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Chapter 878: Fa Kun Lun’s Fall!


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Was he dead? Was the incredible Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire who had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer dead? Had his body already rotted?

Fa Kun Lun, a strong cultivator of the second Great Supreme God layer, was dead!

Everybody was completely dumbstruck, including Fa Duo and the State Teacher. Lin Feng had just killed a man who had lived for tens of thousands of years?!

Everybody in the Fa Lan Empire was panicking. The Emperor had been killed, so the Fa Lan Empire would definitely sink into chaos!

Without an Emperor, there were two options for the Fa Lan Empire. The first one was that it would be invaded by another influential group and the Fa Lan Empire would disappear as an influential group. The second option was to find a new Emperor as quickly as possible, and then ask the Ancestor to protect the empire.

Electing a new Emperor would be easy, but finding the Ancestor was another story. Nobody knew where he was. He had stopped appearing in public a very long time ago, and he didn’t really care about the Fa Lan Empire anymore.

Everybody in the Fa Lan Empire started shouting in panic.

The four princes – Fa Chun, Fa Xuan, Fa He, and Fa Yin – all rushed over. Nobody stopped them.

Apart from Fa Xuan, all the other princes were wearing dragon robes. The elders were dumbstruck and disgusted; the dragon robe was the Emperor’s robe! The Emperor had just died and the princes were already competing over the throne. The Fa Lan Empire was doomed…

The State Teacher wasn’t furious. He knew that the Emperor would come back to life thanks to his soul jewel. Lin Feng knew that too, but maybe Lin Feng would find a solution to locate Fa Kun Lun’s soul jewel.

Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to the princes. He just looked at the State Teacher threateningly.

“Dragon Heart Hall, tonight, to negotiate,” said the State Teacher, smiling wryly and shaking his head before leaving. He was the one who had spent the most time with the Emperor, they were like brothers. Now, Fa Kun Lun was dead, and the State Teacher didn’t have the strength to resurrect him.

Besides, he had Fa Kun Lun’s soul jewel. Fa Kun Lun had entrusted him with his life. The two people were really close. The State Teacher wasn’t strong enough to protect Fa Kun Lun, so all he could do was use the soul jewel’s existence to make Lin Feng promise him something.

Lin Feng smiled in satisfaction, glancing at the hundred and eight demon corpses and their purple skin. They looked terrifying. They would spend much time with him.

A hundred and eight Half-Great Supreme Gods?

When Fa Duo saw that, he nearly fainted, dumbstruck. Since when did his master have a hundred and eight puppets of the Half-Great Supreme God layer? If he wasn’t mistaken, that was the army of demon corpses from the ancient times!

They had shown up five times in history and each time, they had quickly conquered the continent. Did Lin Feng want to conquer the continent as well?


If that was the case, then Tian Dao Yuan had hope again. That was one more step in the prophecy. How long would Lin Feng resist, though?

“I am the Great Prince; I can now become the new Emperor!”

“You are not the Great Prince anymore, so I, Second Prince, Fa He, should become the new Emperor!”

The princes started arguing even as the crowd was sad and some people were sobbing.

Everybody raised their heads and watched the princes. Lin Feng glanced at them too. Apart from Fa Xuan, behind those princes were high-level Supreme Gods of all levels.

Lin Feng hadn’t thought the princes would have so many strong servants, and now they were getting ready to use them against him, apparently.

Only Fa Xuan was alone, and he wasn’t wearing a dragon robe, either. Lin Feng remembered when he had decided to collaborate with the Ri Guang Empire.

Luckily, Lin Feng had interrupted him, so now Fa Xuan couldn’t resort to that kind of method to become the Emperor.

“Before his death, the Emperor said our third brother would become the Emperor. What do you say, brother?” said the Fourth Prince at that moment, looking at Fa Xuan. Many people were stupefied.

Lin Feng raised his head, looked at Fa Yin and smiled. Fa Yin was smart. He knew he couldn’t become the Emperor, so he showed support for Fa Xuan who, on top of that, had recently gotten close to Lin Feng, who had just killed their father.

He didn’t know how close Lin Feng and Fa Xuan were, but they weren’t enemies, that was certain. Thus, by supporting the Third Prince, he was sure he wouldn’t be killed.

The two other princes weren’t that lucky. By trying to compete for the throne, they had signed their own death warrants.

Fa Xuan looked at Fa Yin, what a smart man. Even though Fa Xuan didn’t like Fa Yin and even found him disgusting, at least, someone was supporting him already.

“I also support the Third Prince,” said someone at that moment. It was an elder of the Fa Lan Empire.

Suddenly, many people started shouting.

“I also support the Third Prince!”

“I also support the Third Prince!”

“I also support the Third Prince!”

the crowd howled and cheered.

Everybody knew that the whole situation had been caused by Lin Feng, who was close to Fa Xuan.

Lin Feng had killed Fa Kun Lun and he supported Fa Xuan, so people who were smart supported Fa Xuan.

Lin Feng smiled and remained silent. Now, if Lin Feng nodded, then Fa Xuan would become the fourth Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire.

Fa Chun paled and shook his head unceasingly. He couldn’t let Fa Xuan become the new Emperor. He had hoped he would have time to poison the Emperor and change things.

He had listened to Lin Feng, and in the end he didn’t obtain anything.

Fa Chun glanced at Lin Feng. He didn’t intend to continue causing trouble as he didn’t want to die. He had to support Fa Xuan now.

Everybody stopped breathing and looked at Lin Feng, including Fa Duo. He knew that Lin Feng was the strongest person there, and that he an army of a hundred and eight Half-Great Supreme Gods. He had even killed Fa Kun Lun, so whatever he said, people would have to listen to him.

Lin Feng looked at the crowd. Those people looked at him excitedly, especially Fa Xuan.


“Do you think the Third Prince would be a suitable Emperor?” Lin Feng asked calmly.

“Of course. He’s brave, wise, and discrete. He would be a perfect Emperor.”

“Yes, he didn’t try to become the Emperor while the three other princes were arguing.”

“I agree.”

All the elders nodded approvingly. Fa Xuan would be a perfect Emperor.

When Lin Feng heard that, he grinned. He was surprised, he had just killed the Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire so he could actually take over if he wanted to. He needed a prince who would obey him.

It was a risk. He had come to save Yan Ran Xue, but since there were other things he could obtain now, why not? Why stop?

Fa Xuan was a good choice to be the new Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire but he was too complicated to control. He was also good at plotting. In the future, Lin Feng would struggle to deal with someone like that.

Lin Feng couldn’t let him be the Emperor.

“I think Great Prince Fa Chun is a good choice,” Lin Feng said as everybody thought Fa Xuan was about to become the new Emperor. The crowd burst into an uproar.

Fa Chun was dumbstruck and looked at Lin Feng in disbelief.

Fa Xuan was astonished too, and he looked at Lin Feng icily.

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