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Chapter 872: You Never Give Up, Do You?


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“You want to release them?” The Emperor looked at Fa Duo cautiously and skeptically. He couldn’t believe it.

Fa Duo nodded. He wanted to release the imperial concubines of the Cold Palace.

The Emperor relaxed suddenly. Actually, he also wanted to release them, as he didn’t really care about them. However, if they released them, they would be able to live freely, but since Elder Fa Duo and Fa Xuan agreed, why not?

“Since it’s that way, I’ll release Fa Xuan’s mother and Yan Ran Xue, they can live freely in the Yonghe Temple,” said the Emperor resolutely.

When Lin Feng heard Yan Ran Xue’s name, he smiled. If Yan Ran Xue was free, then everything was fine.

But Lin Feng looked at Fa Duo and Fa Xuan. They both pulled long faces. Lin Feng didn’t understand, and had a bad feeling.

“What’s wrong?” asked Lin Feng.

Fa Xuan looked at Lin Feng and then at the Emperor and said in a low voice, “Do you know what the Yonghe Temple is?”

“What?” asked Lin Feng shaking his head.

“It’s the Empress’ Chamber. He wants to put Yan Ran Xue in the Empress’ Chamber,” said Fa Xuan nervously. The Emperor definitely wasn’t a kind person. He hadn’t forgotten about Yan Ran Xue, but in the past he didn’t do anything because of the Great Prince.

Since Fa Chun wasn’t the Great Prince anymore, Yan Ran Xue wasn’t the Great Imperial Concubine either anymore, so the Emperor could also marry her and make her the Empress.

The old man hadn’t given up!

Lin Feng frowned. The Emperor was really evil. Lin Feng was losing his patience.

He slowly looked grimmer and grimmer. Even though he had nothing to do with Yan Ran Xue anymore, he really wanted to save her. Lin Feng wouldn’t appreciate an old man abusing a young woman, even if he didn’t know her.

Fa Xuan told Lin Feng the Emperor’s name was Fa Kun Lun.

Fa Kun Lun wanted to use Fa Xuan’s request for his evil scheme now. Lin Feng had no choice but to intervene now.


The banquet quickly finished. Lin Feng wasn’t in the mood to stay there. Fa Xuan was done with his plot, so staying longer was pointless. Fa Kun Lun was rejoicing. The atmosphere was strangely mixed.

Lin Feng didn’t say goodbye to Fa Kun Lun and directly left the Heaven and Earth Temple. Fa Xuan also left. He was still injured. Only Fa Duo, the State Teacher, and Fa Kun Lun remained behind.

“Emperor, you really intend to…?” asked Fa Duo. Fa Kun Lun interrupted him with a chortle.

Bad luck. The Emperor really intended to marry Yan Ran Xue, and tensions would arise between him and Lin Feng. Fa Duo was extremely worried.

It seems like I have to report, thought Fa Duo, sighing. He had no choice but to report to Tian Dao Yuan, hoping they would find a solution.


On the day after, early in the morning, Fa Duo obtained Tian Dao Yuan’s reply. It was a simple reply: Let Lin Feng do whatever he wants. 

Fa Duo sighed. He hoped Lin Feng would control himself and that tensions wouldn’t arise between the Emperor and Lin Feng. Even if Lin Feng had the strength of the level four high-level Supreme God layer, Fa Kun Lun had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer!


Early in the morning, the Emperor arrived at the Cold Palace and talked to the women in charge. The Ancestor had established a rule that men weren’t allowed to go into the Cold Palace.

He told them to release Fa Xuan’s mother and the imperial concubines whose cultivation had been crippled, as well as Yan Ran Xue. He took Yan Ran Xue directly to the Empress’ Chamber. Yan Ran Xue had lived in the Fa Lan Empire a long time, and knew that only the Empress was allowed to live in that place.

When she saw the words Chamber of the Empress written at the top of the gate, she realized there was something wrong.

