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Chapter 871: Release People?


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At night, the Imperial City was bustling with activity. The Emperor asked the cooks of the Imperial Palace to cook good dishes. The cooks cooked so much that it was impossible for the whole city to finish everything in a year. It wasn’t for the whole city, though; it was for Fa Xuan!

The Emperor also removed the title of Great Prince from Fa Chun, but he continued being the Crown Prince. The Emperor also learned something else: that Mu Feng had saved Fa Xuan after defeating the elders of the Ri Guang Empire, and that all the disciples of the Ri Guang Empire had escaped.

The Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire was overjoyed, and he had invited Lin Feng to come and have a banquet in the Heaven and Earth Temple. This time, Lin Feng was the only outsider. Of course, Fa Duo and Fa Xuan were there too.

The other good news was that the Fa Lan Empire’s State Teacher had come back, so he participated as well.


The Heaven and Earth Temple…

It was already late at night. Lin Feng was bewitched by the smell of the different dishes.

Fa Xuan was seated on a throne. He seemed very weak. His injuries hadn’t healed yet, and Lin Feng’s last kick had almost killed him, but thanks to that kick, the Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire had no doubts about him, either.

Fa Xuan looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng shook his head. Fa Xuan nodded and kept quiet.

Lin Feng walked to the Emperor and bowed hand over fist before the Emperor, Fa Duo, and an old man he didn’t know. The old man looked at Lin Feng kindly. But Lin Feng could see that the old man was extremely strong by his Qi.

He was a Half-Great Supreme God. Lin Feng had already seen a Half-Great Supreme God, the elder of the Tai Qing Sect, so Fa Duo was the second.

“Master, Elder Fa Duo.” Lin Feng didn’t know the third old man, so he just greeted the Emperor and Fa Duo for the time being.

“Haha! Mu Feng, you’re a real benefactor, you finally came back. Please sit down,” said the Emperor happily.

“Thank you, Master,” Lin Feng said, smiling smoothly and sitting down. Fa Duo was a level four high-level Supreme God and about to break through to Half-Great Supreme God. The Emperor had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer.

The State Teacher was a Half-Great Supreme God. Lin Feng didn’t know him, but he knew that if he fought with his full strength, he might be able to injure the old man.

“Is this the Mu Feng you’ve been telling me about?” asked the State Teacher with a smile.

“Indeed, the one I keep telling you about. You were away the whole time, but now you can get to know him,” the Emperor nodded agreeably.

He looked at Lin Feng kindly and gently. He wished Lin Feng were his son. He wouldn’t need to worry about the future of the Fa Lan Empire if he were.

“Not bad. His cultivation is stable, he’s young and he’s already a level four high-level Supreme God. He even managed to have a draw against Fa Duo. Not bad,” said the State Teacher, nodding in approval when he heard the Emperor. He saw Lin Feng’s potential at a glance.

Fa Duo blushed because he knew that Mu Feng was Lin Feng, his own master. Back then, if he had continued fighting against Lin Feng, he would have lost in the end.

Lin Feng had already surpassed him. Fa Duo had broken through to the level four high-level Supreme God only recently, but since Lin Feng had arrived in the Fa Lan Empire, he had always been a level four high-level Supreme God. Fa Duo didn’t know why he couldn’t see Lin Feng’s real cultivation level.

“Indeed. On top of that, our little friend also saved Little Xuan. Without him, Little Xuan would have been killed and we would have lost the border area. Little friend, Mu Feng, what can I do for you in return?” asked the Emperor, smiling broadly.

Lin Feng glanced at Fa Xuan. Fa Xuan nodded, he knew what Lin Feng meant, “Emperor, I…”

“What Emperor? I am your father. Call me father,” said the Emperor unhappily. Fa Duo and the State Teacher smiled; they knew the Emperor had changed his mind recently.

Fa Xuan was surprised and blushed. He wasn’t used to doing so.

Fa Xuan nodded and said to the Emperor, “Father, I have a question; I know it’s very inconvenient.”

“Haha! Little boy, you also have inconvenient requests? I said I would do something for our little friend, Mu Feng, though, not for you…”

“Master, don’t give me a favor; give Fa Xuan one, because I am happy you are now like father and son again, so I prefer him asking you for something than I,” Lin Feng said to the Emperor when he saw the Emperor was willing to do what his son wanted.

The Emperor was surprised, and looked at Lin Feng with admiration. He didn’t know that Fa Xuan and Lin Feng had been plotting.

“Alright, anyway. Little Xuan, tell me then. I’ll do my best to help,” said the Emperor enthusiastically.

Fa Xuan glanced at Lin Feng and said, “Father, please release all the imperial concubines from the Cold Palace, including my mother,” said Fa Xuan blushing. His eyes became teary.

Lin Feng was astonished. His mother was in the Cold Palace? No wonder Fa Xuan hated the Fa Lan Empire.

When Fa Xuan said that, everybody was dumbstruck, and an eerie silence filled the room. The Emperor’s smile stiffened.

“Little Xuan, how dare you say that?” asked the Emperor. His expression suddenly changed. When Fa Xuan saw that, he had no hope anymore. He knew the Emperor liked him for his strength and capacities, not for his blood.

The Emperor would never be a real father for him, like he was for Fa Chun. He probably would never love him. He was just interested in his strength.

Fa Xuan glanced at Lin Feng helplessly and wondered whether the Emperor was even his father.

Lin Feng realized there was a problem. He sighed. He realized his way of thinking had been too simplistic and having Yan Ran Xue released from the Cold Palace was difficult.

Fa Duo noticed Lin Feng’s sudden change and he immediately thought of the reason why his new master had come to the Fa Lan Empire… it was probably because of the Cold Palace!

Fa Duo raised his head and said, “Emperor, there are many imperial concubines in the Cold Palace, you should release some.”

“Oh? Fa Duo? You also want to release some?” asked the Emperor, frowning skeptically.

“Emperor, first, Fa Xuan saved the border area, and today is a happy day; be happy and indulgent today. The Cold Palace isn’t that important.”

“Second, the Third Prince’s mother is inside. You like him now, so don’t torture a weak woman. Releasing a woman is not an issue.

“Finally, some of them are not your concubines, for example, Fa Chun’s imperial concubine, but nowadays, Fa Chun is not the Great Prince anymore, so…” said Fa Duo, glancing at Lin Feng. He knew that Lin Feng had come to save Yan Ran Xue because when he mentioned Fa Duo’s imperial concubine, Lin Feng’s expression had changed.

“You want to keep the Great Imperial Concubine imprisoned even though there is no Great Prince anymore? Hehe,” said Fa Duo. He didn’t understand everything, but he knew Lin Feng wanted to save her. Fa Duo wondered if Lin Feng just found her beautiful? Even the Emperor found her beautiful.

But would Fa Chun and his father become enemies after this? And Yan Ran Xue would be free…

And what would Yan Ran Xue do in the future?

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