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Chapter 868: Half-Great Supreme God!


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The cave wasn’t too big, but it could accommodate hundreds of people. Most of them were disciples sent by the Fa Lan Empire. Many of them were extremely pale, their eyes looked empty, and many also looked desperate.

Fa Xuan’s servants looked resolute and fearless, though. Maybe it was because Fa Xuan had formed an alliance with the Ri Guang Empire?

The disciples of the Ri Guang Empire were standing on both sides of the cave and watching the prisoners, who were lying down or seated. The disciples of the Ri Guang Empire looked proud and arrogant.

Lin Feng was lying on the ground. Now that he knew he wasn’t in danger anymore, he stopped hiding his strength and sat up, then stood.

When he stood up, the disciples of the Ri Guang Empire looked at him. Thirty men all stared at him and their expressions changed drastically, especially the one who had “knocked him out”. He looked at Lin Feng skeptically. He couldn’t believe it. He had used his full strength to punch Lin Feng; even someone who was strong should have needed three to five hours to come back to their sense! But Lin Feng had come back to his senses in less than an hour, and he could now stand steadfastly; he wasn’t even staggering.

“Sit down!” shouted the man furiously. However, Lin Feng just glanced at him indifferently. If he wasn’t mistaken, it was the man who had “knocked him out” and suggested killing him.

“Bring me to Fa Xuan and an elder of the Ri Guang Empire,” Lin Feng frowned. He had no time to chat.

Lin Feng didn’t want to waste time, but the disciples of the Ri Guang Empire didn’t care, especially the leader. He just wanted to crush Lin Feng and knock him out again, or he would lose face.

“I said, sit down!” shouted the man explosively. Did he need to be careful when facing a low-level Supreme God?

Unfortunately, Lin Feng wasn’t really a low-level Supreme God; he was a level four high-level Supreme God. In other words, he was stronger than most of the elders in his empire!

Lin Feng slowly walked out of the cave. He didn’t feel like paying attention to the man in the cave; he was just a medium-level Supreme God after all. Lin Feng had no time to waste with such people. The man chased Lin Feng, not knowing how strong Lin Feng was.

“You really want to die! Hmph!” shouted the man ferociously. Then he threw a punch at Lin Feng.

When Lin Feng saw that, he frowned. The man wanted to kill him? His bad luck…

“Piss off!” spat Lin Feng, throwing a punch back. When their fists collided, the man looked terrified.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH! My hand! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!” Everybody heard the man’s voice far, far away. He grabbed his left arm and cried loudly.

Lin Feng ignored him and flew away. Many people rushed over to see what was going on.

“You… You are not unconscious?” asked the leader of the group, coming out of a cave. When he saw Lin Feng and the man whose arm had just been crushed, he was astonished.

“Who are you?” The leader of the group realized there was something wrong. If Lin Feng was just a low-level Supreme God, he should have been unconscious, and wouldn’t have been able to crush the man’s arm.

Lin Feng glanced at the leader, a level one high-level Supreme God. He wasn’t too strong compared to Lin Feng. When Lin Feng had just arrived in Gods Country, he would have been impressed, but now he didn’t need to be anymore. Lin Feng had also realized many leaders of different groups were just level one high-level Supreme Gods, and weren’t strong at all in comparison to him now.

Back then, he had heard that there were only a dozen high-level Supreme Gods in the continent, but now? The Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire, the Lun Bi Empire, the Ri Guang Empire, the Yue Guang Empire… those people were all Great Supreme Gods, so even worse!

That was the kind of people Lin Feng imagined when thinking about the different empires, not just low-level Supreme Gods.

When the man saw Lin Feng didn’t reply, he looked at him icily. His back was soaked in cold sweat.

“If I hadn’t done that, you wouldn’t have come out, so I had no choice but to do that to make you show up,” Lin Feng said. He slowly walked over to some old men and Fa Xuan.

“Level four high-level Supreme God? You are quite strong, little friend. You must be famous,” said an old man in white clothes, smiling in welcome.

Lin Feng glanced at him. He was surprised; the old man had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer. He didn’t show it, however.

“Are you from the Tai Qing Sect?” Lin Feng asked the old man. It was just an intuition, but Lin Feng’s intuition wasn’t worse than a woman’s.

The old man’s expression flickered. He seemed surprised, and asked, “You know that the Tai Qing Sect is in the Ri Guang Empire? You are definitely someone important, little friend,” the old man smiled.

Lin Feng smiled back. He had guessed right; the old man was definitely an elder of the Tai Qing Sect. Apart from the Tai Qing Sect, not many influential groups could dispatch Half-Great Supreme Gods.

“Apart from you, Master, I’m guessing the others are all elders from the Ri Guang Empire,” Lin Feng replied, glancing at the other white-clothed old men. They all had the strength of the level three high-level Supreme God layer.

The old man nodded politely. Lin Feng was right about everything. In the end, Lin Feng looked at Fa Xuan. Fa Xuan seemed ready to panic.

“Fa Xuan, you’re a good actor; you even fooled me,” Lin Feng said in mild amusement.

Fa Xuan looked even more fidgety. He took a step sideways and asked, “Who are you?”

“You returned to the Imperial Palace pretending you were devastated, you bumped into me and made me sort out a whole plan for you, and now you’ll come back and the Emperor thinks highly of you. You’re a mastermind.

“I wonder who had you plot against Fa Chun as well? Because of that, the Emperor will probably remove his Great Prince title,” Lin Feng said sharply. His eyes were so dazzling that Fa Xuan could barely look at him in the eyes, but he understood what Lin Feng was saying. He knew Lin Feng had understood everything.

“So it’s you, Mu Feng,” said Fa Xuan. He was dumbstruck.

“Indeed, it’s me,” Lin Feng nodded. He tapped his face with his left hand and his face returned to normal. Fa Xuan remained silent.

The elders of the Ri Guang Empire looked at Lin Feng and Fa Xuan skeptically. The elder of the Tai Qing Sect just smiled beatifically.

The atmosphere became quite grim. All of Fa Xuan’s assistants stood up and looked at Lin Feng icily. If Fa Xuan asked them to, they would capture him!

Lin Feng ignored those good-for-nothings. Lin Feng just looked at Fa Xuan. He didn’t even pay attention to the elders of the Ri Guang Empire at all. He had no enemy anymore at the same cultivation level, so four level three high-level Supreme God couldn’t pose a threat to him whatsoever.

“I don’t care about your plot. It has nothing to do with me. Just come back to the Imperial City with me now,” Lin Feng said to Fa Xuan sternly. Fa Xuan’s expression fell further.

“Brother Mu Feng, I…” trailed off Fa Xuan, pulling a long face. He wanted to say something, but the words didn’t come out.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Feng frowned. He had a bad feeling. He felt like Fa Xuan had used him. He initially thought Fa Xuan was smart and kind and wanted to help him, and now he realized Fa Xuan had used him.

“I… I can’t leave,” said Fa Xuan, sighing helplessly. He seemed heavy hearted.

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