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Chapter 870: Qi Yang Tai in the Border Area!


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“Mu Feng, are you threatening us?” asked one of the four elders, staring at Lin Feng, his eye twitching nervously.

Lin Feng looked at him like ants. If they wanted to spread information, he would definitely kill them first!

Lin Feng grinned menacingly. “I don’t care. You can understand what you wish. I kill people. You think what you want…”

The four elders first turned red and then white. Lin Feng was really threatening them, and now the four old men were panicking. They couldn’t defeat Lin Feng, and now Lin Feng wanted to kill them…

They were sure that if they told the whole continent that Fa Xuan wanted to cooperate with the Ri Guang Empire, then the Fa Lan Empire would have problems, especially now that the Emperor had started attaching more importance to Fa Xuan.

Lin Feng understood that perfectly, but even if that happened in the future, it would have nothing to do with him. He just wanted to save Yan Ran Xue, then he would leave the Fa Lan Empire.

Fa Xuan looked at Lin Feng, then he at the four elders and in the end, he decided to go back to the Imperial City with Lin Feng.


Lin Feng and Fa Xuan left. The four elders left the area with their own disciples. Fa Xuan’s disciples and the other people from the Fa Lan Empire stayed there, in charge of protecting the area.

Before Lin Feng and Fa Xuan left, Fa Xuan invited Lin Feng to come to the governor’s house of the border city. It was an old mansion.

When they arrived in the meeting room, Fa Xuan offered Lin Feng some tea, but Lin Feng didn’t drink it. He just glanced at Fa Xuan impassively.

Fa Xuan knew that Mu Feng was angry because he had used him. He had known Mu Feng first, as a disciple had come to inform him about Mu Feng’s name after the exam in the Fa Lan Empire.

He had also heard that the Fourth Prince had stolen Mu Feng from the Great Prince, and that all the princes had offered Lin Feng gifts. That’s why he had decided to show up at that moment, because Lin Feng would definitely have pity on him.

His plot had worked, from the first moment he had met Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was surprised because the Third Prince’s plotting abilities were quite good. Maybe he would be a good Emperor for the Fa Lan Empire. He was the only one who didn’t dare plot against his own father, because the Emperor was too strong.

He plotted against people around him, not people who had extremely high positions or who were extremely strong.

Fa Xuan had tricked everyone, and had kind of reached his goal.

“Brother Mu Feng, do you know why the Ri Guang Empire wants this border territory?” asked Fa Xuan calmly.

Lin Feng raised his eyes and shook his head.

“Please come with me, Brother Mu Feng,” said Fa Xuan smiling knowingly. He stood up and took Lin Feng to the main hall. Lin Feng stood up and followed him, curious.

After a short time, they arrived in a secret room. It wasn’t very big, three hundred square meters, but it was shiny and scorching hot inside, at least a thousand degrees.

“Qi Yang Tai?” When Lin Feng arrived in that room, he realized only Qi Yang Tai could be that hot.

Lin Feng was really surprised. The only place he had ever been to which was this hot was Qi Yang Tai in Lang Xie City.

Now Lin Feng was convinced that there were several Qi Yang Tai, but that different influential groups, ancient sects, and clans were hiding them.

But if something happened, how could they protect Qi Yang Tai? Lin Feng knew that if anything happened to Qi Yang Tai, then the situation would be extremely dangerous.

Lin Feng put a foot on the floor. It was warm and felt cozy.

“One can’t act recklessly when it comes to Qi Yang Tai. One can’t go in and mess around in the ocean of flames either,” Lin Feng said to Fa Xuan. Fa Xuan nodded. He didn’t intend to do anything reckless. He also knew about the ocean of flames. Messing around in the ocean of flames could lead to the complete destruction of the continent.

“If I am not mistaken, the Ri Guang Empire is interested in Qi Yang Tai, or maybe just the Tai Qing Sect.”

“But why?” Lin Feng didn’t understand why any ancient sects and clans wanted a Qi Yang Tai. Wouldn’t it be a failure if the world learned about it? Maybe the ancient sects and clans knew more about the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames?

“Let’s go back to the Fa Lan Empire. The Emperor will praise you. I need you to do something for me, you can’t refuse. You must accept,” Lin Feng said gravely.

Fa Xuan’s expression flickered. He had never seen Mu Feng so serious, so he understood the matter was critical.

“Please tell me.”

“When we go back, ask your father to release all the imperial concubines who are imprisoned in the Cold Palace,” Lin Feng said straightforwardly.

Fa Xuan was astonished. He understood there was someone Lin Feng cared about inside.

Fa Xuan nodded. It wasn’t a big deal to him…


Lin Feng and Fa Xuan then left and headed back to the capital. It took them a day to reach the Imperial City.

“You can’t enter the palace like that.” Fa Xuan got ready to enter the palace, but Lin Feng stopped him. Fa Xuan wasn’t injured at all. He didn’t even look tired, and his Qi wasn’t unstable. If the Emperor saw Fa Xuan like that, he would start doubting again.

Fa Xuan understood, so he ground his teeth and punched his left arm. Crack! He broke his own arm. Then he broke some of his arteries and veins and looked miserable. Lin Feng was impressed by his resolve.

Fa Xuan’s Qi was now unstable. Then he tore his robe apart, and tousled his hair. He was ready.

But Lin Feng didn’t think it was enough, so he kicked Fa Xuan hard. Fa Xuan crashed to the ground, his spine broken. His face paled, and he was shaking as he looked at Lin Feng.

“Since you were so cruel to yourself, I thought you shouldn’t stop halfway,” Lin Feng said stonily. Fa Xuan had nothing to say. He was in pain as he tried to sit up.

“Someone come here, I have saved the Third Prince!” shouted Lin Feng, looking at Fa Xuan lying on the ground. Very quickly, someone opened the door of the Imperial Palace and a few elders showed up.

“Mu Feng, Third Prince!”

Many people helped the Third Prince to stand, but his spine was broken and he couldn’t walk.

“Someone take him to a room and tell the Emperor to go and see him,” Lin Feng said to the elders. The elders looked hesitant for a second, but then they noticed how severely injured the Third Prince was; he needed an emergency treatment!

Lin Feng grinned while watching those people take Fa Xuan away.

That’s a success, thought Lin Feng. He was in a great mood. The chances of Yan Ran Xue being released had increased once again. Lin Feng wasn’t worried about it anymore.

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