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Chapter 874: Breaking Through to The Half-Great Supreme God Layer!


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Fa Lan Empire, Yonghe Temple…

The atmosphere was oppressive and awkward.

Fa Kun Lun was seated in the main palace and looking at the woman in front of him. She looked elegant and noble. She was wearing a white dress, and her pitch-black hair was hanging freely. Her skin was shiny and beautiful. Fa Kun Lun was bewitched.

Back in the days, he had controlled himself because of the Great Prince. He didn’t want to steal his son’s woman, but Fa Chun wasn’t the Great Prince anymore, so Fa Kun Lun didn’t care anymore. Apart from the Ancestor, who could stop him now?

Therefore, this time, he was ready to enjoy himself. Whether Yan Ran Xue understood what was going on or not didn’t matter.

Yan Ran Xue had her back turned to Fa Kun Lun. She was panicking. She was also afraid of the future. What could she do? Was she doomed to be Fa Kun Lun’s sex slave her entire life? Why was she so unlucky?

What had she done in life? Every man wanted to sleep with her. Why had she decided to put distance between her and that outstanding man?

She remembered back in the days when they slept together and had long and pleasant conversations. What had changed? She was stuck in this place, like a bird in a cage.

Yan Ran Xue thought of what she had said back in the days, that she would do her best to become an Ice and Snow Goddess someday, and that she would marry that war god. It felt like a dream now.

Lin Feng, even if the gods want you to suffer, I don’t want you to suffer, thought Yan Ran Xue. She seemed desperate. Unfortunately, Lin Feng couldn’t hear her and even if he could, he wouldn’t believe her.

“Little Xue, you have three more days to think,” Fa Kun Lun told Yan Ran Xue angrily. Back in the days, women were happy to get close to him, but Yan Ran Xue wasn’t, and she wasn’t excited even though he wanted her to become the future Empress.

He felt humiliated with her refusal. But luckily, apart from him and Yan Ran Xue, there was nobody else in that room, so nobody could see how he felt.

Fa Kun Lun stood up. He continued watching Yan Ran Xue for a while and then left the Yonghe Temple.

Yan Ran Xue slowly turned around. She looked incredibly beautiful. No wonder so many men wanted her.

“Three days? Hehe! That’s the price of my beauty?” Yan Ran Xue smiled mockingly and helplessly. She would never be free; she was only a medium-level Supreme God, she couldn’t compete with a Great Supreme God.

I’m going to become his sex slave sooner or later, and when he’s done with me, he’ll just get rid of me, thought Yan Ran Xue, smiling and crying at the same time. She was too used to such things now.

Resign yourself, Yi Ren Lei. When you rejected Lin Feng, you signed your own death warrant. Who told you to reject him and find a new man? 

She had fallen in love with Lin Feng at the beginning, so why had she put an end to their relationship?

“Lin Feng, I’ve never betrayed you, I’ve never stopped loving you. I just… I just… AHHHHHHH!” Yi Ren Lei shouted everything she thought out loud, but suddenly, her Qi became chaotic and purple.

Her face also became distorted. She looked terrifying, like someone who had been poisoned.

But she quickly calmed down, and her Qi returned to normal. Her muscles stopped twitching, but her Qi was still unstable. She had not yet recovered from the fright.

She took a deep breath and tried to calm down. She didn’t want Lin Feng to take risks.

“You don’t need to make me suffer, you don’t need to warn me, I will never talk. Just release Lin Feng, don’t harm him, alright?” After a long time, she sat down and raised her head. Who was she talking to?

She quickly calmed down.

Nobody was allowed to come into Yonghe Temple without Fa Kun Lun’s authorization. He also sent over twenty high-level Supreme Gods to guard the place. For Yan Ran Xue, the situation wasn’t much different than in the Cold Palace. Many people were stupefied when they learned that the Emperor had cast greedy eyes on his son’s ex-girlfriend.

Wouldn’t Fa Kun Lun and Fa Chun feel awkward if they met again? What could they talk about not to feel awkward?

Many disciples talked about it, but when the elders heard them, they scolded and punished them.

Fa Xuan went to his new palace. This time, his mother was with him. She had suffered for so many years, and now, her son was in the Great Prince’s palace, how…?

She was proud of her son, but that was all. She was done with plots and trickery. Back in the days, because of the competition in the Imperial Court, she had provoked a miscarriage and Fa Kun Lun had put her in the Cold Palace.

Right now, she needed to be careful. Her son was about to become the Great Prince, so she needed to adhere to formalities.

Fa Xuan smiled at his mother. He had saved her, so everything was worth it. He didn’t know that his mother wasn’t going to help him at all. On the contrary, because of her, he would end up being expelled from the Imperial Palace again and this time, he would never be able to regain his newly acquired position.


In Lin Feng’s spirit world…

Lin Hai was thousands of li away from the Tree of Life and watching Lin Feng practice cultivation. He didn’t dare disturb him. At the same time, he also isolated the area around the tree of light so that Lin Feng could focus without being distracted by anything.

Time passed slowly. Lin Feng had already opened the Great Honorable and Venerable Song’s, Song II’s, and Song III’s skeletons. He had already fused their Tao skills together with his Genesis Spiritual Body. Lin Feng could feel that his Genesis Spiritual Body was changing.

Lin Feng didn’t waste time. He used his Genesis Spiritual Body to absorb more Tao skills slowly. Three threads of different colors were moving into his Genesis Spiritual Body.


Another day passed, and the three threads of energies had disappeared already. Lin Feng exhaled and steam appeared in front of his face. His Genesis Spiritual Body had become much more powerful.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and used his godly awareness to inspect three remaining skeletons.

The Great Honorable and Venerable Song’s and Song II’s skeletons were difficult to work with. Song VII’s and Song VIII’s skeletons were the easiest to work with. They only took him only thirty minutes to extract their Tao skills.

Lin Feng read them and memorized the essence of their Tao skills. There was nothing useful like the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill or the Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Battle Boots in Song III’s skeleton.

The skeleton may have been in the ocean of flames for too long and its items may have burned.

After three days, Lin Feng understood the Tao skills perfectly. Now that his Genesis Spiritual Body had changed and improved, it was time for Lin Feng to break through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng knew that Lin Hai was watching him. Lin Feng remembered when he was a child, his father used to watch him while he was practicing cultivation.

He now needed to use his Genesis Spiritual Body to process all the Tao skills.

The energy of his Genesis Spiritual Body became more and more powerful. It felt like a glass being filled with water and about to overflow.

Phwap! Lin Feng heard a sound. His Genesis Spiritual Body shone dazzlingly. Lin Feng turned into a shimmering golden ball of Genesis Spiritual energy. His vitality grew even more abundant.

Lin Feng and the Tree of Life were being consolidated. The leaves of the Tree of Life were already robust, but after being washed by the Genesis Spiritual strength, they became even more robust and thicker. The Tree was initially ten thousand meters high, now it was thirty-thousand meters high!

Had he ever seen a thirty-thousand meter tree?

Lin Feng was excited. His Genesis Spiritual Body finished processing the Third Master Tao Skill, then his Spiritual Body changed as well. As he had expected, Lin Feng broke through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng was now a Half-Great Supreme God!

“Fa Kun Lun, I can talk to you using my real face now!”

Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes, they were filled with murder. He looked terrifying and resolute.

Even though Fa Kun Lun has the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer, if he continued acting willfully, Lin Feng didn’t mind showing him how insane he could be, especially since he also had the strength of the Great Supreme God layer now!

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