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Chapter 875: Liu Fei’s Pregnancy


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“It seems like you have already made up your mind,” said Zu Ti after a long time. Lin Feng seemed resolute and angry.

“Yes, I’ve been trying to get Yan Ran Xue out of the Cold Palace for such a long time, I can’t control myself anymore,” Lin Feng nodded. When he had arrived in the Fa Lan Empire, he had pretended to be Mu Feng, and he had been patient; his sole purpose has always been to save Yan Ran Xue while he was in the Fa Lan Empire, but now his plan had failed again.

This time, Yan Ran Xue was out of the Cold Palace, but things were not back to normal. Lin Feng knew that it was time to come to an end with the issue, no matter how strong the Emperor was.

If it was really impossible, then he would still be able to bring Fa Kun Lun into his spirit world and kill him in there. He would also do his best to find Fa Kun Lun’s soul jewel to prevent him from coming back to life. After killing Xie Mu, Lin Feng was more careful.

Zu Ti nodded. He knew that Lin Feng had been extremely patient, but now he couldn’t stand it anymore. Usually, Lin Feng was quite explosive and impulsive; he had broken all his records in terms of patience this time.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and looked at the Tree of Life, now three times bigger than before. Its leaves were so gigantic that they blotted out the sky. It was like the soul of Lin Feng’s spirit world. It represented nature and vitality.

Lin Feng jumped off the Tree of Life and walked over to Lin Hai happily.

“You broke through again?” said Lin Hai smiling cheerfully. He had two sons, Lin Hai and Lin Wu Shang, but he loved Lin Feng the most. Lin Wu Shang had no balls and no personality. Because of a woman, he was ready to forget about everything else.

“Yes, I broke through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer,” Lin Feng smiled and nodded. His father had always supported him, Lin Feng remembered from back then in the Lin Clan. Therefore, he had nothing to hide from his father. His father really loved him, and even used to contradict the menacing and aggressive elders of the Lin Clan for him back in the days.

“Good. Your light also illuminated me, look at me,” Lin Hai smiled. He threw a strong punch at Lin Feng’s chest. Lin Feng was stupefied. He couldn’t afford to underestimate that attack.

Bam bam! Lin Hai was pushed back of a few steps by the energy explosion. He looked at son with admiration and sighed. Lin Hai had been irradiated by Genesis Spiritual strength and he now had the strength of a level four high-level Supreme God.

Lin Feng was only stronger than him by one cultivation layer, but the difference between a level four high-level Supreme God and a Half-Great Supreme God was gigantic. The difference between the Half-Great Supreme God layer and the first Great Supreme God layer was tiny, so belittling Half-Great Supreme Gods was a stupid mistake.

The reason why Lin Feng was convinced that he could defeat Fa Kun Lun was because of that. A Half-Great Supreme God had a soul jewel, Lin Feng had one, and he also had an incredible Genesis Spiritual Body, a dozen Tao skills which he had fused together with his Genesis Spiritual Body, so he had many assets.

Finally, he wasn’t afraid of losing.

Lin Feng was a bit sad for his father, who only lived in his spirit world, but thanks to his great sense of observation, he understood the mysteries of Lin Feng’s spirit world. He was even a Supreme God now.

“Little Feng, Liu Fei is pregnant with the fruit of your love. Aren’t you going to go and see her?” asked Lin Hai after a while. He was Lin Feng’s father, and this was an important thing. Lin Feng had to understand that.

Lin Feng mostly focused on cultivation, so when he heard his father, he was startled at first, but then he suddenly looked overjoyed and shouted, “Father, seriously?”

“Seriously, yes. She’s three months pregnant now,” Lin Hai smiled. He remembered back in the days when Yue Meng He was pregnant with Lin Feng. As a father, the love one felt for one’s child was different from a mother, but not weaker.

Lin Feng suddenly flashed away as fast as he could. Lin Hai smiled wryly. Even though Lin Feng had a few children, he was always happy to have more.


Lin Feng arrived at home ten minutes later, landing in the courtyard of the small hut.

Liu Fei was crouching down picking up some flowers. She had one hand on her waist to keep her balance. She was only three months along, so she could still walk everywhere.