Since her first day in the Fa Lan Empire, she knew that the old Emperor had cast greedy eyes on her but because of Fa Chun, he hadn’t tried anything. Now he was still attracted to her, and he hadn’t forgotten about her. On the contrary, he wanted her even more now.

Yan Ran Xue was wearing a simple white dress, but she still looked extremely beautiful, elegant, and free from vulgarity.

Yan Ran Xue was bewitching. Everybody in the Fa Lan Empire knew about her. Many people were attracted to her. This time, the Emperor was lucky.


“Brother Mu Feng, that’s all I could do for you. You have to rely on your own self now,” said Fa Xuan, smiling wryly. He couldn’t help Lin Feng take Yan Ran Xue away from the Emperor.

Lin Feng knew that. Fa Xuan had been released, so he was relieved now.

Fa Xuan was extremely happy to see his mother.

The Emperor also made the Third Prince the Crown Prince. He gave him a python pearl so he could come in and out of the Imperial Palace whenever he wanted. He also obtained the Great Prince’s mansion house, so Fa Chun needed to move out.

When the news spread around, the people of the Fa Lan Empire were astonished. A new prince was rising!

Many people now understood that Fa Xuan was probably going to become the future Emperor.

After Fa Kun Lun’s order, Fa Chun’s palace was emptied out and Fa Xuan’s things were brought in. Fa Chun was also expelled from the palace and wasn’t allowed to come back in.

Fa Chun looked at the Imperial Palace with hatred. His beloved father had betrayed him.

He hated Fa Kun Lun! Why had everything changed so suddenly?

A dozen wagons took Fa Chun’s things away but halfway, Lin Feng stopped them. “Great Prince, let’s talk.”

Fa Chun jumped off a horse and looked at Lin Feng. He was furious. However, he knew Lin Feng was cruel and dangerous, so he had to control himself, “What are you doing?”

“Great Prince, you must be angry because of what happened,” Lin Feng smiled.

When Fa Chun heard that, he was even more furious. “Mind your own business and move now. Let us pass,” said Fa Chun getting ready to leave.

“Don’t leave. If you don’t want to leave, I can help you,” Lin Feng said softly.

Fa Chun’s expression shifted.

“Go back,” waved Fa Chun to the coach drivers. The dozen wains left and continued in the direction of Fa Chun’s new palace.

“What’s the plan?” asked Fa Chun. He hated Fa Xuan and Fa Kun Lun, so he was ready to do anything.

When Lin Feng saw Fa Chun was furious, he was happy on the inside, as it was great for his plot.

“If you want to become the Great Prince again and then become the new Emperor, there is only one solution.”

“What is it? hurry up and tell me?” said Fa Chun.

“Poison,” Lin Feng said, smiling calmly.

Fa Chun’s expression changed drastically. He was dumbstruck. He was so astonished that he took three steps back.

“You… You want me to poison my father…? No. No. I can’t do that,” said Fa Chun, shaking his head hastily and resolutely.

Lin Feng looked at him mockingly and smiled, “He removed your title and replaced you, but you still have affection for him?

“He even stole your woman. He’s going to abuse her all the time. Is it what a father does to a son he loves?

“What’s wrong with poisoning him to get your revenge?” Lin Feng said scornfully, then added, “Think about it. If you decide to do it, then send someone to me inside the Imperial Palace. You lived there for many years, so I’m sure you still know people inside who can come to me.

“Remember, when you want something, don’t rely on others, rely on your own self. Anyway, I’m off,” Lin Feng said. He went back to the Imperial Palace as if nothing had happened. The guards weren’t at the entrance of the Imperial Palace because the Emperor had called them in for the princely transition.

Fa Chun watched Lin Feng disappear in the distance. His face was distorted with hatred.

“Since you don’t consider me your son anymore, then I shouldn’t have scruples!”

The air turned ice-cold…


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