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Chapter 873: Soul Jewel!


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I accept, no matter what, I accept. I hope you are sure I can succeed.

Lin Feng hadn’t even arrived in the Palace when a disciple ran up and caught up with him, then gave him a letter. When Lin Feng read it, he smiled. As expected, Fa Xuan was ready to do anything to get what he wanted. He was a slave of his own temperament.

“Go back and tell Fa Chun that there will be results within a week,” Lin Feng said, while ripping Fa Chun’s letter apart. Then he went back into the Imperial Palace.

The disciple didn’t understand, but he quickly ran back to Fa Chun and told him what Lin Feng had said.

Lin Feng entered the Imperial Palace, went into his room, and closed the door. His smile disappeared. The whole situation was troublesome, but Lin Feng was willing to solve the issue.

I’ve killed a cultivator of the first Great Supreme God layer in my spirit world, but it will be the first time I’m going to have to fight against a Great Supreme God for real this time.

Before that, I may have to go back to my spirit world and try to break through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer. I need a soul jewel to condense, thought Lin Feng. Chu Li. Prince Ghost and the others may have broken through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer already, and if that was the case, Lin Feng needed to catch up with them.

Thinking about that, he closed his eyes and disappeared from the room. At the same time, he reappeared in his spirit world.

He stood in front of the ten-thousand-meter-high life tree. Its leaves were emerald green. Lin Feng took a deep breath; the air in his spirit world was amazing. It was fresh and there was no pollution, as apart from Liu Fei and his parents, nobody was inside.

Lin Feng sat down at the top of the tree. The tree was excited too. Even though it couldn’t speak, it had a consciousness and knew Lin Feng was its master and the ruler of this world.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and put his hands on his knees, then started breathing regularly and slowly. Gradually, it felt as if he were an integral part of nature, as if they one, as if he was in every single blade of grass, in every speck of dust, every grain of sand. He felt extremely good.

He was in complete fusion with the world, in a deep meditative state. He didn’t need to worry about anything because his world was pure. When he practiced cultivation in his spirit world, he progressed faster than in the outside world. In the past, Lin Feng had neglected this priceless treasure he had.

Lin Feng’s Genesis Spiritual Body turned dazzling and golden. He looked like a demon and a Buddha at the same time.

Time passed slowly. Lin Feng understood what he had to do: he needed to focus on condensing a soul jewel. If he was distracted at the most crucial moment, the soul jewel could break and Lin Feng could die.


Lin Feng took a deep breath and started condensing a soul jewel. It wasn’t an easy process. He needed vitality and physical strength for this, but with Genesis strength and his spirit world, it was easier than for other people. Lin Feng remained relaxed but focused during the whole process.

Only Lin Hai sensed Lin Feng’s presence because Lin Hai was now a high-level Supreme God. He could also see that the Qi in Lin Feng’s spirit world was changing.

Lin Feng hadn’t called Yue Meng He or Liu Fei, who was pregnant when he had arrived in his spirit world. He had gone straight to the Tree of Life.

He focused solely on fusing a soul jewel together with his soul. It was difficult and Lin Feng needed to do it with single-hearted devotion and without distracting thoughts. He was already covered in sweat. Even in his spirit world, this was difficult!

Lin Feng understood why cultivators created a soul jewel only when they broke through to the Great Supreme God layer: it required a tremendous amount of energy! Lin Feng was in his spirit world and yet he was still using a terrifying amount of energy.

Lin Feng was convinced that there weren’t many Great Supreme Gods in the world because breaking through to the Great Supreme God layer was extremely complicated. It was why so many people were stuck at the Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng didn’t need to think about those questions too much. Lin Feng was creating a soul jewel even though he only had the strength of the level four high-level Supreme God. If anyone had heard about such a thing, they would have thought it was ridiculous, but Lin Feng was really doing it.

Lin Feng was really making a soul jewel with the strength of the level four high-level Supreme God layer. His soul jewel looked more and more solid. It was blood-red and dazzling.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He had succeeded! How difficult! Now, he needed to make his soul move into the soul jewel. Killing him would be even more difficult in the future, as he would also be able to resurrect himself.

Many people lost their courage when they became stronger, because they were even more afraid of death.

Practicing cultivation from the Qi layer to the Great Supreme God layer was extremely long. Many people were afraid of losing everything.

Lin Feng was the same. Even though he wasn’t afraid of death because he understood it, his friends and relatives still needed him, so a soul jewel was necessary.

Lin Feng made great efforts to fuse his soul and soul jewel together. Suddenly, Lin Feng felt something different. He was very relaxed before, but now, his skin felt as if he were in someone else’s skin, as if his soul didn’t belong to him anymore.

He would need some time to get used to it.

Lin Feng looked at his soul jewel, and could see his own soul floating in it.

He decided to keep his soul jewel in his spirit world for the time being since it was the safest place.

Lin Feng put his soul jewel inside the Tree of Life. The Qi of the Tree of Life would nourish his soul and his soul would grow more and more powerful.

Lin Feng now had a soul jewel, but he was still a level four high-level Supreme God. Now he needed to break through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer. It was the only way for him to be able to fight against Fa Kun Lun. If he didn’t, Fa Kun Lun could kill him in one slap.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng got ready to break through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer. Lin Feng had many treasures which could help in the process, such as the nine Songs’ skeletons, including some he had never opened.

I’ll open them all today, study all their Tao skills, and fuse them together with my Genesis Spiritual Body. Maybe my spiritual Body will change and that I will break through like that, thought Lin Feng, taking all the skeletons out. The Tao skills the skeletons contained were extremely important. This time, all his treasures would help him advance!

“Are you sure you can absorb all the Songs’ knowledge?” asked Zu Ti at that moment, coming out of Lin Feng’s ring and pointing to the six skeletons Lin Feng had taken out. In the past, Lin Feng had absorbed the knowledge of three skeletons already.

Lin Feng looked at the six skeletons for a few seconds and nodded. Now that he had a soul jewel, he was ready to take risks. He needed to break through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer, so why not gamble?

When Zu Ti saw Lin Feng nod, he put the six skeletons at Lin Feng’s feet.

“I’ll let them rest in peace after learning their Tao skills,” whispered Lin Feng, looking at the six skeletons. He had promised Great Honorable and Venerable Song to bury them in the former territory of Song Country, which was currently Zhao Country.

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