought Lin Feng.

“Damn it! If nobody shows up, then I’ll just sleep here!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He kicked a boulder away, then pretended to look furious and laid down.

Thousands of meters away, in a place where trees even denser than there, a man stood, his head  swollen. He had big wounds and he was bleeding.

The man put his hands above his head and looked furious when he saw the boulder. However, the leader of the group winked at him so the man had to remain silent. He couldn’t reveal his real identity.

“The item the Tai Qing Sect gave us to hide our Qi is very useful,” whispered a disciple with a smile.

The army looked vigilant. They were all watching Lin Feng in the distance. When they saw Lin Feng lay down, they were relieved.

“Don’t say anything. If anyone finds us, all our previous efforts will be spoiled. The empire told us to conquer this place because there is something the empire wants here.

“Keep quiet and focus. It’s nighttime now, so let’s go and see,” he said, pointing to Lin Feng, who was lying down.

Lin Feng pretended to sleep. His Qi was extremely weak. He didn’t want other people to find him, just the ones who were watching him. Since they didn’t want to show up, then Lin Feng had to attract them.


Time passed slowly. Late at night, the forest was even gloomier. There was no light at all. At that moment, a group of men in black and green clothes slowly drew closer to Lin Feng who was “sound asleep”.

The leader of the group glanced at Lin Feng, but apart from the snoring visitor, he couldn’t hear anything else. Lin Feng’s face had already changed, he looked vile and ugly.

“How strong is he?” asked the leader of the group.

The leader inspected Lin Feng’s strength and then he shook his head indifferently, “Low-level Supreme God; in other words, cannon fodder.”

“A low-level Supreme God? Let’s kill him then,” said a man, smiling mockingly when he heard that.

When Lin Feng heard that, he was astonished. Were low-level Supreme Gods considered that weak in the Country of Eternity?

“Nah, maybe we can use him. Let’s knock him out and go,” said the leader of the group, shaking his head.

The others all nodded approvingly. The man who wanted to kill Lin Feng had no choice but to nod. Then he walked up to Lin Feng and said, “Let me knock him out.”

“Don’t kill him,” the leader of the group said in annoyance.

“I won’t. I will not use my full strength,” said the man, smiling excitedly. Then he clenched his fists and punched Lin Feng’s head. Lin Feng’s head became loose. He did it on purpose to make them believe he was unconscious.

The man then clapped his hands happily and said to their leader, “Done. We can leave.”

“You’re really aggressive,” said the others, shaking their heads. When they slept, they were afraid the man would punch them as well. Nobody would know if they would live or not.

The leader looked at Lin Feng and then at two servants, who promptly moved to grab him.

Lin Feng knew exactly what was going on. How could such a weak cultivator do anything to him? The man’s perception was pretty bad if he didn’t know Lin Feng was still awake. If Lin Feng had the opportunity, he would definitely teach the man a good lesson.

He didn’t know where those people were taking him but no matter what, it was probably the place where Third Prince Fa Xuan was as well…

Fa Xuan had already been captured by the Ri Guang Empire. They intended to use him to conquer the border area of the Fa Lan Empire. After taking care of Fa Xuan, then they might try to take care of the Great Prince of the Fa Lan Empire, as well.

Without a Great Prince, the Fa Lan Empire would be in danger, and stealing territories from them would be easy.

After crossing the gigantic forest, mountains appeared in front of them. There were many caves there.

The group of people with Lin Feng entered a cave and put Lin Feng on the ground, or more precisely, they threw him on the ground in the middle of the crowd.

Lin Feng opened his eyes. It was a dark cave. Many people were seated all around him. They were almost all injured, but most of them looked determined and resolute, and their Qi was sharp.

That kind of Qi reminded Lin Feng of the Qi of Liu Fei’s father, General Liu, and his troops.

The Fa Lan Empire had guessed that Fa Xuan had raised these troops in the border area. Lin Feng could imagine why Fa Xuan had almost gone insane when so many of his troops had died.

If he had raised soldiers and if they had been killed, Lin Feng would have gone even more insane than Fa Xuan.

It seems like Fa Xuan is also plotting; Fa Chun is also plotting; as expected, all the princes are more complex than they seem, thought Lin Feng. But he didn’t regret that he had supported Fa Xuan, because the latter would probably have a higher rank than all his brothers in the future.

Fa Xuan won’t lose this competition, thought Lin Feng. If Fa Chun and over a thousand troops had been defeated, Lin Feng would have understood, but Fa Xuan and so many troops? Fa Xuan cared about his soldiers so much and he was even ready to die for them, how could they be kidnapped so easily?

It seemed like there were many things Lin Feng didn’t know. Suddenly, he was covered in cold sweat. What if Fa Xuan had actually collaborated with the Ri Guang Empire? What if he was working for them?

If that was the case, then maybe Fa Xuan was the smartest member of the family. What he was doing was easy, yet extremely smart.

But if he really did that, then he was even more dangerous than Fa Chun and Fa Yin. He was extremely good at plotting and lying. The worst thing was that Lin Feng had even helped him to plot.

Lin Feng turned grim, but no matter what, since he had said he had come to save Fa Xuan, he had to bring Fa Xuan back to the Fa Lan Empire. On top of that, he had told the Emperor he would do so within three days, so he only had two days left to go back with Fa Xuan.

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