Lin Feng suddenly appeared behind Liu Fei. She was startled but didn’t have time to react as he immediately took her in his arms. He also ignored Yue Meng He’s expression as he smiled at her. “Little Fei, I love you so much. We’re finally going to have a baby!” Lin Feng said, kissing Liu Fei on the cheek.

Lin Feng already had many children: Lin Zhe Tian with Meng Qing, Lin Qiong Sheng with Tang You You, his only daughter Lin Nian with Qiu Yue Xin, and Lin Heng with Duan Xin Ye.

Apart from Huang Nü and Huo Wu, all of his wives had children. He had known Liu Fei for almost as long as Meng Qing, but Liu Fei was now one of the last ones to have a child. It hadn’t been easy for her.

Now, it would be Liu Fei’s duty to take care and protect that child. Liu Fei thought a lot about it.

Liu Fei started crying when Lin Feng hugged her by surprise. Then she turned around, grabbed his neck and kissed him passionately for ten minutes.

Yue Meng He and Lin Hai walked away, leaving them alone. They didn’t feel like looking at their son and daughter-in-law make out for ten minutes, obviously.

Lin Feng hugged Liu Fei and brought her inside the hut. She was so beautiful. She wore simple clothes, but she looked stunning.

Liu Fei hadn’t seen her husband for four months. Lin Feng said he would come back each time he could to see her and their child in the future. It didn’t matter whether the child would be a boy or a girl, Lin Feng would love the child equally.

“Husband, choose a name for our child,” Liu Fei blushed. Lin Feng put his hands around her waist and caressed her. Lin Feng did whatever he wished with his women. They would be with him forever.

When Lin Feng heard Liu Fei, he was thoughtful for a while. They did need a name. He hadn’t chosen any of his children’s names in the past, their mothers had. This time, he had to choose a name.

Lin Feng remained silent for half a day. Liu Fei was staring at him; the more she looked at him, the sexier she found him. He had beautiful dark eyes, an eye-catching black robe, beautiful thick lips, and beautiful triangular face. This was her husband, Lin Feng!

She was like Meng Qing; she had fallen in love with Lin Feng a long time ago, and was one of the women who loved him the most. But Liu Fei also considered Meng Qing Lin Feng’s main wife because she was Xue Ling Long and could help Lin Feng more than she could.

She didn’t need to fight for any position in Lin Feng’s harem. Seeing him once in a while and taking care of their baby was the most important thing to her.

The atmosphere became completely silent as Lin Feng was thinking, but not oppressive. On the contrary, it felt quite cozy and warm.

After a long time, Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Liu Fei. She was still staring at him. Lin Feng smiled at her.

Liu Fei reacted and blushed. Then she softly and gently hammered Lin Feng’s chest with her tiny fists.

“Well, I’m your husband, I’m happy you think I’m sexy,” Lin Feng grinned.

Liu Fei hmphed and her face reddened. Lin Feng stopped teasing her.

“I thought of two names: Lin Si Fan if it’s a boy, and Lin Si Tian if it’s a girl.” Lin Feng watched Liu Fei solemnly. It had almost taken him a full day to come up with those names.

When Liu Fei heard those two names, she was overjoyed. She didn’t really care about the names, but she was happy to have a husband who could choose a name for a baby. And for the child, having one of those names would be an honor; Lin Feng had chosen their name, but their half-sister’s and brothers’ names had all been chosen by their mothers.

Even though she wasn’t in a competition with the other mothers, her child would become the most important person in her life, and she hoped her child would also be among the strongest ones in the family.

Lin Si Fan, Lin Si Tian… they both sounded really good. Lin Feng hoped his children would be able to have a peaceful and ordinary life someday.

Lin Feng had already chosen a name. In six months, they would have a child and the child would be the fruit of their love, Lin Si Tian!

“Little Fei?”

“Yes, what?”

“Give it to me!”

“No, I’m pregnant, I can’t, it’s dangerous!”

“I don’t care!”

“Oh! Aahhh! Oh my… YES!”

Very quickly, Liu Fei started moaning and crying with pleasure.

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