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Chapter 869: I’ll Kill You Before You Can Talk!


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“You have one day to think. Think carefully. Tomorrow morning, even if you refuse, I will find a way to bring you back,” Lin Feng said harshly after he heard Fa Xuan.

He glanced at Fa Xuan and then looked at the old man in white clothes, the elder of the Tai Qing Sect. He had peculiar feelings when it came to the Tai Qing Sect because of Qing Xin Yue.

“Master, the Tai Qing Sect shouldn’t get involved in affairs between empires,” Lin Feng said in a gentle voice, smiling patiently.

The old man was surprised, and smiled thinly. “It’s an order from the Emperor, we have to obey.”

“Qing Xin Yue’s order?” asked Lin Feng suddenly. He was surprised. The old man’s expression broke at that. He was dumbstruck, and stared with Lin Feng speechlessly.

“Little friend, it seems like you have a powerful background; you even know our matriarch’s name. Hehe…” said the old man, his smile uncertain.

Lin Feng knew he had spoken too much, because not many people knew Qing Xin Yue; most people who knew her name were people who had participated in the Great Competition.

The old man instantly guessed that the young man in front of him had participated in the Great Competition, and there weren’t many people who were as young, talented, and strong.

So no matter what, the old man would definitely think of Lin Feng, among others.

“Little friend, do you want me to tell our matriarch anything?” asked the old man with a  soft laugh. Lin Feng had said their matriarch’s name out loud, so the old man was in a good mood.

Lin Feng thought about it. Since he had already spoken too much, he had to adapt. As long as the Tai Qing Sect didn’t get involved, then everything would be fine; the two empires would be able to solve their issues calmly.

“Go and tell Qing Xin Yue that I haven’t forgotten her invitation; I’ll come to the Tai Qing Sect within a year,” Lin Feng replied cautiously.

With that information, the old man could probably guess who he really was…

As expected, when Lin Feng said that, the old man’s expression changed again. He was surprised. He hadn’t thought this man would be Lin Feng. He could now be sure of that…

Only those who had participated in the Great Competition knew Qing Xin Yue, and the only person she had invited was Lin Feng.

Now, the old man wondered what Lin Feng had to do with the Fa Lan Empire and Fa Xuan?

Maybe Qing Xin Yue would change her tactics now that she knew Lin Feng stood between those two empires?

“Little friend, I’m going back, and I’ll report to our matriarch, then. I’m sure we’ll meet again,” said the old man, bowing hand over fist, and left swiftly.

The elders of the Ri Guang Empire were astonished. They watched him until he disappeared in the distance.

Since the elder of the Tai Qing Sect had left, it meant the whole issue was now between the two empires.

Lin Feng thought of what the old man had just said, saying they would meet again. He was sure Lin Feng was going to visit the Tai Qing Sect within a year.

The four elders of the Ri Guang Empire looked at Lin Feng angrily. They wanted to kill Mu Feng on the spot! Because of him, the elder of the Tai Qing Sect had left without even telling them anything.

“Not getting involved in our affairs would only be beneficial to you,” snapped one of the elders in black clothes icily.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at the angry old man. If an ordinary Supreme God had said that to him, it wouldn’t have mattered much.

But this was a level three high-level Supreme God, and he was making fun of him, so Lin Feng had to react.

“The Ri Guang Empire should look after their own territory. You think you can act arrogantly and confidently because you are on the territory of the Fa Lan Empire?” Lin Feng said to the four elders icily.

Fa Xuan looked nervous, and the four elders realized Lin Feng was angry. They were stupefied. They hadn’t expected Lin Feng would dare talk to them like that. Lin Feng didn’t care, even if Fa Xuan was there, so they looked at Lin Feng even more icily. He was humiliating them in front of Fa Xuan!

“You dare contradict us? You’re the first person who ever dares contradict us, Mu Feng!” spat the Leader of the elders threateningly.

Lin Feng shrugged and smiled scornfully. “I don’t really give a shit. Who do you think you are? Tiny little elders from the Ri Guang Empire.”

