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Chapter 876: Taking Initiatives!


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Lin Feng left his spirit world. He was in a great mood. Six months from now, he would have a new baby, a little treasure, even though he didn’t know whether it would be a boy or a girl. It didn’t matter, because it would be the fruit of their love and it was all that mattered.

“(Cough, cough)… Lin Feng… Yesterday…”

At that moment, Zu Ti started coughing. He felt awkward and wanted to say something. On the day before, Lin Feng was making love to Liu Fei energetically and the old man was in the ring. At first he didn’t know what was happening so he had come out and seen parts of it, then he had isolated them in another space.

He wanted to tell Lin Feng he hadn’t seen everything.

“Master, do you know how strong Fa Kun Lun is?” asked Lin Feng, interrupting the old man. Zu Ti had no time to explain anything to Lin Feng then, but at the same time, he understood that Lin Feng didn’t care if he had seen him making love to his wife.

“Not really, but you’ve known him for a little while so you can imagine, I guess,” replied Zu Ti, shaking his head. Even though he had lived for a very long time, Lin Feng had never really asked Zu Ti anything about the Fa Lan Empire or their Emperor because at first, San Zun ruled over the world and the Fa Lan Empire didn’t even exist back then. It had appeared after the fall of San Country.

Lin Feng nodded. Fa Kun Lun and Lin Feng had known each other for a short while. The impression Lin Feng had of the old man was that he only cared about his own personal interests and friends. He wasn’t a good person.

In the Cold Palace were thousands of imperial concubines. Whenever he didn’t desire a woman anymore, he just threw her in there, and if she had children, he just abandoned them, just like Fa Xuan and his mother.

Fa Kun Lun was emotionless. He was similar to many good-for-nothings from rich families. He was still extremely strong, he was just a terrible person. Lin Feng loathed him, and found him disgusting.

Maybe it was because he was old and wanted a young woman like Yan Ran Xue, too…

Lin Feng didn’t say anything more. When he came back out of his spirit world, he went to Yonghe Temple. Since he didn’t need to hide anymore, he didn’t. He also needed to tell them what his real goal was now: to save Yan Ran Xue.

When he arrived, Lin Feng was surprised because over twenty elders were guarding the Temple. Lin Feng smiled icily. No wonder there was no elder at the Palace entrance, they were all here!

Lin Feng walked towards Yonghe Temple and made ready to go in, but the elders stopped him.

Everybody knew Mu Feng in the Imperial Palace, so when they saw him, the head of the elders smiled politely and said, “Mu Feng, little friend, you are not allowed to go in.”

“Why not?” asked Lin Feng, pretending to be surprised.

The old man’s expression didn’t change, he just smiled politely. “It’s an order from the Emperor. Nobody can go in, not even you.”

“He told me I could go anywhere in the Imperial City. I can’t go into the Cold Palace, and now I can’t go into Yonghe Temple?” Lin Feng said unhappily and coldly.

When the elders saw that, they understood there was something wrong. Why was Mu Feng so aggressive all of a sudden? He knew that the Emperor had given an order and yet he was still trying to enter by force?

Thinking about that, the leader of the elders said kindly, “Mu Feng, don’t cause trouble, we really can’t let you in. You can ask the Emperor otherwise.”

Those elders were not weaklings. They might have some flaws but they were wise, otherwise the Emperor wouldn’t trust them.

“No need. I’m going in,” Lin Feng said aggressively, shaking his head. He continued walking towards Yonghe Temple.

All the elders’ expressions changed. They understood that Mu Feng had come to cause trouble this time.

Yan Ran Xue was the only person in Yonghe Temple, so Lin Feng had probably come for her. Thinking about that, the elders’ expressions changed again. Yan Ran Xue had already become the Empress, she would receive her title officially a few days from now. Mu Feng was coming to cause trouble at the worst time!

“Stop, Mu Feng. If you insist and try to go in, we’ll have to use force!” shouted the leader of the elders angrily. The twenty elders behind him were all ready to fight.

