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Chapter 877: Summoning the Demon Corpse Army!


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“Lin Feng, are you sure you want to do that?” asked Fa Kun Lun icily. His eyes were filled with murder as well. He was furious too, especially when he saw Lin Feng holding Yan Ran Xue’s hand. Yan Ran Xue was already the Empress and his wife, as he saw it; nobody else was allowed to touch her!

And now a tiny little Half-Great Supreme God was acting arrogantly in front of him and trying to steal his woman! How could he accept that?

Lin Feng looked at Fa Kun Lun’s hideous expression and smiled scornfully. He flew up in the air with Yan Ran Xue.

“Since you’re acting recklessly, you’re going to die here!” shouted Fa Kun Lun explosively. He thrust a palm out. Everybody saw a gigantic hand shoot towards Lin Feng like lightning.

Phwap, phwap…

Lin Feng took Yan Ran Xue in his arms and threw a powerful punch to block the hand coming towards him. With Yan Ran Xue in his arms, he couldn’t fight properly.

There was an explosion. Lin Feng rolled over in the air and fell down, but he didn’t fall to the ground.

Yan Ran Xue’s face was extremely pale, she had not yet recovered from the fright. She looked at Lin Feng worriedly and said, “You should hurry up and leave. Don’t worry about me.”

“You go in my spatial ring for a little while,” Lin Feng ordered, ignoring her. He put her in his ring so that he could focus on the battle.

When Fa Kun Lun saw Lin Feng put Yan Ran Xue in his ring, he flew into a rage. He roared crazily and suddenly looked like a demon straight from Hell, throwing a terrifying punch.

When Lin Feng saw that, he didn’t flinch.

“Today, Fa Kun Lun, I will show you how strong a young person can be. You have the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer, so what?” Lin Feng said, laughing manically. He hadn’t felt this excited for a long time. When he had fought against young geniuses, he was bored, so it was better to fight against older and stronger people. Awesome!

When Fa Kun Lun saw Lin Feng wasn’t afraid at all and on the contrary seemed excited, he had a bad feeling, but he was too angry.

“Don’t celebrate too soon, things could still go wrong for you! Young people are resourceful and you are talented, but you can’t defeat someone like me! Give up now and I’ll spare your life!” said Fa Kun Lun mockingly. He wanted to crush Lin Feng’s confidence with words first.

But Lin Feng’s confidence didn’t diminish. He didn’t care about what Fa Kun Lun said at all. On the contrary, doing so was just childish.

“Since you know you’re an old grouch, why did you steal a woman from your own son, and a young woman on top of that? Do you think that’s normal?” Lin Feng taunted back.

Fa Kun Lun wasn’t happy about his age, and lamented that he wasn’t young. By talking about that, Lin Feng was twisting the knife in the wound.

“You want to die! I will show everyone how to kill a young genius today!” shouted Fa Kun Lun explosively. He appeared in front of Lin Feng and threw a punch. There was nothing he could resort to but strength now.

Lin Feng smiled icily; close combat? Did he think Lin Feng was afraid? Why? Strength? Or a bad temper?

Lin Feng smiled icily, and Fa Kun Lun grew more and more furious.

Lin Feng clenched his fists and threw punches. His energies were extremely heavy. Lin Feng was still feeling confident, especially since he had broken through.

Fa Kun Lun and Lin Feng’s fists collided. There was a huge explosion, and a dozen buildings collapsed, including Yonghe Temple.

A wave of energy rolled in the sky of the entire Imperial City. The Imperial City and the Imperial Palace turned into a landscape of devastation and destruction. The imposing and magnificent city now looked quite sad.

When Fa Kun Lun saw that, he looked devastated. He had spent such a long time building the city up…

“YOU WANT TO DIE! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Fa Kun Lun furiously. His white hair and beard fluttered in the wind. Many people stared at him, panicking. They hadn’t seen their Emperor like this in a long time.

He was really angry now. He was going to crush Lin Feng and make him die atrociously, and might even dismember him!

Lin Feng could see that the Emperor had gone crazy. His eyes were blood-red and filled with murder. This time, it seemed like it was going to be a battle to death.

“If I don’t kill you, how will I even be able to face other Emperors?” said Fa Kun Lun. His eyes were bloodshot, and his muscles twitched. His Qi churned madly.

He jumped extremely high and reappeared behind Lin Feng, then threw a punch. Blood red lights flashed.

That was the difference between a Half-Great Supreme God and a Great Supreme God. Even though Lin Feng was confident, there were still many problems he hadn’t anticipated.



A punch. Blood splashed, and Lin Feng was blown away. He coughed blood. His meridians were about to burst. He crashed into yet another building, which collapsed. Fa Kun Lun glared him ferociously.

Lin Feng stood up and wiped the blood off his mouth with his sleeve. He knew he had to be very careful. Fa Kun Lun had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer and was quite powerful. It was like going against Xie Mu again. Lin Feng also realized he wouldn’t be able to use his spirit world like he had done with Xie Mu this time.

What other solution did he have? If they continued colliding like that, they were both going to get severely injured, or he might even die. Nobody would be able to protect Yan Ran Xue anymore, and Fa Kun Lun would abuse her.

Even though Lin Feng knew that they might never get back together, he didn’t want to abandon her in the hands of an old and disgusting rapist. Thinking about that, Lin Feng looked even more resolute.

Maybe it was the right opportunity to destroy the Fa Lan Empire?

Lin Feng initially didn’t want to do that, but Fa Kun Lun was terrifyingly strong. If he didn’t do it, then he wouldn’t be able to get away alive. Therefore, since he couldn’t kill Fa Kun Lun, then why not destroy the whole empire?

Lin Feng thought of the demon corpse army. It was time to summon them and to start epic wars again, like he had before.

Lin Feng grinned and closed his eyes. He looked like he was helplessly waiting for death. Fa Kun Lun was overjoyed, smiling smugly and saying proudly, “Capture him!” When Fa Kun Lun shouted that, a dozen level three high-level Supreme Gods encircled Lin Feng.

Fa Kun Lun landed on the ground and slowly walked towards Lin Feng.

But at that moment, there was a huge change in the situation.

Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes. They were blood-red. He looked like a demon who had just awoken. His Qi also began to seethe. It wasn’t Lin Feng’s Qi anymore, it was a blood demon Qi.

“Fa Kun Lun, you and your empire are going to fall today. Hehe!” Lin Feng said, laughing crazily.

Fa Kun Lun could sense the terrifying Qi, but it was too late to react.

Everybody looked at Lin Feng with their eyes wide. Purple lights appeared everywhere in the sky, and then suddenly, a hundred and eight demon corpses appeared in the sky. They all had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer.

Kacha… Creak… 

The crowd could hear the sound of flesh being devoured. Blood gushed. Fa Kun Lun turned into a pile of rotting flesh and bones in the blink of an eye. It was terrifying!

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