“You, Mu Feng, really want to die!” The elder’s expression changed drastically when he heard Lin Feng humiliate him like that. He flashed ahead and threw punches. His energies sparkled and he charged Lin Feng at bullet speed.

However, Lin Feng was three times faster than him and disappeared. The old man’s expression changed again. He wanted to retreat, but it was too late.

Phwap! He appeared in front of the old man, then kicked him in the face. The mark of Lin Feng’s shoe appeared on the old man’s cheek and he was smashed away.

“You better stop getting on your high horse in front of me,” Lin Feng stated, smiling icily. He reappeared in front of the old man and threw a punch at him. The old man coughed blood a few times and was smashed back again.

Phwap! Lin Feng reappeared in front of the old man. He punched him a hundred times in a short time. The old man was extremely pale. Lin Feng punched him again, the old man rose up in the air and fell down again.

“You are extremely weak and you dare bark in front of me? I’m sick of people like you! You’re the one who wants to die!” Lin Feng said, smiling icily and looking at the old man who was falling from the sky again. The three other elders flashed over and caught the old man together.

But the three elders were also attacked. Lin Feng knew they were going to catch the old man so he had stuck Genesis Spiritual strength on the old man. When the other elders caught him, the Genesis Spiritual strength was activated and attacked them.

It was seemingly a very good strategy.

One of the elders had been crushed like a dog, and the others hadn’t even fought when they were injured.

Lin Feng smiled icily. The four elders looked at him coldly, but they didn’t dare do anything anymore. They had all seen how strong Lin Feng was; he had the strength of the level four high-level Supreme God layer!

Fa Xuan was astonished, and his heart kept twitching. He had never seen how strong Mu Feng was, so he was dumbstruck. Those people were like ants in front of Lin Feng. On top of that, Lin Feng had probably been merciful, or he could have killed them!

Lin Feng glanced at Fa Xuan and said indifferently, “I am patient enough. Tomorrow morning, if you agree to come back with me, good! If you don’t, I will make you come back.

“But I’m telling you, you better come with me willingly. Apart from me, nobody knows you collaborated with the Ri Guang Empire. Coming back only has advantages for you. The Emperor will trust you even more.

“You are not the Emperor in the Fa Lan Empire, but after this, you will become the new Crown Prince. Fa Chun will lose his status as the Great Prince, but he will still be the Crown Prince. You will need to compete with him for a little while to become the Crown Prince.

“Cooperating with other people is less beneficial to you than trying to become the future Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire. Don’t you think so?” Lin Feng advised, glancing at the four elders mockingly. They were even angrier, but they didn’t dare do anything.

Fa Xuan’s heart was pounding. He had decided to cooperate with the Ri Guang Empire decades ago, but it had been stalling for a while.

Now, Lin Feng was showing Fa Xuan there was a better way!

Lin Feng glanced at Fa Xuan and got ready to leave the mountain.

“Brother Mu Feng, I agree! Let’s go back.”

Lin Feng didn’t even take one step before Fa Xuan spoke. Lin Feng grinned; he liked it when people obeyed. His plan had worked, because he had shown how strong he was.

Fa Xuan also understood that being the Emperor of the empire would be better than relying on other people!

The four elders’ expressions all fell. They couldn’t believe it and said coldly, “Fa Xuan, don’t forget that we know your secret, that you wanted to rely on the help of the Ri Guang Empire! If you go back to the Fa Lan Empire, tomorrow, everybody in the world will know you wanted to collaborate with the Ri Guang Empire. Are you sure you want to leave?” the four elders shouted angrily, but at the same time, they were confident Fa Xuan was smart and would listen to them.

As expected, when Fa Xuan heard the four elders, he stopped and looked hesitant.

Lin Feng looked at the four elders with admiration. Talk about their collaboration?

Fa Xuan looked at Lin Feng. He seemed hopeless.

“You want to spread that information? Hehe. No problem. But for that, you need to be alive! But since you are messing around and Fa Xuan is a moron who can’t make up his mind, I don’t mind making a decision for him.

“Die now!”

The four elders, as well as all the disciples around, suddenly looked terrified.

Lin Feng looked at the four elders cruelly.


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