When Lin Feng heard them, he smiled disdainfully, and continued walking towards Yonghe Temple.

“Stop him, and hand him over to the Emperor!” shouted the leader of the elders angrily. His eyes were filled with fighting intent already. Since Lin Feng didn’t want to give up, they had no choice.

The twenty elders charged over to capture Lin Feng.

Half of them were level three high-level Supreme Gods, and half were level two. But to Lin Feng, they were nothing.

Lin Feng waved his hand, and the leader of the elders was blown away. He crashed into a neighboring palace, which collapsed in the explosion. Everybody in the Imperial Palace had probably heard it, including Fa Kun Lun.

The other elders were dumbstruck. The leader of the elders was about to break through to the level four high-level Supreme God layer, but Mu Feng could slap him aside easily!

“Eh…” The remaining elders were just dumbstruck and blankly staring at him.

“If you don’t want to die, stop. I don’t feel like hitting you,” Lin Feng said icily. He continued walking towards the temple.

He didn’t feel like hitting them? How arrogant! They were all infuriated. How humiliating!

“We’re ready to pay the price to prevent you from going in! Everybody, hurry up, let’s attack!” said the remaining elders, trying to encircle Lin Feng.

“Since you are reckless, I don’t mind fighting!” shouted Lin Feng back. He flashed and threw a punch. A thousand punch shadows appeared and surrounded three elders.

Boom, boom, boom! They were blown away and crashed against another building, which also collapsed. It was the second one that day. What a disaster in such a beautiful city!

Boom, boom, boom…

There were three more explosions. Three more buildings collapsed. Seven elders were blown away in the blink of an eye. Since Lin Feng had broken through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer, Supreme Gods were nothing in his eyes.

In the blink of an eye, only ten people were left. The ten elders were dumbstruck and terrified.

“Do we need to keep fighting?” asked Lin Feng coldly. The elders shook their heads. Lin Feng smiled and continued walking towards Yonghe Temple.

Almost everyone in the Imperial City had heard the battle, so Yan Ran Xue had naturally heard it, too. She hurried and ran to the door, and finally bumped into Lin Feng.

She looked at him. Lin Feng looked back at her, and saw she was wan and sallow. His heart twitched.

“Lin Feng, is that you?” asked Yan Ran Xue. Lin Feng’s face had changed.

Lin Feng couldn’t fool her. No matter what he did, she would recognize him. Besides, nobody had eyes like Lin Feng, his eyes couldn’t fool anyone. Yan Ran Xue would always recognize his eyes.

“Come with me,” Lin Feng said straightforwardly. He didn’t feel like talking to her, so he grabbed her hand aggressively and walked out of Yonghe Temple.

When he arrived outside, he stopped and glanced at the buildings which had collapsed. Standing on the debris were many people, including Fa Kun Lun.

“Mu Feng? Or should I call you Lin Feng?” said Fa Kun Lun, laughing as if he weren’t furious, but on the inside he was.

Lin Feng was surprised. He smiled and replied, “It seems like you know now.”

“Hehe, I just learned Mu Feng is Lin Feng,” said Fa Kun Lun smiled.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and held Yan Ran Xue’s hand even tighter. She regretted so much. She felt guilty, too. Why had she always rejected him and jumped into another man’s arms? She didn’t know, but nobody else did either.

“Lin Feng, you’re not taking her away. It’s just a futile effort. Let her go and I will let you go. We can even pretend nothing has ever happened, and you’re still Mu Feng. What do you think?” said Fa Kun Lun, chuckling confidently. He had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer, and Lin Feng was just a Half-Great Supreme God, after all.

He was giving an opportunity to Lin Feng and he also wanted to show Yan Ran Xue he could be magnanimous.

But Lin Feng didn’t need that.

He really didn’t!

“Hehe, sorry to disappoint you. This time, I’m definitely taking Yan Ran Xue away, because that’s the only thing I came to the Fa Lan Empire for!”

Lin Feng smiled broadly. However, his eyes were ready to kill. If Fa Kun Lun tried to stop him, there would be only one solution: killing him!

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