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Chapter 879: Ancestor’s Invitation?


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“Why? Why?!” shouted Fa Xuan furiously. His muscles twitched and his eyes became bloodshot.

When Lin Feng heard Fa Xuan, Fa Xuan knew he was doing something wrong. He had made such great efforts, but now his work turned out to be fruitless. He still wouldn’t become the Emperor of the Fa Lan Empire.

“Third Prince, it’s just a suggestion. All the elders should decide actually,” Lin Feng said, smiling and glancing at the elders.

All the elders blushed. Their muscles twitched. They had just said Fa Xuan was a good choice and now Lin Feng was saying Fa Chun, they had been caught unprepared.

“The Great Prince should become the new Emperor, indeed.”

“Indeed, the Emperor loved him. He should become the new Emperor.”

“I think he’s a better choice than the Third Prince, what do you all think?”

Suddenly, all the elders now supported Lin Feng’s decision, because they were afraid of him.

Fa Chun was dumbstruck once again: why did Lin Feng choose him? In any case, he was grateful. Lin Feng hadn’t lied to him, and really had helped him.

Fa Duo remained silent. He knew what Lin Feng was trying to do. He was a great master and he was wise. He was perfect to bring Tian Dao Yuan back to life.

If Lin Feng managed to control the Fa Lan Empire indirectly, it would be very beneficial for Tian Dao Yuan, especially since the Fa Lan Empire was in the center of the Country of Eternity.

It would be great for Tian Dao Yuan to be in the Fa Lan Empire, much better than being in Lang Xie City, which was behind the times. Fa Duo now thought it would soon be time to have a conversation with their Master.

Thanks to Lin Feng, Fa Chun was almost sure to become the new Emperor, and Fa Xuan had no support anymore. Lin Feng felt sad for him. He had suffered his entire life, but Lin Feng couldn’t ruin his plans because of one person.

He had also had a difficult life, and he had made tremendous efforts to come to Gods Country. Many people suffered…

“Lin Feng, you’re really imposing and awe-inspiring, huh? You think you can have it your own way in my empire?” asked a voice suddenly. Everybody turned their heads and saw a man in white clothes.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the speaker. Zun Jue?

“It’s you?” Lin Feng was surprised to see Zun Jue, a guard of the Cold Palace. Lin Feng had always thought Zun Jue was quite strong. Zun Jue had also broken through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer now.

“Yes, so?” replied Zun Jue icily.

“Do you want to kill me and avenge Fa Kun Lun’s death?” Lin Feng answered confidently.

Zun Jue grinned scornfully, but when he saw the hundred and eight purpled-skinned demon corpses who all had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer, his expression changed.

“I don’t care about Fa Kun Lun. The Ancestor is looking for you,” said Zun Jue, shaking his head.

Suddenly, all the elders and disciples started whispering. The Ancestor? The Ancestor knew what was going on?

Zun Jue heard the people and smiled scornfully, “The Ancestor is not interested in intervening in your childish stories. Regarding Fa Kun Lun’s death, he’s just a bit sad.

“Lin Feng, the Ancestor wants to see you. Come with me,” said Zun Jue. Zun Jue looked clean, charming, and his skin was extremely white. Lin Feng found him really good-looking.

When Zun Jue saw Lin Feng was staring at him, his cheeks reddened and he said, “Wake up!”

The more Lin Feng stared at Zun Jue, the more he thought that if Zun Jue was a woman, she would be devastatingly beautiful, like Meng Qing.

“Hehe, Zun Jue, if you were a girl, I would court you!” Lin Feng admitted cheerfully, turning around and following a disciple. Zun Jue was steaming.

Lin Feng followed the disciple, and Zun Jue followed Lin Feng. The three of them walked along the main street towards the Ancestor’s meditation place.

Lin Feng had been in the Imperial Palace many times, but he had never been on this road. Most people had never seen this road, so what was going on?

“Usually, people can’t go to the place where the Ancestor lives. If you go alone, this road won’t appear. It’s the Ancestor’s small world,” said Zun Jue when he saw Lin Feng looked skeptical.

Lin Feng understood. If he didn’t bring people into his own spirit world, nobody could find it, either.

But did the Ancestor have his own cultivation world?

Lin Feng had never seen the Ancestor of the Fa Lan Empire, so he was curious. He couldn’t wait to meet him.

Lin Feng guessed that the Ancestor had the strength of the third Great Supreme God layer, at the very least. He might not be able to kill the Ancestor, even with his demon corpse army.

Therefore, Lin Feng guessed that the old man didn’t want to kill him, otherwise he would have done so before Lin Feng killed Fa Kun Lun.

The thought relieved him.


They walked for a long time and finally arrived in a more typical place of that small world.

It was a calm and peaceful world. There was a beautiful, boundless ocean, waves rolling whitely atop it, ending on beautiful sandy beaches. There were different fishes in the deep waters. There were demonic beasts in the abysses, many of them with the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng was astonished. The Ancestor was a complex person to understand. His world contained so many demonic beasts with the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer. He had also raised an outstanding disciple in Zun Jue.

Lin Feng was really curious now.

“Go back,” said Zun Jue to the disciple. The disciple nodded and immediately disappeared from the boundless water world.

“Come with me,” said Zun Jue impatiently. He continued on, and Lin Feng followed.

Lin Feng grinned. He realized that Zun Jue really acted like a woman as well. The first time he had met him, he hadn’t noticed.

He was probably a woman who had turned into a man?

Lin Feng was lost in thought, but then he came back to his senses and remembered he was there to see the Ancestor.

“Hey, is that how you treat your guests!?” shouted Lin Feng when he saw Zun Jue had almost disappeared, and he had to run to catch up with him.

The waves were gigantic, the wind was strong; it was a beautiful place.

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